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What to Expect During a Private Pilates Session

Updated on November 10, 2016

What to Expect During a Private Pilates Session

When searching for Pilates classes in New York City, you may want to consider a private session. They're personalized and allow you to focus deeper and truly make the most of your time with an instructor. It's the ideal way for those who want to learn Pilates without the stress of doing it in a traditional exercise or dance studio.

Where is the Private Pilates Session Held?

During a private Pilates session, the instructor comes into your home or apartment gym. This provides you with the highest level of comfort. You can expect the session to last for one hour. Through this time, you'll go through a series of exercises conducted on the mat.

What Happens at a Private Pilates Session?

The session begins with the instructor evaluating your posture and movement. The instructor creates a workout based on the evaluation. The focus of the sessions revolves around increasing balance, mobility and flexibility. Because the instructor tailors the session to your needs, you work at your own pace. The difficulty of the session will increase as the instructor continuously monitors your progress. Individuals of any age or ability may participate. Pilates isn't intense like cardio. It's a low-impact exercise. This means even those with breathing difficulties or joint pain may participate. Those who suffer from conditions with other physical restrictions or limitations can benefit as well. Many individuals find pain relief from Pilates.

What Type of Equipment Will a Person Use at a Private Session?

This is completely dependent upon the instructor. Depending on your skill level and various other factors, the instructor determines your ideal session. A session may consist of mat exercises only. The instructor guides you through a series of movements while focusing on breathing and awareness.

The instructor may decide on a session comprised of props including some of the following: foam rollers, magic circles, thera-bands and physioballs. Foam rollers are high-density foam cylinders used for stretching, stability exercises and body support. The instructor may advise you to place a foam roller underneath your knees, back or hips. Also known as a fitness circle, a magic circle is a metal or plastic ring with pads on each side. The circle gives you slight to moderate resistance for arm or leg exercises. Made of latex or similar non-latex substance, Thera-bands help to strengthen muscles. These thick elastic bands provide resistance and help with mobility. They're available in various resistance levels, and your instructor will determine the ideal level for you. You may use the bands for either or both upper body and lower body exercises. A physioball, also known as an exercise ball, consists of a soft elastic material. You complete exercises on the ball and off the ball. It helps strengthen muscles and increase stability. Another prop is the PilatesStick.™ Similar to the Tower, this portable device incorporates durable slastix with springs and a bar or possibly straps that support your body. This prop assists with stabilization and positioning. Additionally, the PilatesStickTM adds resistance, which assists with toning, strengthening and lengthening the muscles.

It's possible the instructor will design a session using both props and mat work. This creates a session with variety and may even have a greater number of benefits when compared to a traditional floor-only private Pilates session.


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