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What to do with Blistering Bug Bites

Updated on July 28, 2013

Blistering Bites

A few days after the initial bites they started to blister
A few days after the initial bites they started to blister | Source

Bug Bites

I have a son whom is extremely allergic to bug bites. I know that most of us have some allergic reaction to bites, the itching and red marks of a mosquito are usually proves of that. My little guy unfortunately swells and blisters after getting bitten by a mosquito. After a recent trip to the beach we had to prepare for the worst bug bites he has ever had, I blame it on the fact that he spent very little time in the water after being afraid of fish and spending too much time on the sandy shore surrounded by woods.

Blistering Bug Bites
Aniti Itch
Keep it Clean

Antihistamine: Treating the Reaction

One of the ways which we treat the reaction is with Antihistamine (aka benedryl). We try only to do this when it gets really bad or at night so that he can sleep without itching all night. We have also had to do this on long car trips when the only thing on his mind in the mounting itching on his body and he is about to loose his mind and we are about to loose our minds with the chaos of whinning in the back seat for the pain and itching. Notre we do not do this for normal bed or car routines only when there is already a reason like an allergic reaction to give medicine.

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Anti-Itch: No Scratching the Bites

We have picked up many bottle of the anti itch bug bite sprays and roll on liquids - the goal though is to apply it before the child itches. Once there become open wounds from scratching it is almost impossible to keep the itching at bay and apply the medicine. The spray benedryl that we often use stings quite badly if he has already scratching the skin raw on the bite.

Clean and Soak

Keeping the itching at bay by keeping the bites clean and soaking them in cool water.
Keeping the itching at bay by keeping the bites clean and soaking them in cool water. | Source

Bites: Keep Clean

Keep the bites clean. We do this in two different ways, on with bactine to clean the bite or wound and with clean fresh water. We then apply band-aids over the blistered wound in order to keep it from popping and preventing some of the access to scratch them. Depending on the size of the blisters or bite we really like the small circular band-aids. This summer the blisters were too big for most of those and required some heavy duty band-aids.

We have also found that soaking them in cold water or a clean wet washcloth helps take away the itch and sting.


With blistering bites it is really important to make sure the bites don't become infected. Several of my son's bite blisters opened up and that created a greater chance of infection. If his bites had gotten much worse we would have taken him to the doctor to get them looked at as soon as we got home. We paid special attention to two bites that were starting to get infected and treated them as best we could to keep them from causing permanent harm.


Prevention is the best option when you know that you or someone you are responsible for is allergic to bug bites. We were not as on top of it this trip, although we had brought bug spray with us we didn't think to apply it during the sun filler hours when the kids were swimming. It had been a mild summer for bugs and these were the first bites of the summer when ended up being a lot more than we bargained for. We have bug spray at the ready no matter where we go now.


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