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What is the Meaning of Imagination Creates Reality

Updated on April 26, 2019
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Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer and digital media director from Bath. Evie's novel 'Wishful Thinking' is out now.

What is Reality Creation - Was Neville Right?

Creating with imagination simply means imagining what we want and seeing ourselves with that very thing, person, job, house whatever.

Yes Neville Goddard was right! I always knew that there was something to this reality creation thing.

What does it mean for us as mere human beings?

It means that we are able to make things happen with the power of imagination. That sounds so simplistic but it really is a fact. I know that's a bold claim, but it comes from one that knows. I have changed my life through imagination.

How completely bonkers is that? That's what I love about this stuff. It's crazy mad, but so what?

Neville Goddard and The Ladder Experiment

If you've never heard of Neville then you simply must take a listen to him on YouTube. He has this most gorgeous clipped English accent and to top it off he had this crazy notion that we could all, yes all, imagine things into existence.

Neville gives many examples of how he encouraged his listeners to try it out and guess what? They got what they imagined.

He's ask people to imagine climbing a ladder. He asked them to do this for a few nights just before they went to sleep. He got them to feel the rungs, feel their feet climbing the ladder and generally really feel themselves climbing the ladder. They'd then tell themselves each day periodically that they would not under any circumstances climb a ladder. Stay with me here folks!

He asked all of the people that ended up climbing a ladder to come back to the next talk. Most of the participants found themselves asked to climb a ladder for one reason or another a few days after starting this experiment. Many of them were cynics to start with and completely changed after this test.

Why say I am not going to climb a ladder? Neville was proving that it doesn't matter if we say we will not do something. We end up doing it anyway. Reality does not understand will not, only climbing the ladder.

Take Neville's Challenge

I dare you to try this at home. Just before you go to bed for a few days. Don't obsess over it or anything. Treat it as a light-hearted exercise in magic! As soon as we obsess or think about the outcome too much then we are causing a resistance and that's definitely not what we're aiming for here. At all in fact.

Once you have climbed your ladder then try other things. Simple things at first, things you have no attachment to. It's best to build up slowly to the bigger things you'd like to manifest into your reality. Not because they are any tougher to manifest, but because the smaller things don't create resistance and they allow our minds to begin to accept this whole crazy thing we call reality creation.

Creating my Reality

Because of Neville I have become a master at this process. I don't take it too seriously though. I only do it for fun and with no expectation of the end result or the way it might come to me.

The thing is, this works. It really does. I can only tell you how it works for me and encourage you to give it a try and see what happens. When you start to bring things into physical reality you will begin to realise the absolute power we hold. We are the masters of our own reality and we can make it a fantastic ride if we so choose.

What is Reality Then?

Who knows. Really how will we ever know? To be honest I have no desire to know. I watched a documentary a few years ago called What is Reality? I think that's what it was called anyway. Whatever the actual name, it really was a game changer for me. It proves with actual real life science that our reality is stranger than fiction.

Reality is consciousness in my very humble opinion. But that's just my take on it. I am in no way saying I am right. I'm open to all other theories and fascinated by other opinions. I am in love with the fact that it's just a little bit like magic. My brain accepts that as a theory too. I am open to whatever.


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