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What to Eat to Prevent Hair Loss?

Updated on November 3, 2011

What to eat to prevent hair loss?

1. Iron supplementation: people who often lose hair are short of iron, iron supplementation is necessary, soy bean, black soy bean, eggs, hairtail, shrimps, boiled peanut, spinach, carp, banana, carrot, potato all contains rich iron.
2. Supplement plant proteins: people have dry hair and hair splits should eat more soy bean, black sesame and corn.
3. Fruit and vegetables contains alkaline substance: the factor contributes to hair loss is because the blood contains acidic substance, the reason is being too tired in both physical and nerves. The body produces toxins during metabolism because of eating food contains too much sugar and fat. The acidic substance contains in Animal livers, meat and onions cause more toxins in blood, so eat as less as possible.
4. Iodine supplementation: the hair lustre has something to do with the functions of thyroid. Iodine supplementation improve the secretion of thyroid and beneficial to the beauty of hair. Eating more laminaria, laver and oyster can improve the condition.
5. Vitamin E supplementation: Vitamin E resists the hair aging and splitting of cells. It is good for growing hair. Eating more fresh lettuce, cabbage, black sesame is recommended.

What you should Refrain from eating or doing?

1. Stop smoking
2. Stop drinking heavily.
3. Using hormone to train muscle can also cause hair loss
4. Eating spicy food can cause temporary hair loss
5. Refrain from using too much Vitamin A

what to eat to prevent hair loss?

what to eat to prevent hair loss?
what to eat to prevent hair loss?

Psychological adjustment

1, Don’t be over happy or sad at anytime, control your emotion. Controling emotion is the hardest thing, when we run into some bad things, be sure to adjust your feelings. Don’t be randomly angry because this is not good for your health, meanwhile it causes hair loss.
2. Release work stress to keep work and relaxing shifts in turn. Work cannot be done at one time and the money cannot be made all at one time, nothing is more important than health. So if you feel tired, please take time to rest, the working efficiency would be greater if you take time to rest for a while.
3. keep positive and optimistic attitude. With the development of science and technology, some advanced methods of healing hair loss has been introduced to practice, so be confident and optimistic about the hair loss problem. There are some hair loss pills and technologies are put into use and got some amazing results, your problem could be resolved at last.


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