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What do we know about depression ?

Updated on January 15, 2016

The depression is a disorder of the humor or a psychological trouble. It affects differently the persons according to the sex and the age because it would touch 1 man on ten and a woman on five.

This disease is to be differentiated of a simple temporary depression because its symptoms remain several weeks so that this one is diagnosed.

1. The causes of the depression

1.1. The biological factors

An imbalance in the chemistry of the neurotransmitters of the brain and also a hormonal imbalance would be one of cause some depression.

Among the biological turnovers, we find:

  • Numerous hormones are in declines
  • A weakened immunizing capacity
  • A decline of Serotonin playing a role on the sleep and the appetite
  • A decrease of the Norepinephrine which decreases the pleasure by being characterized by a loss of energy and a lack of interest for the usually pleasant activities

1.2. The psychological and social factors

These factors would be an advantages of the release mechanisms than a real causes of the depression :

  • Divorce, unemployment, death of a close …
  • Stress in the work and the overwork
  • Isolation and banishment
  • Problem of couple or family
  • Problem of money and casualization of the individual

2. The symptoms of the depression

The symptoms occurs by psychological, cognitive and physical disorders.

  • The gloomy humor and the irritability
  • Fatigue, lack of energy and loss of motivation
  • Loss of interest for usually pleasant activities
  • Feeling of sadness and envy to cry
  • Weak self-respect with a feeling of uselessness
  • Profound discontentment and sometimes suicidal tendencies
  • Difficulties of concentration and disorders of the memory
  • Sleeping disorders with a trend to the insomnia or the hypersomnia
  • Increase or decrease of the appetite
  • Loss or gain of weight


3. The treatments of the depression

There are many treatments of the depression and before beginning an approach towards a way or the other one, it is important to consult his doctor to define of a treatment which will suit you and without risk for your health.

3.1. The medicinal treatments

These medicines allow to restore a balance at the level of neurotransmitters to correct the disorders of sleep, the appetite but also the negative thoughts and the loss of energy.

3.2. The psychotherapies

The psychotherapies are extremely effective in the depression because it has generally psychological origins.

3.3. The Light therapy

It is based on an exhibition in the intense light. Practised for several years for the treatment of certain sleeping disorders, the light therapy turns out to be a treatment of choice in the seasonal depression called also wintry depression.

3.4. The Sport

According to numerous studies, the sport is the best natural antidepressant because it allows to restore the flow of numerous hormones of activity. The resumption of the sport must be followed by the regular doctor. It is source of energy and socialization and the practice in group is strongly recommended to break the isolation.


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