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What to Wear on Winter Vacation - Healthy Expert Advice

Updated on December 22, 2015
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A medical background and interest in research created Audrey Selig's interest in writing about medical issues.

What to Wear

Learn what to wear for a winter vacation through healthy expert advice. You will find out what types of clothing will give lasting protection.. Items like mittens, hats, warm scarves, nose warmers, and sock liners bring warm fuzzy feelings to the snow bunnies of the world. My physician and others give good advice for this article.. You may search high and low for appropriate clothing and often have difficulty finding exactly what you want. Some of you have illnesses that make it difficult to stay warm. Here are some tips to help you survive the winter or a winter vacation, that have worked for me based on advice and experience..

Sporty and stylish hats

You lose heat from your head, so it is very important to wear a warm hat. A wool hat with a tie to cover the ears is a very functional piece of winter attire. A dress hat called a scarf hat, which looks like a cowboy hat with a tie scarf covering ears. is a good choice., I have worn this hat for years, with regular replacement. Many others exist - sporty hats that cover the ears, earmuffs, or the knit hats that only reveal part of the face help in extremely cold weather. See below for warm hats for children. Warm hats need to be worn by everyone in the family. My husband has a Russian style hat that covers the ears that keeps him very warm. It reminds me of the old move "Dr. Zhivago."

Wear a Stylish Winter Hat

A winter hat that covers the ears and ties.
A winter hat that covers the ears and ties. | Source

Warm children's hats for winter vacation

Kids Size Tiger 100% Wool Pilot Animal Ski Cap / Hat With Fleece Lined
Kids Size Tiger 100% Wool Pilot Animal Ski Cap / Hat With Fleece Lined

This warm hat for a cnild will keep head and ears warm while playing in the snow.

These skiers know how to dress. Looks like fun.
These skiers know how to dress. Looks like fun. | Source
Vivid scene from Aspen, Colorado
Vivid scene from Aspen, Colorado | Source
A little one dressed in preparation for cold weather
A little one dressed in preparation for cold weather | Source


Mittens keep the hands warmer than gloves. I wear insulated mittens, and people sometimes laugh and say, they haven't worn mittens since childhood. Others comment on how warm they look.


The warmest materials for scarves are acrylic and wool, Anyone with a heart or respiratory problem must cover mouth and face in cold weather and wind to prevent the cold air from getting into the lungs or heart. The scarves do a great job in protection


Acrylic or woolen socks are also excellent for warming the feet, especially if worn over sock liners. When your feet sweat and toes get cold, warm the socks for instant help. The secret is in the layering as with most winter clothing.

Long underwear

These items aren't very fashionable and look like what grandma and grandpa used to wear. However, they are practical and often are made of the warming silk in different degrees of warmth. I use silk long johns that do actually look good to me and help with visible layering of my clothing. Cotton and other materials can also serve the purpose.

Warm Coat and Boots

Do wear a warm coat or jacket and boots, no specifications, other than the boots may be warmer with sheepskin lining. The coat and jacket must be lined. Down coats and jackets are warm and popular. Use your own judgement and try on enough items to make a good decision. See below for warm jackets for children.

Nose Warmers.

I found a nose warmer recommended for skiers and cold-blooded persons or people with diseases. My nose gets cold sitting in the house as do people with lupus and other diseases. I even wear mine to shop to the laughter of my grandchildren who think they are funny looking. They never wish to accompany me when I wear my nose warmer.

I smile and continue to wear my Comfynose.

Breathe Right Strips

I wear a breathe right strip every day. These help to keep the nose warm, allow extra air, and assist people at night who snore or have nasal septic defect.You can also use saline solution to clear nasal passages. Football players often wear the strips. These strips are attention getter. People ask if I have a broken nose. A physician who saw mine advised against wearing it, as you can get used to the extra air. I know that it helps me and helps asthma sufferers who sometimes wear them at night.


Many people dread cold weather and the onslaught of winter. If you have good protection, you can ski, camp, and go snowboarding. These people take breaks and drink tea and hot chocolate for extra warmth. .Refer to link below on what to wear for a ski trip to Colorado. For the disabled and others, the tips mentioned are a means of survival. You must do everything you can to keep warm in the winter when you vacation. Use the tips I have given you and you will have protection. You may find other items that help you, especially at ski shops.. Hats, nose warmers and other winter wear may look funny.on a luxurious vacation or even a cheap but exhilarating trip Don't let anyone ridicule your attire, as some people are just plain jealous. Have a great winter free from worry about what to wear. Fun is what it is all about, anyway,

Are you cold blooded and need warm and layered clothing?

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    • brakel2 profile image

      Audrey Selig 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      I have sent an email to you. Dr Carpentier, regarding my acceptance of your invitation. Thank you.

    • brakel2 profile image

      Audrey Selig 4 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Thank you doctor for you gracious comments.

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      lena marie 5 years ago

      you have a great blog here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Will do and thank you ma'am!

    • brakel2 profile image

      Audrey Selig 5 years ago from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

      Hi Alastar - Thanks for being the first to read my article recently published. You probably don't have much winter weather where you're from. Yes, we all lose heat from our head, unfortunately. I am sure they have mittens for men, as I have seen them in the catalogue where mine are from. Men probably don't wear them too often. Congratulations on being one of the great hubbers of the year.You must be proud of your success in the first year. Your writing deserves compliments. Happy writing and come by again. I will be reading your hubs.

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 5 years ago from North Carolina

      Excellent winter wear advice brakel. Heat does go outta the top of the ole noggin doesn't it. Are mittens for women only?