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What to consider before having butt surgery

Updated on May 3, 2016

20 billion!?

Plastic surgery has really taken off especially now that reality shows are all over television. In fact, it is said that plastic surgery is a 20-billion-dollar industry with 45% of that coming from America and is still rising. But, out of all the reasons of going to see a plastic surgeon it is to get a butt lift, injection, or implant. Yes, it’s all about the booty (breast is like a close second); but with so many methods there are so many outcomes, so let’s take a look at each method that has been use in the quest for the perfect butt.


This is where plastic surgeons place artificial implants in the butt region to enhance the shape, size, and curve of the butt. The time it takes to perform this procedure varies from a surgeon’s experience but on average we’re looking at two to three hours. The cost of the operation isn’t cheap ranging from 5000 to even 8000 dollars on average to go under the knife. You would think that paying all that money that it has no side effects right? Wrong!, in fact there are some side effects that you may want to be aware of before you decide to dish out this much cash. For starter there will be pain when the surgery is over, which should last for a few weeks; this is due to the fact that the surgery causes your tissue to stretch especially if it’s placed beneath the muscle. No need to worry though they should prescribe some medication to help with the pain. Second there is a chance that your implant will shift in one of your buttock causing your buttock to look uneven (kind of funny when you think about it). There is also a chance that your implant could rupture along with bleeding, nerve and muscle damage.


This one has gain a lot of buzz due to some of the accidents that occurred upon using this method. But to be fair this was mainly due to people finding these hacks to perform the surgery. For example, the woman who died because she was injected with cement. Injections can go very south if you allow anyone to do it. Before you go through with it make sure you do your homework on the one who is performing the procedure. Opting out for the cheapest surgeon isn’t the best idea. Now I would recommend that you use the most commonly use method to date, which is a fat transfer also known as Brazilian butt lift. This is where they move your fat cells from one part of your body (like your stomach or underarm) and places it where it’s lacking fat cells (your butt). The best part about this method is that it has the ability to totally change your body. And unlike implants there are no long term side effects or issues. Here’s the kicker through, some of the fat transfer may die so what you see in the beginning may not be what you see a few months down the road.

Butt lift

Speaking of butt lift, let’s say you have a booty, but it just swags (you’re dragging that wagon); you can just get a butt lift. This will make your butt tighter and firmer; The average price of this procedure is roughly 7500 dollars. Now it’s not as simple as going to a plastic surgeon and getting the procedure; some people are not a good candidate due to health and lifestyle. For example, if you smoke it could slow down the healing process as well as cause complications during and after the surgery. If you do smoke, you need to avoid smoking for the next six weeks prior to the surgery. Your diet is just as important; it may be a problem is you suffer from any type of deficiencies like protein in your diet. In order to receive plastic surgery, you must obtain clearance from your primary physician or from the doctor treating for your medical conditions. Before considering this option of plastic surgery let’s look at the pros and cons:


  • Your butt will look smoother and toned
  • The effects are long lasting
  • Alleviates any discomfort caused by excess skin


  • Recovery may take several months
  • Any gains in the future can effect results
  • It could result in loss in volume in the butt area

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Do it right the first time

There you have it, three options for those considering getting some work done to their derriere; If there is one thing to take from this is that it is crucial that you make sure that the one performing the surgery is licensed (if you’re going to do something do it right the first time).


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