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What is the best pre workout supplement

Updated on February 29, 2012

What is the best supplement to build muscle

You need to eat your foods and not supplements

RUSH RUSH RUSH RUSH! Everyone is on the go, has some where to be, is late, and never has time to eat. Protein bars and shakes, are the matters of choice amongst people. Even those who are are not working out seem to be grabbing these things as if it is a fad? Its mind boggling how health has been over marketed and its because of this that no one knows what is the best choice to make when it comes to their long term weight management.

Eating on the go is a challenge my clients struggle with and they always ask me what they can grab on the run. “Food” I say, and that will never change. No matter what the circumstances are, actual food will always outweigh any supplement. Especially today with all the chemically engineered processed “health” foods (protein shakes for example) on the go who have harmful metals like lead and arsenic exceeding the USP limits, its simply not a healthy choice.

I understand convenience, but convenience today with out planning means chemicals in processed foods, and that now includes protein shakes, bars and pills. Convenience with planning is grabbing fruits at the grocery store which are great on the go foods. Raw cashews, almonds (30 each, are great snacks and you can get them anywhere nowadays. Trail mix is not to be confused with trail mix that contains so much salt unknown that its fattier than you realize and defeats the purpose. Pick up Apples, pear’s, and bananas (last choice as they are the fattiest fruit and mango is second) and toss them in your bag in the morning along with 30 cashews and almonds and GO! Proper planning the night before will guarantee a much healthier feelign all day long and even in to the next day from great eating the day before.

Water is another great on the go! If you forgot your bag of treats. That 24oz bottle you have all day long, drink it whenever you get “hungry” and more than likely you were just thirsty and will no longer be hungry thereafter. Either way, you are good to go until you can grab something healthy and whole! The point here is there are foods you can eat on the go that will save you money on costly $8 protein shakes and $3 bars, and you will so much better from the actual foods.

There is no supplement to real food. That is the bottom line. The only way to get full nutrients is from whole foods. Real juicers are good as well. Pills, protein shakes and bars all have so many other ingredients in them to keep a shelf life, that are harmful to the human body are filled with too much sugar and fat and dairy in most cases that it defeats the purpose of why you are buying it in the first place. Risking health side effects from what is in these products over time.

This life is about being on the go, there is not denying it. By simply taking time out for some grocery shopping and get real whole on the go foods and be prepared for anything, including an healthier future and long term weight management.


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