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What the Hell, I'm Snoring!!

Updated on March 12, 2011

Different Causes

There are a number of factors that doctors have discovered over time regarding the problem of snoring. Drinking alcohol adds to the chance of snoring during sleep. The affect of drinking can only be determined if you check if you snore at night when you do not drink? The concept of snoring is based upon the blockage of air passage. By drinking alcohol, the throat muscles are relaxed which cause the airway to become blocked. A remedy for those who realize that one of the major causes of snoring is a heavy dosage of alcohol, if they are unable to get rid of this habit, they should at least make sure that the last dose of alcohol is taken at least 4 hours before they go to sleep.

Besides that, it has been discovered that there are some people who have one of the causes of snoring as sleeping on their back. So such people should try to avoid sleeping on their back and train the body to sleep on a side, preferably right side. For this purpose, there are many devices that have been introduced which are user friendly and if handled with care, can lead to fruitful results in a very short span of time.

Causes of Snoring

Moreover there have been claims regarding obesity being one of the root causes of snoring i.e. weight over and above average weight may lead to snoring. Again there is this concept of blockage of airway; since during obesity, fatty tissues may get accumulated in the throat area, which in turn will probably lead to restriction of your breathing due to the blockage of airway. Thus the obvious solution lies in reducing your weight only.

As explained earlier the effect of usage of alcohol, similar to that is the effect of using sleeping pills as they also relax your throat and neck muscles for a greater comfort level (i.e. more than normal sleep) which can again lead to snoring problem.

Another factor can also be added to the causes of snoring and that is allergies. Allergies will directly affect the nasal passage causing nasal congestion which means that it becomes difficult for you to breathe as there is not enough oxygen reaching lungs, causing snoring.

Last but not the least let’s discuss one of the major causes of snoring i.e. mouth breathing. If a person has a habit of breathing through mouth, most probably he will snore. The reason is that when an individual breathes through mouth, the air directly hits the back of the throat causing vibrations in the tissues whereas the whole procedure of air passing into the throat is quite smooth when breathed through the nose.


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