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What oxidants and antioxidants can do to your health?

Updated on May 17, 2013

What oxidants and antioxidants mean to you?

The two terms antioxidants and oxidants are always in discussion for many years in term of health related issues. How oxidants work and how can they cause harm to our body?

How the antioxidants can counter and reverse the effect of all the bad things that oxidants can do?

Nevertheless, I think the first priority for you, and me IS to get a more meaningful healthier lifestyle that will support whatever we want to accomplish in our lives, and extend our life much longer.

After all health is one of our responsibilities, one of the most priorities we need to maintain and fight for the rest of our life. Without health everything else are meaningless, and will cost us a lot more for treatments, medications, and time when we get sick rather than to maintain it.

Therefore oxidants and antioxidants are one from many health concerns, something you might want to understand first, how they are related, and how you can identify them.


What is oxidants?

Many of our health problems come from deviation of oxygen inside our body. Apparently oxygen offers both life and severe damage.

In other words the cells in our body are surrounded by aggressive, different form of bad oxygen, or known as the notorious oxidant, with the ability to destruct the cells.

The longer that oxidants attacking the cells, the more chance that we can suffer from cancer, damaging our immune system, clogging our arteries, nervous system malfunction and more.

What is oxidants? How can they be developed?

The transformation of oxygen into more harmful substances.

As matter of fact the oxygen theory has overturned the way scientists look at various diseases development and how to prevent them.

Scientific studies have proven that oxygen reactions responsible for about sixty different chronic diseases.

In addition, oxygen extends potent influence over aging process.


Free radicals definition and how it is related to oxidants?

The bad news is oxidants switch into various forms, and perhaps the worst of all forms is the free radicals type of oxygen. The free radicals molecules are charging up and inducing trouble. These oxidants have lost one of the electrons, which make them chemically unstable.

So what they do is trying to get the lost electron replacement by grabbing from any sources available.

The free radicals in the body destroy healthy cells along the way, and regenerating more free radicals almost instantly, which eventually turn into uncontrollable chain reactions.


The frightening free radicals and cancer theory.

The transformed oxygen known as free radicals attacking DNA, and leading to mutation of cells. What happen when cells mutating?

Yes something that we don’t want to hear, the cancer. The free radicals also attacking the cell membranes fatty part. If there are not enough antioxidants in the fatty molecules they will become rancid, which will completely break up the cell’s membranes structure.

What make everything tougher is when the rancid fat molecules get in contact they will generate a new fat molecule. The process will keep on going in form of chain reactions before interrupted or get exhausted, which may end at piling of millions of other fat molecules. How bad it is going to be? Really bad. What should we do now? The answer is antioxidant.

List of oxidants that you might need to know

Where do oxidants come from? How to find them? In fact some may come from ourselves, such as the products of our own metabolism, such immune reactions and breathing.

But we must fully aware with those oxidants that come from our environment. There are cigarette smoke, pesticides, industrial chemicals, air pollution, alcohol, and drugs.

Chemicals in this case contribute the largest oxidant activator, which you should try to avoid the best you can.

Some chemicals that come from food such as antibiotics are one of the main contributors to produce oxidants.


Another list of oxidants from our surrounding

  • Agriculture industries - most of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides are the very source to activate the oxidants inside your body.
  • Bakery industries – inorganic preservatives, emulsifiers, some mold growing retardants
  • Other food industries – artificial sweeteners, food coloring agents, and some preservatives
  • Processed foods - that mostly will contain salt or sodium. Too much salt in your diet might also cause high blood pressure.
  • Cleaning products – such as detergents that made from different types of synthesized raw materials.
  • Chemicals in glue products, paints, and inks, avoid to inhale and worst accidentally ingest these type of chemicals as they will do a lot of damage to our health.
  • Paper products – chlorine for bleaching as they are poisonous and long-term exposure to both of these products may lead to development of free radicals within your body.
  • Most of chemicals in general will generate the chance for oxidants to develop, so please be more careful if you expose to chemicals of any forms in your daily routines or perhaps your job, please use whatever protection tools if necessary.

You can alter your fate by doing LESS hazardous activities that may lead to oxidants generating process inside your body.

Quit smoking is a good start, and try to avoid exposing any dangerous chemicals is another.

If oxidants can damage our health severely and may lead to cancer, what should we do to prevent them?

One of the answer is simply consume more antioxidants, which you can find in various food sources such as deep color fruits, vegetables,beans and a lot more.

To be continued...please click here for more antioxidant reviews


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    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 3 years ago from Some tropical country

      rj weemor thanks, appreciate

    • profile image

      rj weemor 3 years ago

      Good article. informative. grammatical errors, however, are highly noticeable.

    • greeneryday profile image

      greeneryday 5 years ago from Some tropical country

      carol7777 glad that you read this hub, and you are right, we cannot eliminate all oxidants in our city, but we do can improve our diets by consuming more antioxidant diets. I think I am going to write hub that discuss about antioxidants more...thanks...

    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      Good hub on discussion of oxidants and ant-oxidants. Taking small steps to improve our lives is the way to go. We cannot eliminate all the oxidants living in a city. However we can improve diets, cleaning solutions etc. Thanks for putting together this excellent hub. I am voting up and sharing.