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What is the Main Cause of Cancer?

Updated on January 28, 2017
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At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.


Cancer Causes.
Cancer Causes. | Source
Cancer | Source

Main Cause of Cancer

This January 16, 2017 article has a chart with numbers about the causes of cancer. Now if you look at this chart you will see that most of the causes is under your control and many do not like that. They will say things like where is the fun in life if I can't eat horrible things that taste good and give me cancer.

Now the chart says that family history is 5% of the cause. Well that is so small that it does not make much of a difference. But smoking is 33% of the cause! Also it can cause death in other ways. Now I knew a cabdriver who did not have a leg and I asked him about it. He said that he lost it since smoking is bad for circulation, but he still smoked.

My mother was a chain smoker and she died of a stroke at 46 years old. But I was trained in psychology and science at a young age by myself and my uncle Bernie that was a PhD in chemistry. Elon Musk graduated with a B.Sc. in physics. So what qualifies him to be the Chief Technology Officer (in addition to CEO) of SpaceX? Reading about it. Yes he is a rocket scientist.

So I also saw that this narcotic (nicotine) stole my mother's happiness and made her want to die sooner. I can tell you lots of horrible stories of what drugs have done to people. Since my mother divorced my father when I was a baby due to him being an alcoholic, I never tried alcohol or drugs. In fact the chart says that alcohol is responsible for 3% of the cancer risk. Also Buddha says that people learn the pain of making mistakes but some drugs kill this pain so people can make the same mistake for thousands of years.

My brother also smoked and he had heart failure at age 49. Heart failure is when the heart does not get enough blood. The doctor said that if he kept smoking he would be dead in a couple of years. So he stopped. But he was a manager at a pizza hut and started eating more and gained a huge amount of weight. He died at age 51 due to breathing problems. So he died too young to get cancer. I have never been overweight.

The chart says that 20% of the cause is being overweight. We have covered some of this above. Being overweight or obese can increase your causes of dying of many causes. The chart says that 5% of the cause of cancer is diet. Now I think this is much too low and will explain why. They can take some out of the 11% due to unknown causes and add it to diet. Unknown can be bad luck or a superstition. Five percent cab be lack of exercise. Add these up and that equals 66% of what is in your control according to the chart. Plus I feel that diet should be a lot higher. Note that you can chew tobacco and that is diet, not smoking!

Of the different types of cancer, lung cancer kills the most people and 90% of the lung cancer is due to smoking. Now 5% of the cancer is due to occupation and they know that being a chemist, like I was, can contribute to that. My uncle that was a chemist died of cancer at age 70, but that occupation made him wealthy well before he died. Smoking can be an expensive habit. So you can see how big difference you can make in your odds of getting cancer.

Reducing Odds of Getting Cancer and Curing It

Now we will get into diet more. First I was telling a doctor that works in a hospital that I was very surprised at how big a difference enough vitamin D makes in getting cancer. She said that it should not since it is a disease of toxins. She is right-- it is disease of toxins. That is the main cause of cancer. There is a cancer that you from asbestos called mesothelioma. Asbestos is the cause of mesothelioma.

Smoking introduces a whole set of toxins. In fact over 100 additives are added to the tobacco to make it nearly impossible to quit. Of course the easiest way to quit is to never start. Eating or diet introduces a great deal of toxins that should not be in one's diet. Note that webmd has an article that is easy to find with a search that says that eating salt (that is not a food) is worse than smoking. So they are saying that if you give up salt and start smoking then you will be healthier. They have many MDs read over an article before it is published. See How to Live 30 Years Longer.

Also very recent research shows that eating meat, dairy or eggs is as bad as smoking. Getting back to what I said to the doctor, they now know that vitamin D is not a vitamin, but a hormone. One of the functions of this hormone, is to help your body get rid of toxins. That is why it is so effective against cancer and autism. See Type 1 Diabetes, Like Autism, is Preventable.

Doctor of Public Health (their job is to find the cause and then cure the disease), Cedric Garland says that ENOUGH (lifeguard levels) vitamin D will virtually eradicate breast cancer. Moore Cancer Center proposes that cancer may be a vitamin D deficiency. See the link at the end of this article (Cancer Treatment and Cancer Treatment) to see about 10 quotes about vitamin D and cancer from, Harvard Medical School, Mark Hyman M.D., Joel Fuhrman M.D., Dr. Oz, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Christiane Northrup M.D. on Opray Winfrey website.

Also see The Vitamin D Deficiency Pandemic that says that JAMA says that 77% of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency. A pandemic is a widespread epidemic. It also has the exact quote that PubMed Central has about this. If you have not realizes this by now, I also give you the websites that you can find this at.

Let us consider green tea. You have heard that you should eat your greens. Green tea is a green that you can drink all day. It may be healthiest herb that there is. Well over a billion people drink it. It is a fact that it is the most alkaline food that there is. I ate it like a food. It tastes like spinach. Studies show that the more it you drink, the less chance you have of getting cancer. Plus like I have said, you can drink it all day.

I wrote this article because so many are afraid of cancer and that it strikes people at random. So this article is to show that you can make make your body a good vessel for cancer to grow or make it a terrible place for cancer to live and survive. It just wants a place to survive and eat lots of toxins. Tea is the most studied anti-cancer plant, with over 5,000 medical studies published on its health benefits over the past 10 years.

I hear many health enthusiasts brag about how they drink only water. Let me tell you how stupid this is. As a chemist I can tell you by definition, water is a tasteless liquid. Now if humans wanted something tasteless, then they would eat cardboard. You can sweeten green tea with the herb stevia that is very sweet but has no calories. Plus this herb is good for your health.

Now some know some things that make them not so smart. They know that caffeine helps you to stay awake like if you are trying to meditate or drive. What they do not know is that green tea also contains theanine that also makes you very relaxed. That way you can be awake, alert and relaxed which is ideal for meditation. So it is much better to drink green tea than water. Water does not prevent cancer. Also green tea is 95% water. Also green tea has EGCG in it that helps you to lose weight that is 20% of your risk for getting cancer.

Now as mentioned there are many more foods that prevent cancer like mushrooms and vegetables that have substance in them that fight cancer. For example Mayo Clinic found that broccoli sprouts are very high in a cancer phytochemicals (plant medicines) and bred these sprouts to be higher in them and they sell them in supermarkets.

In 1926 an M.D. wrote a book called Toxemia Explained that still sells today! It explains that the cause of almost all disease is too many toxins in the body. See Is Toxemia Ruining Your Health. Now drugs or medications is the gold rush of today with each patented drug marked up at least ten thousand percent with cancer drugs costing a fortune.

Before you get chronic health problems that are permanent, you get acute problems that last a short time like the flu and colds. I have not had a cold, flu or headache in over 15 years and I do not take any drugs that include the drugs for well people like vaccines and sunblock. See How to Avoid the Flu or Colds. I will warn you now that this also involves getting enough vitamin D that you can get free from the sun of God or God's sun. A pope used the sun, like Sunday to make the Christian religion more accepted in the beginning.

When you eat too much carbohydrates or fat, it can be stored. When you eat too much protein, it cannot be stored and it must be broken down. This creates a lot of toxins. Animal foods are acid and plant foods have a tendency to be alkaline. Green tea is listed as the most alkaline food. PCRM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine says:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has determined that dietary factors account for at least 30 percent of all cancers in Western countries and up to 20 percent in developing countries. When cancer researchers started to search for links between diet and cancer, one of the most noticeable findings was that people who avoided meat were much less likely to develop the disease.

This fact allowed scientists to separate the effects of eating meat from other factors. Overall, these studies showed significant reductions in cancer risk among those who avoided meat. In contrast, Harvard studies showed that daily meat eaters have approximately three times the colon cancer risk, compared to those who rarely eat meat.

Their Six Guidelines for Cancer Prevention are:

  1. Avoid dairy products to reduce risk of prostate cancer.
  2. Limit or avoid alcohol to reduce the risk of cancers of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophagus, colon, rectum, and breast.
  3. Avoid red and processed meat to reduce the risk of cancers of the colon and rectum.
  4. Avoid grilled, fried, and broiled meats to reduce the risk of cancers of the colon, rectum, breast, prostate, kidney, and pancreas.
  5. Women should consume soy products in adolescence to reduce risk of breast cancer. Breast cancer survivors should consume soy products to reduce risk of cancer recurrence and overall mortality.
  6. Eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to reduce risk of several forms of cancer.

University of Southern California News says:

Meat and cheese may be as bad for you as smoking

Eating animal proteins during middle age makes you a candidate for cancer

That chicken wing you’re eating could be as deadly as a cigarette. In a new study that tracked a large sample of adults for nearly two decades, researchers have found that eating a diet rich in animal proteins during middle age makes you four times more likely to die of cancer than someone with a low-protein diet — a mortality risk factor comparable to smoking.

The Guardian says:

A diet rich in meat, eggs, milk and cheese could be as harmful to health as smoking, according to a controversial study into the impact of protein consumption on longevity.

American Cancer Society Guidelines on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Survivors:

Achieve a dietary pattern that is high in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

The difference between protein from plants and protein from animals is the protein from animals has a lot more sulfur in it which causes hydrogen sulfide. Animal protein contributes significantly to the colonic sulfur pool, resulting in the generation of hydrogen sulfide. This has a bad effect on people with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). To see a whole list of these foods that fight cancer from a book on fighting cancer by an MD see Cancer Treatment and Cancer Prevention. This has a wealth of specific information on fighting cancer.

The Truth About Cancer

The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer's History, Treatment, and Prevention
The Truth about Cancer: What You Need to Know about Cancer's History, Treatment, and Prevention

As Ty explains, there are many methods we can access to treat and prevent cancer that go well beyond chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery; we just don’t know about them. There were over 1500 reviews & 98% gave the book 5 stars. “An absolutely essential guide for humanity. The little-known wisdom found in this book can help end human suffering across the globe while saving people from the ravages of the failed cancer industry.”

— Mike Adams, the “Health Ranger” and lab science director of CWC Labs


Dr Oz : Fighting Cancer with Foods (cure cancer naturally) 2016. "Food is medicine."

Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating the Most Common Diseases with Diet. Includes latest scientific information on many things including cancer.

How Not To Die: The Role of Diet in Preventing, Arresting, and Reversing Our Top 15 Killers


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