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What this disease might be?

Updated on January 17, 2016

Five months ago I began to feel a moderate pain on the bottom of the chest's left side. Then at the local hospital been cured for over than two weeks against the cold and lungs problems, as the cure was ending, my health was getting worse, doctors to get rid of me recommended going to the sanatorium.

There at the sanatorium the doctor suspected for lungs friction rub, as besides the chest pain I began hearing a sound coming from the very same place as the pain.

Thus, I began having treatment for the lung friction rub for and another period of two weeks, all these efforts did not provide any positive result, only the rubbing sound disappeared but the pain got worse.

Before doctors got into these conclusions they made me pass through many scanning devices, computed angiography and many other.

As the issue was not with the lungs, sanatorium recommended me to the cardiologist, the cardiologist did not give me any treatment because did not found any issue with my heart, but he suggested me to make a blood analysis.

The blood analysis did not found anything wrong inside my body, except the ALT, a protein of the liver was twice higher than it normally should be.

I kept receiving treatment all this time, sometimes the ALT dropped but it raised again in few days.

The faeces analysis discovered the H.Pylor parasite, I am not receiving a cure against it because of the ALT being still high.

Any suggestion or tip about this case? Thanks in advance.


  • pain on the upper-left side of the stomach
  • weight loss
  • feeling tired
  • loss of appetite


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