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Best Colon Cleanser

Updated on July 21, 2009

What is the best colon cleanser that you can buy online? Before I get into which is the “best colon cleanser on the market”, you should keep in mind several things…

Colon cleansers may not work as effectively as you think they do. If you read the ad copy for colon cleansers you’ll see the manufacturers of these products claiming that they can cure everything from bad breath to weight loss to better sleep. Really? There have been no scientific studies validating any of these claims. Because colon cleansers are not regulated by the government, there are many of them, and many making outlandish claims.  Their premise is simple and does make sense on the surface. There is indeed waste left over in the colon and it does make sense that removing it may lead to certain benefits. Fact is, however, that there is natural bacteria in our bodies, which eliminate toxins. Furthermore, we have our livers to neutralize toxins and the colon sheds itself every few days, preventing waste build up. A common claim from colon cleanse manufacturers is that they will help you lose weight. This is quite simply not true because your body absorbs most of the calories before the food reaches the colon. As such, there is no best colon cleanser for weight loss or best weight loss colon cleanser. 

The placebo effect may be in effect. If you read user reviews on colon cleanse products (I checked out, most of them go to the effect of: “It got so much out of me! I now have more energy, a better sex life, and I have lost weight!” Although the colon cleanse product may have caused these changes, it is far from a certainty. Maybe, just by being convinced of the products benefits (and seeing all that waste in the stool), the person started to feel energy, started to have a better sex life, and started to lose weight all because that person believed that the product was going to work when, in fact, the product had no effect on the person. Colon cleanse products do get waste out of your colon, but whether or not it is beneficial is a whole other story.   

Don’t fall for clever ad copy. You don’t need any colon cleanse products. People have been living without colon cleansers for thousands of years.

So, which colon cleanser is the best?

Although I can’t come up with one “best” product, after browsing Amazon reviews, these products seemed to be good options…

Nature's Secret - Super Cleanse, 200 tablets
Oxy-Powder Colon Cleanse
Colosan - Superior Colon Cleanser
There is not one best colon cleanser to use because all colon cleansers eventually do the same thing.


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