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What is something great? My idea of something great is helping to feed hungry children, globally.

Updated on August 19, 2012

Personal greatness: means helping others


Greatness lies in helping others

An edited copy of this hub, to correct errors.

When I was a child I had problems with asthma because of allergies that I experienced living within the farm environment where my family worked to make a living. We all worked on our family farm and I could not allow the asthma that I suffered to "sideline" me. My family needed me, working hard, on the farm, just like everyone else in the family. Family doctors were hard to come by, in rural Tennessee, back in those days (the 1950s and 1960s). Therefore, I decided, if I lived to reach adulthood, before I died of asthma, I would become a doctor. I did become a doctor, and I have helped thousands of sick and injured people, during a 20 year period of time when I practiced medicine and did medical research, full time. I am still fairly active, as an educator, and as a researcher, and as a provider of high quality foods and herbs. My mission in life is to work to help feed the world's 7 million people. I have this vision that will work, but every friend that I have, and everyone who knows my name, must send me, at least, $1.00 or an equal amount of money in any currency. This, one dollar, sounds like nothing, but there is power and positive effective in numbers, and dollars add up. My life may not meet many readers' ideas of what great is, but it does not matter, whether or not I, as a person am great. What matters is the ultimate realization of my vision. If we help feed the world's poor, and starving children, our dollars, even if they are only a very few dollars, will have accomplished greatness. Thank you, Regards, Dr. Haddox

Additional remarks: It is not easy for a person like myself, who has always had all his needs met, with the help of men and women who love him, to beg for dollars. Even during periods of my life, during the 65 years that I have lived on this earth, when I was classified as a poor person by society's standard bearers, I always had my needs met. There was never a time in my life when I felt like a poor person, what ever feeling like a poor person means.

This is why I have a passion to help put into place, a system, that will continue on, after I am dead and gone, feeding the poor, the homeless, and especially children. The main idea that I am promoting is "the education of a future generation of growers, food providers, who will feed themselves and others. We must teach people to help themselves by growing their own foods, and more, in order to help feed those who cannot, for whatever reasons, grow foods themselves. It is not easy for me to beg for money. I don't like begging. Therefore, let's say I am "asking for help," to help feed people in need. We can all live with this, and it is more, "in character," for a person like myself who has always had all his personal needs met.

I will end with this remark: I don't have any enemies, and I love everybody. I have been everywhere, it seems like it, globally, and I feel welcomed everywhere, globally. I suppose, this is the reason I want to help feed all the needy children of the world, and feel moved, and "free," you ask you, "my friends," for help, because all of you are my friends.

"Time is short," as the old timers used to say, but we always have enough time "to do the right." Personally, I am depending on a great outcome. I expect it. I do not have it within me to believe otherwise.

As we go, Peace.


Dr. Haddox

My address: 1358 Coleman Road, Franklin, Tennessee 37064 (my organization is called: Mamushi Nature Farm Initiatives, Inc.)

My email address is


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