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Always tired?

Updated on April 6, 2015

Always tired? Lack of motivation?

If you seem to be tired a lot and lack motivation you probably also suffer of over-acidity. But what is over-acidity? It is quite common nowadays. It is a term used when our body's ph balance is off. This means that we eat a diet that contains more acids than alkalines. Acids are meat, pasta, bread, sugar, alcohol, milk. Alkalines are fruits, vegetables, nuts, salads. On top of that we eat processed food and fast food. This all contributes to massive build-up within the body, especially in the intestinal tract and the arteries of our cardiovascular system. Adding stress on top of an unhealthy diet your body is completely sour now. It becomes sluggish and tired. We get sick more often because our immune system can't perform its duty optimally.

There is a way to change that though without having to run to the doctor right-away. Reprogramming the body by allowing build-up to be washed out and then rebuilding your body with healthy whole-some nutrition. This is done by ways of a gentle body cleanse and by choosing a nutritional supplement that is also considered a superfood. Superfoods are necessary nowadays because we simply can't get all the nutrition from our food alone.

What is chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is a natural healing component that gives natural food sources its green color, such as broccoli, bluegreen algae, etc. But it is not just a color. It is a powerful ingredient found in vegetables and in certain superfoods.

Chlorophyll is converted into oxygen in the body, and oxygen is a vital ingredient to superior health. Unfortunately, our daily lifestyle choices such as bad dietary habits, not enough exercise, smoking, drinking, having a stressful job, beeing in a violent relationship, not having enough money, etc all cause extreme stress on our body. Stress robs our body of important nutrients. Without the proper amount of nutrients, the body starts to slowly deteriorate and a long list of all possible conditions and ailments have a chance to develop.

Having or not having enough chlorophyll in your system can determine how healthy you will be. Scientists have determined that chlorophyll cleanses and builds our blood. In addition to that it protects the body from the potential harmful effects of radiation of all kinds. It was even discovered that a daily amount of chlorophyll in the form of superfoods can prevent the development of cancer. But that is not all. Nutritional supplements such as super glue green algae or barley grass promote a healthy digestive system eliminating build-up and allowing for nutrients to be absorbed into the bloodstream more efficiently.

Chlorophyll in the form of Algae

I recommend superbluegreen algae

Source Naturals Blue-Green Algae 500mg, 200 Tablets
Source Naturals Blue-Green Algae 500mg, 200 Tablets

Super Blue Green Algae will enhance your health manyfolds.


How does Chlorophyll work ?

I am not lying to you if I tell you that almost everybody, or at least people in the Western World, have an abundance of body toxins. These are accumulated through diet, smoke, alcohol, environmental toxins, emotional as well as physical stress. These toxins are known to us as build-up. This build-up can be found just about everywhere inhibiting the normal functioning of our physical as well as psychological body. This is where chlorophyll comes in very handy. They offer our body assistance in cleansing the blood, balancing the ph and eliminating excess toxins. A body that has less toxins will absorb more nutrition. With a decreased amount of body toxins, cells have the ability to regenerate themselves.

As mentioned earlier, chlorophyll provides the body with more oxygen. Oxygen is necessary for many processes in the body. Oxygen is also an active force against cancer and many other ailments. Everybody gets oxygen, but proper breathing techniques are a must to make sure that enough oxygen reaches every cell in the body to fight illnesses.

How much chlorophyll do you get per day depends on your eating habits. A little bit of broccoli from the store won't provide you with much chlorophyll especially if it is not organic and not fresh at all. As a matter of fact, since today's soil is so depleted of minerals, I wouldn't be sure how much nutrition even organic broccoli would provide you with. No matter where you buy your vegetables, there is a need to find superfoods that are high in essential nutriton and of course chlorophyll. Only then can you be certain that your body is getting its essential nutrients to fight foreign invadaders, diseases and aging. Chlorophyll can be found in many nutritional supplements. Neverthless, the superfoods that contain the highest amount of chlorophyll are either Super blue green algae or Barley Grass. In addition of getting your daily dosage of chlorophyll, these two products will also fill your nutritional gaps and assist your body in keeping a healthy ph balance. Your daily ph balance will determine your overall health.


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    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

      Hi bodybalance101,

      I am always interested in new ways to stay fit and healthy, your hub just gave me another new way of looking at staying healthy. I think i'll have to start eating more broccoli for my vegetable intakes.

      Agree with you on the fact the we in the West do tend to eat a lot of foods with toxins in them, albeit in small quantities but over time the do have an effect on the body.

      I guess this intake of toxins may be one of the reasons why allergies ae on the rise in the West.

      Anyway thanks you for sharing this info and I'll be following you for more interesting reads.

      All the best