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What the Amish Can Teach You About Living

Updated on November 7, 2014

The Amish in the News

The Amish community has become a staple on reality television over the last couple of years with shows like 'Breaking Amish' and the 'Amish Mafia' bring in high ratings. While these shows paint a picture of the Amish community which is a blurred visage of the truth.

The Amish who live in nearby Lancaster County, I'm sure have their secrets because everybody does, but who are secure in their faith live much simpler live than is common to most of the rest of us. They do not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the modern world and all the worries.


The Amish live much simpler lives

In this rush around work three or four jobs world the Amish live much simpler lives than we do. They do not get up and rush off to work to try and earn money to spend on frivolous things. Instead they tend their farms or other businesses and make a lot of what they need to live. The Amish invest a lot of their time in faith, family and friends.

The first lesson to be from the Amish is this - slow down, scale back and enjoy life without all the worries that come with living the in this rush around world. Some people so caught up in all living to support all their stuff they forget to live. Their enjoyment comes in the latest gadget. To live a simpler life means to take a look at the world around and start enjoying life without all the distractions.


The Amish are very family oriented

The Amish are very family oriented. The children are sent off to local school up until the eight grade when they join in the work of the family farm or business. It is through this close knit relationship with their parents that Amish children learn the tasks needed to keep the farm going in order to insure the families economic surviaval. These lessons will one day help the children understand how to run their own farm.

The second lesson to be learned from the Amish is also a Biblical one- train up a child in the way they should and they will never depart from it. The Amish teach their children what they need to know to live by spending time with them We 'English' on the other hand shuffle our kids in front of the TV and then off to college to learn and get into debt.


Community Oreiented

Not only are the Amish family oriented but they are very community oriented. When something within the community happens the Amish community rallies and helps out the family in need. We have all seen pictures of the famous Amish barn raising where dozens of men raise a barn in a few days. Well that is just one example of how the Amish take care of each other as a community.

The third lesson to be learned from the Amish is this, we are all part of a community and we need to start living not for the self but for the community. This means coming out of the house and and getting to know those around the neighborhood and their needs.

Committed to their faith

The Amish are committed to their faith that is the reason they live as they do. Their life and lifestyle are based on Biblical values and they do not shy away from them. Some see the Amish as a stiff necked people who don't waver in how they see the world around them.

According to the,"To the Amish, the idea of separation from the modern world and non-conformity to its ways are stated clearly in the New Testament---"Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed."

The fourth lesson to be learned from the Amish is this. For those who have a strong faith in God, don't waver in that faith. Don't adjust it suit the world's calling but be like the Amish ans stand tall and proclaim your faith.

Amish Documentary

© 2014 T.B Whitt


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    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      I love reading stories about Amish life. I'm sure it's not easy, but it must be a lot more satisfying that some of our lives. Thank you for an interesting article.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I only have to read the newspaper for five minutes and I'm convinced the Amish can teach modern civilization quite a bit about how to live life. :)


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