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What really happens during a detox cleanse

Updated on April 6, 2015

Some may call it an easy way to shed water weight over a short period of time or that it's an excuse to post fruity water photos on social media sites. However, it goes far beyond both of those common thoughts- detox drinks and smoothies do much more for our body than we think. I recently decided to try out a variety of cleansing drinks. This thought occurred to me when I read a few different articles about how these detox drinks could help me shed weight almost effortlessly. They're honestly quite easy to make and makes water less boring to drink when it's flavored. I'm going to share a variety of recipes that I've discovered on the Internet (particularly Pinterest) and also some recipes that I have made up.

Now, you're probably wondering what even happens to you're on a cleanse well I'm here to give you a few key changes that your body will undergo.

  • cleansing of intestine
  • leads to a higher quality of thinking
  • boosts energy
  • shed water weight
  • burns fat
  • boosts immune system

Let's take a deeper look...

Going into depth, here's a few explanations of what exactly is going on while we're sipping away at our delicious drinks!

  • Cleansing of intestines- take notice when you're on your cleanse how much more you will urinate and how your bowl movements will move, uhm, just a little bit faster. Feels good, doesn't it? These drinks do some extra work by flushing out toxins that we put into our bodies from walking down the street to eating unhealthy foods.
  • Drinking plenty of fluids will help lead to higher thinking, want to know why? Well, more water increases oxygen therefore, more oxygen will flow throughout your brain and you might actually be surprised how much clearer your thinking will be. Have you ever notice that when you eat unhealthy food, it throws your thoughts and decisions off track? Junk foods definitely take a toll on your brain. But don't panic, because when you detox you won't be eating the sugar and fattening foods that causes your brain to feel blurry. While water is a catalyst for energy- drinking plenty of fluids WILL boost your mood. Any sort of green tea is a great option for natural caffeine
  • Who doesn't want to enjoy a day with a positive attitude? While there is a big variety of detox drinks many ingredients contain natural vitamins and antioxidants that will help up your attitude. This is especially important when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and have a jam packed schedule. Lets be honest people, we have ALL been there and it's a shame that we waste a day being groggy and moody. Anything from lemon water to mint and grapefruit drinks will increase your energy levels and help make some days a little bit easier by increasing blood flood and oxygen.
  • You will also notice that your stomach doesn't feel is bloated or stiff when cleansing. When you're primarily taking in fluids your body will shed out toxins like there's no tomorrow. And, I mean that. You might feel a little lighter, but that's your water weight, also known as belly bloat. The body has a natural mechanism for storing water, just as it does for storing fat. The answer to feeling less bloated is yes, fluids! White tea is a great option for loosing up fat cells and curb appetite, but green tea increases fat burning which will also help you shed some water weight while boosting metabolism.



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