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What to Expect When You Buy a Traditional Malay Post Natal Set

Updated on November 8, 2015
A post natal set from Spa & Ma
A post natal set from Spa & Ma

What Should A Perfect Set Consists Of?

A perfect Malay post natal product will have at least these :-

  1. Tungku (Hot press)
  2. Bengkung (Abdominal wrap)
  3. Jamu (herbal pills or drinks)
  4. Minyak panas (All purpose massage oil)
  5. Pilis (Forehead calming paste)
  6. Body Scrub
  7. Herbal Bath Satchets

#1 Hot Press

This is considered a must for moms who had just given birth. A hot press is believed to help circulate the blood smoother as well as reduce pain.

There are a few types of hot press used. The traditional one is by using river stone wrapped in herbs and cloth. But there's also hot press made of metal. It lasts longer but is more dangerous because it could burn.

The modern approach is by using herbal hot press, where herbs are wrapped in cloth and are steamed before applied to the stomach. This approach is easier to use, but the heat doesn't last as long as the stones or metal.

Some sets like the Anugerah for example, do not carry one in the basic set, but offers 2 hot press for the more expensive sets.

A modern hot press for post natal used. The weight is lighter, and is easier to use. But the drawback is it doesn't preserve heat as good as stones.
A modern hot press for post natal used. The weight is lighter, and is easier to use. But the drawback is it doesn't preserve heat as good as stones.

#2 Bengkung (Abdominal Wrap)

This an inconvenient wear is another must have items for new moms. It is believed to help moms regain her figure, reduce flabby stomach and force good posture. A mom is expected to wear this at least 12 hours a day.

There are a lot of abdominal wraps in the market but the best ones are made of kain belacu for it lasts longer and is more comfortable.

Make sure you have ones that could easily be loosen up since you don't want to have problems when you need to go to the toilet.

A good set would include this, but if there's none, you could always pick it up as a loose item.

An example of an abdominal wrap. The design makes it easy for a mom to loosen up the lower part if she needs to go to the toilet.
An example of an abdominal wrap. The design makes it easy for a mom to loosen up the lower part if she needs to go to the toilet.

#3 Jamu

Jamu, or herbal mixtures is also considered vital. But as a matter of convenient, more and more moms prefer herbal pills than bitter herbal tea.

Jamu is to be taken after a week of delivery. The dosage should be low in the first week and if there is no side effects to the baby, it could be taken in full dosage.

Some mothers do not like jamu and prefer to take vitamins as a substitute. Whatever it is, the idea is to make sure the mom regain her strength as rapidly as possible.

An example of one set famous for its jamu is the Nonaroguy Set

An example of jamu capsules. This one is from a company called Spa & Ma
An example of jamu capsules. This one is from a company called Spa & Ma

#4 Minyak Panas (Massage Oil)

You need massage oil for the compulsory after birth massage. And almost all sets come with such oil.

But some sets include more than that. It probably comes with oil for the baby and oil for the stretch marks. The only difference is the type of oil.

Some would use extra virgin coconut oil, others herbal while the modern ones will have a spa like oil with more calming aroma.

#5 Pilis (Forehead Calming Paste)

These paste are seldom used nowadays. But a good set will provide it nonetheless.

It is used to pacify mothers with its aroma, and reduce headache normally experienced by moms. Lack of sleep, lack of rest and fatigue increases the chance of headache and pilis is designed to help reduce that.

Most pilis should be mixed with water until it becomes a paste. However, modern ones comes in paste in toothpaste like tubes.

#6 Body Scrub

Mom should not only get her figure, strength and health back, but for the Malays, she should also have beautiful looking skin.

Body scrub is one good arsenal to remove dead skin and dark spots that appear during pregnancy.

Some sets come with scrubs as well as soap and feminine cleansing shampoo.

A brown herbal soap by Tanamera.
A brown herbal soap by Tanamera. | Source

#7 Herbal Bath Sachet

Herbal bath is like a steam bath in a sauna. And the idea is similar -- to help blood flow and to remove sweat from your body.

The difference is in the application. Some are boiled, then let cool before used as bath water. Others are boiled, and the steam is used on the private parts.

Whatever it is, a good set will have at least one of these.

NOTE: You can see more tips at FB pages like LovelySuri here.

A Post Natal Care Service Should Have All The Above


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