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What Foods To Eat After Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Updated on December 6, 2009

What Should I Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal?

So you've just had your wisdom teeth extracted and you're wondering what is alright to eat. The irony is that I'm writing this hub just hours after having my upper wisdom teeth removed myself. This being the case, I have some experience with knowing what is ok to eat and what isn't.

The number one rule is to eat soft foods. You want to cause as little additional trauma as possible to minimize the risk of bleeding and dry socket, and eating soft, liquidy foods that don't require chewing is key.


Whatever you do, do not suck on a straw. This could dislodge the blood clots and potentially cause dry socket.

Safe Foods to Eat After Tooth Extraction

Here's a starter list of safe foods to eat after you've gotten your wisdom teeth pulled.  They all require little to no chewing and should sustain you until you can eat solid foods again.  Keep in mind this list is not the end-all-be-all.  If you know of something that is liquidy, nonacidic, and easy to swallow then by all means eat it!

  1. Pudding
  2. Jell-O
  3. REALLY scrambled eggs
  4. Milkshakes
  5. Mashed potatoes
  6. Oatmeal

Basically the less viscous the food, the better.  You want something that will just slide down your throat, and something nonacidic.  This means soda and other carbonated beverages are a no-no.

The carbonic acid in soda will dissolve your clots and weaken your stitches if you've got them.  The same can be said for juices containing citric acid and alcohol.

What Not To Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

The list of foods that aren't safe to eat is pretty long, so instead of listing practically every food known to man, I'll give you the qualities you should avoid.

Vittles to Avoid

  • Crunchy food
  • Hard food
  • Chewy food
  • Acidic food/beverage
  • Spicy food


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    • profile image

      Yamaguchi 3 years ago

      Nicole, do you know that Grandpa is so proud of you right now. So am I. And I know that Grandma is too. I think that it is so great that he influenced you, like that. I wish you all the luck in your field of work. You are such a sweet girl. Love Ya Bunches, Your Aunt Julie

    • profile image

      michaelkemsens 5 years ago

      well nev i got it from a mate so this is the link

      filling address , they have a wealth of knowledge ,say m kemsens said you would sort him out

    • profile image

      Smp 6 years ago

      Had all 4 of my wisdoms taken out last week, it was a 2hr procedure thanks to my impacted tops and my bottoms needing cut out by my jaw bone (i also had hooks and curved roots..ya OUCH)and have missed 5 days of work from em thanks to 2 dry sockets. If you feel pain at all in the sockets get them packed asap cuz you'll feel unbelievably better. Also sleep sitting up in a recliner, it will help the swelling. Ice packs are also wonderful and will help the pain and swelling. Take your meds and pain killers when you need em. Don't let the pain get so bad that your playing catch up to get it to go away. Not a good idea. I have stitches in my top left and my gauze kept getting caught on it so be careful with them. Its been a week and i still cant eat regular food, like the above comments..jello, pudding, flan, nutrition shakes, malts, mashed potato's (although some are chunky and get stuck by the sockets so not a good idea) soups and cheese enchilada's..Unfortunatly there arent many other good soft foods out there. Im so over my 'liquid' diet and want a burger already..i cant chew very well still and cant eat noodles or bread. My teeth still feel rubbery. Ooh and DON'T use heat pads! Will make you swell like a balloon, My stitches and mouth still hurt and have bad zings but its managable and i also have headaches..trying to wean myself off the painkillers so that could be a cause for them. Don't do any heavylifting either. I know im goin out of order but these will help. Don't eat any food or drink anything where you have to suck, slurp or spit. Saltwater rinse is a must also. At first it'll burn and hurt but it gets a lot better and don't brush your teeth the first few days. You cant brush the fronts after awhile but try not to upset the backs until they heal a lot better. I still cant brush my backs and i hate it. I hope things get better soon cuz i'd like to get back to normal and not want to hurt my husband everytime he eats Subway or Sonic infront of me haha

    • profile image

      Sj 6 years ago

      I had my four wisdom teeth pulled just yesterday, I ate a bowl of Pho noodles less then 30 mins after leaving the docs, I also ate pudding & yogurt & drank lots of water, Plus I've been taking my T3 & Advil I feel great & don't feel any pain YET!! I hope I don't but other then that I'm really hungry, is it ok to eat scrabbled eggs the next day after having your teeth pulled??

    • WenLS profile image

      Wendy Leigh 6 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I had 2 wisdom teeth extracted 2 days ago (I'm 31 and didn't actually grow any until I was nearly 28 and by then they were already severely decayed and infected PLUS bony-impacted). I don't have any bottom wisdom teeth (thank goodness!) I fully expected horrible pain and complications because I had several exacerbating factors:

      The nerve in one tooth is connected to my sinus and they said it could cause a huge hole in my sinus that would require sinus surgery to repair

      I recently had both of my back molars break (because of the wisdom teeth pushing on them and weakening them) and had major fillings in them, which the oral surgeon said could both be shattered during the removal.

      However, I am AMAZED at what an amazing job he did (I went to an old guy who's been practicing for over 40 years).

      I had general anesthesia and woke up feeling fine (nurse said she's never seen someone wake up so quickly and be alert). Had some minor bleeding on and off for that day (mostly the taste in my mouth and that's it). Was able to eat very soft things that day like Greek yogurt, Bolthouse Farms smoothies (these are something I always drink for health because they're delicious and have 8 servings of fruit and veggies), organic applesauce (sugar free), and I also made sure I bought meal replacement shakes at GNC in advance so that I'd have a healthy way to get my vitamins and nutrients.

      I'd suggest to anyone that you spend a little money and do the same to make the first few days easier. I use "Spiru-tein" which is a totally organic nutritional shake that's low sugar, gluten free, and has none of the "diet/weight loss" junk in it. It has all the vitamins you need, contains probiotics (which you definitely need if your dentist gave you antibiotics), and even contains digestive enzymes (which will make your uneasy stomach digest things a bit better). And I was surprised at how good they are! I usually hate those shakes.

      So far it's been 3 days and I've had almost no swelling, no bruising at all, very little bleeding, and only mild pain that is very manageable. I don't know if I got really lucky with my oral surgeon or if it's what I'm eating/drinking/doing, but in case it's the latter:

      1. rinse with warm salt water after everything you eat (only after the first 24 hours)

      2. Nothing requiring suction and brush teeth gently avoiding the area you have stitches/had removal

      3. Don't move your mouth around unnecessary (ie: be careful yawning, don't touch the stitches, keep your tongue out of there, etc)

      4. Eat scrambled eggs at least once per day to help you heal (protein)

      5. Drink fruit smoothies that are high in phytonutrients (ie: whole fruits and veggies)

      6. Drink a HEALTHY meal replacement shake that's low in carbs and sugar (ask someone at GNC to help you pick something) and I always recommend organic, but that's just me. Make sure it has protein (mine has soy, rice, and pea protein). Easiest way to mix them is with just a blender bottle (cup with the little wire ball in it) and use milk/soy milk as the base.

      7. Remember to take your vitamins and other supplements and up the doses slightly to promote healing.

      8. Eat lots of Greek Yogurt and Kefir (it's like a yogurt smoothie) because they're high in probiotics and are also naturally derived without added chemicals/sugars and the probiotic elements will help your stomach and replace the good bacteria in your digestive tract that antibiotics remove (and settle your stomach from the painkillers).

      9. If you are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or sugar intolerant you can use/eat most of these things (especially the Spiru-tein brand shakes) because I'm intolerant to most of those things and can only handle dairy in minimal amounts (ie: the yogurt and such I can eat small amounts of, but the shakes I make with lactose-free milk).

      And if you can't have dairy with your medications, you can buy "Rice Dream" ice cream which is considered non-dairy (as far as I know) and tastes almost exactly like regular ice cream.

    • profile image

      Dina 6 years ago

      Reading some of the comments is kind of shocking! I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday one impacted (bony) and two that had not grown out yet. The procedure was done in less than 30 minutes.. I got stitches on 3 sides. So far I've only been sore but no pain, I have a very high tolerance for pain though. I am enjoying the Tylenol with Codeine, it takes away any type of discomfort. I have been eating mashed potatoes and tomato soup with tiny grilled cheese sandwich pieces.. Will be trying scrambled eggs and lentil soup later on. My expierence is actually not as bad as I thought it would be. Thank God for my amazing doctor who has been calling to follow up on my oral surgery.. Good luck to everyone!

    • profile image

      JC 6 years ago

      Also how long until I can eat spicy foods I love chili an I'm Mexican so telling me I can't eat spicy foods kinda made me die a little inside anybody know?

    • profile image

      JC 6 years ago

      Does ravioli count as something you can't eat I was told it was but I could really go for some ravioli. And any advice for swelling besides hot towels an ibuprofen I'm on my second day and I been doing both since early yestursay I just missed school because of the swelling and sensitiveness plus I have my first interview at 4pm today an its 8:25 am as I'm writing this!? I think I'm screwed :(

    • profile image

      rachel 6 years ago

      i had right bottom wisdom out, not long a go nearly 4hrs, pain just kicking in and like u really cud do wi a cig :(, jaw feeling bruised and cheek aching, had chicken soup for me tea yum yum

    • profile image

      Kyra 6 years ago

      I had two bottom molars removed 2/22, and I must say my face neck and eye was swollen so bad I looked like a blowfish doc gave me vicodin and motrin for pain. I just cooked a lot of food and cant even eat it #teampissed. but it feels much better having them removed, I wish I could smoke a cigarette rite abt now..

    • profile image

      chris 6 years ago

      i don't really understand it.. from reading all these comments either i have an incredible tollerence for pain or something or there are a lot of whiners out there.. im on day 2 of having 6 teeth pulled 4 of which were wisdom teeth all at once. i haven't taken any painkillers yet and i don't feel any pain. im just STARVING haha.. but i guess i should go find something soft to eat.

    • profile image

      ??? 6 years ago

      I got 2 teeth removed and braces, I couldn't eat a bannanna even when I crushed it

    • profile image

      Phil 6 years ago

      I had 5 teeth, 4 wisdom, 1 extra molar that had broken awhile back, removed at 9:00am this morning, I ate soup at about 2:30 and just ate chicken at dumplings for dinner and haven't really had a problem. My dentist didn't say I could not eat solid food, so I will as long as there's no pain.

    • profile image

      Allie Drouant 6 years ago

      My doctor said I could have soda

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      Well I had my three remaining wisdom teeth pulled on Friday 1/13. They were already fully in. Both bottom teeth and the top left. I was awake for the whole thing which looking back, I am glad I did. Getting numbed was the worst part. The removal only took like 15 min total including time to pull and stitch them up. I have been eating mashed potatoes and milkshakes. I also have eaten soggy cereal. I have an 8 month old and we make all his baby food. So I have been making me some too. Fresh mango, fresh green beans, and fresh fruit. Just blend it all up and season it! But I am soooo ready for some real food. But I don't want to get anything stuck and end up with a longer recovery. So I guess I will wait a little longer for that. Last year when I had just the top right one pulled, I was back to eating regular food in about a week by chewing on the other side and making sure I rinsed my mouth. Good luck to every one going through it too!

    • profile image

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    • profile image

      Katie 6 years ago

      I get Botox for my TMJ dysfunction..its actually kind of common. Anyways, after I got my teeth surgically removed I had absolutely no swelling! It was great! I just thought I might let someone know just in case they have jaw problems as well or worry about the swelling! The Botox also helped a lot with all of the pain! I have been eating all soft/liquid foods and I have been doing just fine, I am on day 3 now.

    • profile image

      TheresaLala 6 years ago

      Hi I had my 2 lower wisdom teeth removed at noon today. They were impacted :( The procedure took about 25 mins. The procedure wasn't too painful, just a lot of pressure and drilling noises...eeek.

      I opted for NO gas, just freezing and I would recommend this!!! I was extremely nervous, but didn't want to feel the after effects of sedation medication or gas.

      My face is really swollen right now, the ice is helping tho. I am taking Tylenol 3 with codeine for pain. Im experiencing a lot of pain on my right side, but the roots were very close to the tooth. It hurts to swallow!!! Overall..Its not as bad as I thought it would be, just stick to the instructions from your dentist/oral surgeon.

      I had some soup (well noodles and broth) a few hours after the surgey, and thanks for the advice on what to eat. Im going to try bananas and pudding..ohh yummy. lol

      I just wanted people to know that while the procedure is uncomfortable, its not as bad as I thought it would be (thankfully)

      Happy Chewing People!

    • profile image

      random_name 6 years ago

      I had my wisdom teeth removed a few years ago, but I don't recall not being able to eat dairy products. I basically lived off of Ensure (the grown-up version of Pedia-sure or however you spell it) and I was fine. On the other hand I didn't take the antibiotics either...

    • profile image

      That person 6 years ago

      SOMEONE should not be so critical of other people! If its not to your standard than don't attempt to read it, just bypass it. Not really sure how you can be in a lot of PAID after surgery. Get over yourself. On that note, the question of topic was what foods can be eaten after surgery, not how much pain are you in, how good is your dentist, how swollen is your face, etc. So, with that being said, and with myself being contradicting of the first line, all of you people are idiots unless you actually answered the question.

    • profile image

      Aaron 6 years ago

      I had mine removed the morning of Monday Dec. 19 and now it is the 22nd.All i had were the 2 top teeth, no bottom teeth to extract so yay :D. No pain yet except for slight tinglyness when drinking cold stuff. I was eating cheeto hot fries like the second night but mostly soft stuff like ice cream, noodles, pudding. I want real food im craving bacon and a cheeseburger so bad ugh. I hope i don't get dry sockets or whatever since ive been chewing food im not supposed to. oh well i got pain pills i can OD on if it comes to that.

    • profile image

      someone 6 years ago

      Some of you (especially Claire) need to really work on your literacy. Maybe if we could understand what you are trying to say, we could help. Anyways, I had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. I was in a lot of paid 5 hours after the surgery. I still cannot eat anything solid--just soups and oatmeal is all I can bare. I still am having mild headaches. Make sure you are rinsing your mouth out with warm water mixed with salt--that is what my doctor recommended.

    • profile image

      tyler 6 years ago

      I'm on my second day of recovery& I am freaken starving, how much longer, also how long will these two holes be in my mouth

    • profile image

      Claire 6 years ago

      I'm pregnant and the denise said they won't touch my wisdom teeth until after I have had bub and they r giving me hell , i can barley eat and i missing so much sleep what should I do?

    • profile image

      sdm 6 years ago

      i had all four of my wisdom teeth pulled to days ago. i feel fine when im on the meds (hydrocodone & antibiotics). the surgeon had to cut through my jaw bone to take the bottom left tooth out. On the left side of my face my cheek is the size of two golf balls. it hurts bad and i think i may have a dry socket. my face is slightly swollen on the right. Im just wondering how long will all of this take to heal. I put ice on the very swollen cheek but it Swelled even bigger! I keep praying because im scared. and by the way my breath stinks badly.

    • profile image

      Rachel 6 years ago

      I had all four of my wisdom teeth out on Saturday 2PM and was awake from surgery at 3PM. I would never have wisdom teeth removed without being under general anesthetic. All of them were impacted teeth. The first day and a half all I ate was jelly, ice cream and potato & gravy. It is now day 3 and I am so sick of mushy soft foods. Attempted to eat a piece of Margarita pizza, i did get to eat it but very slowly and gently using my front four teeth. It is extremely difficult to brush the teeth next to the wisdom teeth holes though and it is a pain! I have kept ice packs on my cheeks for a bit everyday to stop swelling and bruising. I was told i might receive a black eye-look due to bruising but thanks to my ice packs i haven't gotten any bruises. I was very sick yesterday so I have stopped taking my ibuprofen(nurofen. I am only taking my antibiotics, panadol and panadiene. The pain is surprisingly not too bad. it is these stupid stitches, I can always feel them on my cheek or with my tongue. The stitches are my main issue. I worry about food getting stuck but I make sure i have a soft and gentle warm salt water gargle to get rid of excess foods. It is difficult to yawn as well. The main thing to keep in mind is that this is a waiting game, it is all about patience. Everyday the pain will lessen. After five days plus things will begin to improve. I am 17 years old, just started Summer holidays and all i want is this week to be over and my mouth to improve so i can enjoy my holidays and my Christmas Day foods. I hope my input helped for those looking for advice.

    • profile image

      Arawak 6 years ago

      Just had one wisdom tooth removed 3 hours ago. It was impacted and in pretty bad shape. The doctor had to resort to full surgery after trying unsuccessfully to pull it out. Currently biting on a gauge and just took 4 motrins in the hope that it will dull the pain when the novocaine completely wears off. But I am no fool. I told my Doctor that I will need codeine. Planning to fill the prescription plus another prescription for antibiotics later. Will keep the codeine as a back-up. :)

    • profile image

      Derek 6 years ago

      I had all 4 wisdom teeth and 7 other molars removed yesterday. My jaw is a little sore and its hard to chew at all. I'm eating mostly yogurt and mashed potatoes. I recommend mashing bananas into the yogurt mmmm..

    • profile image

      Larry 6 years ago

      Cottage cheese is my go-to food fav after having a tooth removed. This morning I had one that had protruded into my low sinus and had to have it dug out. Remember do not have anything "hot" like hot soups for at least a week!

    • profile image

      Ahhhhhhh 6 years ago

      I feel so much better no since the last time I posted my face still hurts somewhat but these hole on the bottom are a pain gotta make sure nothing doesn't get in them or they will ge infected

    • profile image

      . . . . 6 years ago

      my mouth hurts.

    • profile image

      Dying. 6 years ago

      I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning and I wasn't too swollen until when I woke up today. I look like a chipmunk. My boyfriend came over yesterday and told me I looked great, but I'm not so sure! I've had a milkshake, a smoothie, ice cream and panera Mac and cheese, all of which tasted pretty good. The only problem was when I woke up this morning from the position they had me in during surgery my neck and upper back hurt SO bad! My throat is also in a ton of pain from them doing it with my mouth open for an hour... I was under full sedation and I am so glad because I started bawling right before the surgery since I was so scared. I'm on hydrocodone for the pain every 4 hours and I'm also taking ibprophen. Which seems to be helping a little bit but I am still in a great amount of pain. My whole face feels like one giant bruise and it is SO uncomfortable. I hate this.

    • profile image

      Ahhhhhhhh!!!! 6 years ago

      I got mine pulled today and I rather brake my bones myself in my body instead of doing that again omg I'm in so much pain

    • profile image

      Hungry!! 6 years ago

      I had my four wisdon teeth out last Wednesday, it's Monday today and I am STARVING!! Soup just doesn't cut it. I'm eating porridge now, but am worried that a little oat will get stick in a gum :-( When will I be able to eat proper food again? I still have some hard swelling and have been given antibiotics for an infection. At least once this is over, it's over.

    • profile image

      marissa 6 years ago

      Got my wisdom tooth pulled this morning and Im hungry as hell!!!!! these mushy foods arent wussup

    • profile image

      Hiphopfrver 6 years ago

      I had mine taken out today it really hurts

    • profile image

      sandra 6 years ago

      well i had mine taken out today (all 4) and i ate some mc donald's ice cream when i got home. i was feeling nauseous and threw up some the pain killers i took. i just ate some jello right now and that seems to be settling fine.

    • profile image

      Bear 6 years ago


      The same thing happened to me last week when I got all four of mine out. We called the doctor after about four hours and they told me to, in place of gauze, bite on a couple tea packets. It hurt like hell but the bleeding stopped within ten minutes after I took the tea packets out. I only kept the tea packets it for around two minutes. Hope it helps!

    • profile image

      Darryl 6 years ago

      Had all 4 of mine taken out this morning. i haven't even needed pain meds and my face didn't even swell and i can open my mouth oretty wide with eas. the only problem im having is bleedng.ive used plenty of gauze but it still bleeds. maybe its normal, its only been 12 hours since the surgery

    • profile image

      Goose 6 years ago

      Just got mine pulled yesterday, 10/20. I had 5 of them, 1impacted and they had to grind away some of my jaw. The pain really isn't bad at all, more of just pressure than anything on 1 side otherwise the other 3 feel just fine and I haven't taken any Vicodin yet. Jello, pudding and yoohoo has been my diet for the last 24 hours and I think I'm going to try scrambled eggs this morning. I wouldn't worry about it too much, I'm a complete school girl when it comes to teeth stuff and I'm doing pretty good. Just lay down and use a lot of ice that day. Hope this helped shaggy!

    • profile image

      Shaggy 6 years ago

      I have just turned 40 and am about to get my bottom 2 wisdom teeth out which are Horizontal impaction. The only reason I am getting them done is because about 2 weeks ago, I started getting a sore jaw on one side and now it is constant. I wake up every night in pain (this is being written at 4:30 in the morning!). I am actually a little scared about this as I have 'googled' about it and some people say they still have the same jaw pain for years afterwards! Anyone got some reassurance for me?......

    • profile image

      Raghib Alam 6 years ago

      Hi my father's all the teeth had been extracted a few weeks ago to replace with a set of artificial teeth. But the set of teeth didn't fit in his mouth. Now he is above 70 years and he is facing lot of problems in eating any thing. His health is getting worse and worse. the unchewed food cause indigestion to him. can any one help him to get out of the problem.

    • profile image

      Beck 6 years ago

      I had my wisdom teeth removed on Friday and it is now Sunday night. I am 29 years old and had well established roots in my wisdom teeth, my 2 lowers were tangled up in my lingual nerve. Although they were able to save the feeling in my lips and chin, the surgery was a lot more intensive than other surgeries. My face is swelled to the point where it can't swell any larger. I've vomited twice, which causes the clots to become loose and causes me to bleed like crazy. I'm also in extreme amounts of pain. I hope I don't have dry sockets because I'm going crazy keeping my mouth clean and following directions. Pretty much all I've been able to do for the past 3 days is sleep and eat pudding or jello and take percocets/penicillin and drink water. I can't wait until the swelling goes down. I look like an adult cabbage patch kid that's been roughed up by her trailer trash boyfriend, Cletus. Oh and also, my whole face is bruising even up to my upper eyelids and down to my neck and my temples are swollen

    • profile image

      Alison 6 years ago

      I just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed yesterday and so far so good. I haven't been eating much just weetbix, mashed bananas, mango and yoghurt. the pain is not bad at all, and not much swelling. I have been taking paracetamol every 4 hours and mersyndol forte at night to help with sleep. i'm very worried about dry socket because i have to take a 5 hour flight on day 3. I found the worst part was just after the general anaesthetic as you feel so dopey. And the local anaesthetic made my face very numb for a long time which is hard for talking. but all good so far and fingers crossed it will stay that way!!

    • profile image

      Kebra 6 years ago

      I have to have my wisdom teeth pulled but come to find out I don't have four wisdom teeth I actually have six wisdom teeth I get them pulled on October 27, 2011 but have to go into the hospital on October 26, 2011 for iv fluids and also blood transfusions.I have to have the iv fluids and blood transfusions because im a sickle cell anemia.I slick scared because I fear the pain that im going to bed in I mean it's bad as is that im an sickle cell. Sickle cell already deals with havin serious pain now im about to get six wisdom teeth pulled that's going to be a killer. I don't know what im going to do.

    • profile image

      Mike H 6 years ago

      I'm in the military and had all my wisdom teeth pulled out. Great foods to eat after are jello, pudding, mashpotates and ice cream. The ice cream helped me a lot with the swelling and made some of the pain go away. Make sure all the foods you eat are cold and soft. Be sure to hydrate after and do not drink through a straw. Another great food you can eat is Roman noodles and scrambled eggs, just make sure its cold.

    • profile image

      Sarah 6 years ago

      I had one wisdom removed, two baby teeth at the front removed and the gum around two impacted teeth removed two days ago. I have adult braces and am 4 weeks in. I'm starved because im still not really eating from the braces. I would suggest the lists above - baby foods, milkshakes (not to close to the

      surgery, I threw mine back up), scrambled eggs, soft cheese and tinned veggies or fruit, soft pasta, protein shakes (sustagen) mashed veggies etc. Be careful with some foods, I can't do ice cream as the coldness causes pain. I did all of this after braces and before surgery. Now after surgery it's back to Sustagen only :( oh and to make it more entertaining, the impacted teeth are behind my front teeth and one now has a gold chain joining it to my braces to pull it down, so can't really squash food to the roof of my mouth to eat anymore. Good luck guys!

    • profile image

      Kris 6 years ago

      Had 3 wisdom teeth removed on 10/7/11, its now the 10th and ive been eating pudding and jelo and im so sick of it!!!!! Its not making me full and im still hungry after several jelo and pudding cups. Im just glad i never have to go through this again. Also 4 hours after i went through the surgeory i removed a gauze from my mouth and there was a big blood clot attatched and i started bleeding so much i fainted. My family called 911 and everything... MAKE SURE U PPL EAT SOMETHING!

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      I had 3 wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago, I was put under IV sedation which was fine (can't remember anything much about the procedure). Had very bad pain about 4 hours after the procedure, but eventually this improved with time.

      My main problem in the first 2-3 days was a reaction to the painkillers ibuprofen and codeine - vomiting, painful acid reflux, constipation and generally feeling quite miserable, unable to eat anything. But all is good with losec and mylanta to reduce reflux. I was also given alternative meds in case the reflux continued but didn't need them, and tramadol for severe pain which luckily I haven't had to use.

      Eating wise now I've been having jelly, scrambled eggs + cheese, mashed kumara and cottage cheese is quite nice, and fish is wonderful, beautful and soft. Important to keep up warm salt rinses after each meal.

    • profile image

      jo 6 years ago

      How long before I can eat. I have had protein shakes and mashed potatoes. I see some people have scrambled eggs. No. Issues with it getting lodged in sockets.

    • profile image

      Kev 6 years ago

      Had 5 teeth out in about 30mins of surgery, dentist was surprised how quickly bleeding stopped, did have about 10 injections in mouth so no pain was felt, mostly discomfort an praying for dentist to be quick. Swelling stayed for a few days but nothing major. Warm salt water gargles kept infection away an no further pain relief was required. The worst thing is the soft food diet so last nite I ordered crispy shredded beef 2 days after surgery and was able to eat it after cutting in2 small pieces

    • profile image

      Brittney 6 years ago

      Today (September 29, 2011) I had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and I had a window cut in my gums. Luckily I was put under so I didn't feel a thing. After I woke up I was in pain till I got home and took my vicadin now I just feel sore. I bled for a while but it stopped after 4 hours since the procedure. One side of my face is swollen and I've been keeping ice on it. I've had jello, soup, and some icecream. I've also been drinking cold water. Now it is just a waiting game till I feel better.

    • profile image

      lisa 6 years ago

      i had my 4 wisdom teeth and 3 molars removed yesterday....i had it under general anesthesia, i woke up and my mouth and lips where numb and this lasted for about 20hours even though i was told it was only going to last for 14hrs.

      so far i've only had yogurt, soup, tofu, ice cream, jelly and milkshake. been drinking lots of ice water aswell, i was told this would help numb the area.

      i haven't had a lot of pain except when i accidentally bump into my cheeks then it would hurt a lot...other than that, my cheeks are a bit swollen but not much pain, i'd take pain killers eveyr 8 hrs or so

    • profile image

      Alice 6 years ago

      I had all 4 removed 3 days ago. I have only stuck to soup, mashed potato, stewed fruit, and ice cream. I am so scared that I will get a dry socket!!! I am rinsing with salt water every few hours, and im on antibiotics as well. I just want to know when I can start eating solid-ish food without giving myself I high risk of getting a dry socket. One of my stitches is working its way out but other than that I'm not in a lot of pain!

    • profile image

      Lauren 6 years ago

      I had all four wisdom teeth removed yesterday morning.

      I think you can tell how badly your teeth will hurt based on your X-rays.

      My top two had just grown roots and didn't attatch to the bone yet. They don't hurt at all. My bottom two were fully grown and attatched to the bone. The left one was straight up, and it hurts, but not terribly. The bottom right tooth was sideways, pressing against the tooth in front of it. It hurts constantly, even with ibuprofen. It's also the only spot with significant swelling.

      So definitely get yours out before they attatch to the bone. It makes a huge difference.

    • profile image

      clockworkplanet 6 years ago

      Had 1 x Wisdom tooth out yesterday and feel a bit of a chicken for being so scared when all these people who have posted have had 3, 4, 5(!) out all at once.

      I think I was very lucky as I had a very sympathetic dentamatist. I had local anaesthetic and then it took about 10 minutes to get it out. I felt pressure and heard squeaking noises, which I was told to ignore - so obviously I immediately paid them quite a lot of attention! I recited my times tables to try to keep my mind off it. It came out with a pop and I bit down on some gauze and was given instructions and more gauze to take home. I wasn't told not to eat dairy, but to avoid hard foods or food with small particles as these can get stuck. I kept the gauze in for about an hour (enough time to get home) then switched to the fresh one for another hour then I took it out. I've had lukewarm tea, water, banana milkshakes, Angel Delight (mousse), soup w/o bits and mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs so far. I'm considering getting some baby food in because it's all starting to taste so bland! I've also slept for quite a long time and generally slouched about like an invalid. I did have some horrid pain after the anaesthetic wore off but when I took some ibuprofen it wasn't so bad and on day 2 I've not needed any painkillers at all .

      I did see in my researches on the internets that small pieces of bone can rise to the surface so I guess this is normal but I hope I don't have that happen to me!

      Good Luck everyone else!

    • profile image

      kid_drift 6 years ago

      Just had my right upper and lower pulled out yesterday. Today is day 2 and I am feeling some pain. I drank soda yesterday and ate some strawberry yogurt. I called the dentist and told her that I wanted to eat Burger king today and she said I can eat that as long as I rinse my mouth with salt water. I have another appointment next week to get my left side taken out fml:/

    • profile image

      kid_merc 6 years ago

      I had my top right wisdom tooth taken out monday (9/19/11)at 11:45am. My dentist was amazing only took 10mins to remove my tooth and I felt no pain or discomfort but I did feel pressure and that is what you'll feel and the days come, its not the pain from the extraction but from the pressure that the dentist put on your jaw. I'm on day two and as the dentist explain the bleeding stopped around 5pm on the day of the extraction, its 9:22 on 9/20/11 and I have no bleeding and no pain(from the pressure) I did what he told me: add pressure to the tooth(I did the whole day monday), don't eat hard foods and eat ice cream and eat baby food (if I want a different types of food). So far its going good I don't feel any type of discomfort other then the bad breath (but I'm gonna try to brush my teeth today but only the front and left side) and that's only cause its starting to bother me that I couldn't brush my teeth :(. Well have a good one and Don't Spit!!

    • profile image

      Brooke 6 years ago

      going to get my wisdom teeth taken out on the 22nd im so scared i don't do well with pain.

    • profile image

      ryan 6 years ago

      i just got one of my lower wisdom teeth pulled today and i ate chili and it seemed to help i don't have as much pain as i did before i ate

    • profile image

      AStand 6 years ago

      Ok...maybe someone knows the answer to this. Got my 2 back teeth extracted over 8 months ago...Just 2 days ago I had a very bad pain in the spot they were removed from. When I got them pulled I was told pieces of tooth can work themselves out over time. 8 months later??

    • profile image

      dfela 6 years ago

      4 wisdom teeth of mine gone by-by today..i look at the extracted tooth on the table.they look so nasty & mean

    • profile image

      hourr 6 years ago

      awee man it hurts badd!!

    • profile image

      CRG 6 years ago

      Uh... I don't think the pains that bad.

      Oh, and I'm not taking any pain killers.

    • profile image

      andiekandie 6 years ago

      ground beef really browned fine is good so you can do dirty rice, sloppy joes, spaghetti with noodles cut real small, i also cooked chicken and chopped it real fine, canned tuna, i was wanting a real meal not just broths and puddings and ice cream, just rinse real good after with salt water

    • profile image

      tannie 6 years ago

      Hang in there guys. These pics helped me a lot.

    • profile image

      tannie 6 years ago

      Pulled lower left 77 hours ago. Thank God for the Magic Bullet! That crushes everything. I've actually discovered how to make all these fun smoothies but you get sick of it. I just had some rice and spicy chicken and it was awesome! Some pain and gooey white stuff at the healing site but so far so good. This is my second removal and each time I get only local with no stitches even for the partial bone removal I just did. It was a little difficult listening to the removal but its better as there are less side effects and quicker recovery. Also, since its local you can have a big meal before to tide you over until your next meal 72 hours later.

    • profile image

      Bookluvr 6 years ago

      More than likely, your dentist didn't give you an antibiotic or a different antibiotic than some of ours did. I just got my 4 wisdom teeth out yesterday. My dentist prescribed me Hydrocodone for the pain, Amoxicillan as antibiotics and a steroid that I am gonna start this morning. My bottom teeth had grown down instead of up and were really close to my nerves. My top two were impacted on both sides. I made sure I was put to sleep for the surgery and I believe it only took an hour. I have stitches in my mouth and I have only eaten yogurt and pudding so far. I did drink a milkshake, but couldn't eat the cherries. :-( I was on here looking for foods to eat. I was bleeding a lot for the first few hours and freaked my boyfriend out so that he took me back to the dentist. Turns out I didn't have the gauze in the right spot. When you have them taken out, make sure you have the gauze where your teeth were when you bite down. Not where your current teeth are. That way, it clots the bleeding. DO NOT DRINK FROM A STRAW. My sister did that and she got dry socket.

    • profile image

      Jess 6 years ago

      I'm really confused.

      My dentist told me NOT to eat any kinds of Dairy whatsoever and I just had all four of my wisdom teeth taken out two days ago. She said that I shouldn't eat it because dairy can help bacteria grow and gather in the pockets and whatnot...but I've been cleaning and rinsing them like I was told...but I'm still unsure if it's okay, two days after, if I can eat dairy?

      So I was googling it, found this site, and it says it's okay to eat dairy?

      I'm so confused. :(

    • profile image

      crystal 6 years ago

      I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. I worked the night shift the night before so I wasn't asleep for the fasting so I've been starving..pudding jello and icecream arent very sustaining. SO for dinner I got a box of the basil pasta stuff by macaroni grill..I cut the chicken bits up extra small and cooked the noodles a little longer so they'd be soft rather than al dente. It required minimal chewing, was soooo good, and it filled me up, thank god. I cant wait to go to mellow mushroom and get a calzone though =/

    • profile image

      Aj 6 years ago

      What about a thick soup something that actually fills me up

    • profile image

      lilly 6 years ago

      i 14 years old and just got mine pulled at 11 30 this morning and it is now 9 30 and all that i have eaten is mashed potatoes, pudding, and a frosty from Wendy's :D. the pain only gets bad when i don't take the Vikodin on time, and the swelling is now only in my cheeks.

    • profile image

      brooke 6 years ago

      hi im 15 and i got my wisdom teeth removed yesterday DX god its painful thankfully its summer so no missin school. thank everyone on here, oatmeal and smoothies, i would have never thought of that! thanks again :3

    • profile image

      Lara 6 years ago

      I had all four of mine out one week ago exactly, and I've been eating A LOT of soup, but I'm so bored of it. I've been able to eat garlic bread without the crust, chocolate cake (only the soft parts, no chocolate chips), and more recently, chocolate chip cookies straight out of the oven. While this last one has led to a very burnt roof of my mouth, it beats the hell out of more soup. Tomorrow, my brother's taking me for cheese fries; we'll see how that goes. Let's hang in there!

    • profile image

      Samantha 6 years ago

      I just had Four impacted wisdom teeth removed as well as a 5th tooth which was a decayed molar. its been 4 days now the pain is not terrible but it does hurt after eating or when i first wake up from sleeping.... i have stitches in % different places in my mouth a few fell out while eating soup but it did not hurt.... they are very uncomfortable.... and i have tons of swelling the surgeon has me on perks antibiotics steroides and ibprophen...i cant wait to eat solid foods again cant take much more roman noodles n yogurt

    • profile image

      Carrie 6 years ago

      I had all 4 wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. 1 was impacted and had to be sawed out. Procedure took about 15 minutes total and HURT LIKE HELL!!! Only used local anesthesia and oral surgeon did not let the novacaine take effect well enough(I think), plus he yelled at me for making noises when I felt painand I was sobbing when I left his office. Anywho... Procedure was at 4pm was out of office by 4:30pm. Pain was horrific and when I got home, I just went to bed. Slept until noon the next day, and woke with even worse pain. Took my percocet and penicillin, went back to sleep for 4 hours. Woke up, took meds, fell back to sleep for 4 hours, etc.. Didn't eat anything for 2 days because of pain. Today is day 5 and I still have minor pain in jaws. I was lucky to have no bruising or swelling though. As of now, I can only still eat soft foods, although I can manage waffles saturated in butter. Since I am a vegetarian, I have been living off of mashed potatoes, pudding, veggie broth, tomato soup, applesauce, sherbert, and popsicles. Looking forward to being able to eat "normal" foods again. If you are having all 4 teeth pulled, PLEASE GET PUT COMPLETELY UNDER!!! Save yourself the nerves and mental trauma. Good luck to anyone having this done!!

    • profile image

      kristinajeana 7 years ago

      these baby foods just do not do it for me...if you like to cook, and are not too woozy to stand, make some rissoto, as soft as you like...generally you have a large, tasty, nutritious meal for yourself and all others who can afterwards pamper you!

    • profile image

      Shanice 7 years ago

      I haven't had my wisdom teeth removed yet but am planning to. They never really used to cause me problems but lately the bottom right one causes me so much pain. The bottom 2 have grown horizontally so sometimes food get stuck in between the wisdom tooth and tooth next to it, and my god it's the worst pain ever. Also, with the bottom right one I can see a bit of black when I look at it in the mirror (decay?) :-( which I think must be causing the extra pain so I really need to have that one out asap. It just sucks because I need to wait a couple of weeks until I get my student loan before I can even think about having them taken out. So scared at the thought of a needle going in my gums too :-( as I've never had any kind of operations done on my teeth before. And now I'm not looking forward to not eating lol though I feel like I can't eat certain foods at the moment anyway because they'll only cause me pain with my bottom right tooth :-( and also even cold air can make it hurt so hopefully I can have it out soon.

    • profile image

      Nada 7 years ago

      Just one question: For how long are we supposed to eat SOFT FOOD? I'm really sick of eating this stuff. =(

      I got my wisdom tooth removed 5 days ago, and I got my stiches removed today. Can i eat once they are removed or should i wait? I'm

    • profile image

      Chelsea 7 years ago

      I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed March 28,2011. My mouth is still in pain,especially due to the stitches, but i was wondering something. Are we allowed to eat cake since it is soft??

    • profile image

      jay12 7 years ago

      i had 2 of my wisdom teeeh pulled on my left side on monday 3/21/11 and day 1 was alrite besides the whole bleeding, day 2 and 3 were horrible bcuz ive been experiencing some big headaches... woke up today (day 4) and feel much better as far as pain and still feeling the headaches but definitely got smaller... all in all it has been more of an umcomfortable experience for me... also ive been on all solids ever since, applesauce, mashed potato, jello pudding etc...

    • profile image

      heather 7 years ago

      I only got 1 tooth pulled on the bottom left.after reading what u guys wrote I realize I am being a big baby.I am so scared of getting dry socket that I am basically not eating or drinking...I got it pulled yesterday and have only eaten a small packet of applesauce and like 10 tiny bites of icecream.I hav not drank anything n last nite almost passed out.I so badly want 2 eat but am so scared!reading what u guys were able 2 eat really helped me and I am going 2 eat a pudding cup and drink some water.

    • profile image

      abby 7 years ago

      Pancakes!!! are yummy and soft.

    • profile image

      Becca 11:30 this morning 7 years ago

      I got my bottom two wisdom teeth pulled out this morning (2/18/11) and its a little sore but mostly numb. I don't remember very much at all. I've eaten pudding, cheese cake, and mashed potatoes, and for liquids ive drank warm water and juice. it seemed the easiest and the yummiest. :) The night before surgery i'd recommend eating as much food as you can and the most crunchy foods you can find... believe me ull miss it, i already do. Good luck! :D

    • profile image

      Ann 7 years ago

      I just got mine done Thursday 2/10/11. I don't remember anything and after the pain was unbearable. Im on Day 5 and I stared eating more softer soilds and in little bits of it. On Valentine's Day my blood sugar was so low cuz the soft foods i had didn't have enough sugar in them so i ended up drinking a coke with something soft. Worked perfect! :) Im craving a crunchy taco but i know it will be at least another month till I have one. Just be prepared for when you do have it done. Stock up on soft foods. Im glad its over. I just wish i can eat Normal food.

    • profile image

      Speck 7 years ago

      Dairy can react to some kinds of antibiotic, but most surgeons will prescribe something like Amoxcyllin that is fine with dairy. I went in to hospital for my 4 teeth and they were trying to get me to eat a little ice cream and jelly after I woke up. They also had me sipping through a staw as I had a bruised nerve and face went numb for a few days. I had excessive bleeding from one socket - ended up at the dentists surgery the next day for more stitches. Only mention this as I knew something was wrong and I was right to follow it up! Despite this I have had little trouble with pain, absolutely none when I woke up after surgery. Highly recommend 'going under' for procedure! My dentist recommended that I eat soft food and drink plenty of fluid and start to do gentle salt water rinses from day 2 every 3-4 hours

    • profile image

      bethany connor 7 years ago

      I was also sick of mashed potatoes, broth, jello, pudding, and ice i got creative and blended chicken noodle soup to make it like baby was good..better than broth...i also ate lots of's good for fighting infections and yummy! I Never got tired of the milkshakes though...applesauce is something i also like(strawberry).a few daya after i crushed up blueberry muffin really good and mixed it with a yogurt...tasted so good..its all about being creative

    • profile image

      pooh032885 7 years ago

      Hi i just had my surgery on january 7th i had all 4 out my top two were pulled i guess cause they were in fine but my bottom two were cut out because they were going in sideways before surgery i went trough so much pain and them getting infected a lot i had a golf ball size knot on my jaw at one point so it was important to get them out after months of pain and antibiotics i was finally able to get them out i had to get the money up to get them out lol. Don't be stubbern like i was get them out asap my appt was at 2:15 i don't think i actually went back until about 2:30 anyway i was scared to death yes i am 25 and was scared to death no one could understand it lol i have 9 percings and i want some tattos but all that doesn't bother me its just needles going into my gums that do now mind you i have had teeth pulled with needles in the past for braces when i was younger but i never wanted to go through that again lol the funny thing is with all the percings i also had 2 kids by c section and all that was a breeze so were the percings well except two now they hurt like hell anyway to the point i couldn't do the needle thing so i went and was what i guess you would call being put to sleep. They started off by putting this thing on my nose which made me feel like weired anyway that was laughing gas and he said just to breath in deeply it also had oxygen in it too so anyway then they put in an iv which also diliverd some more drugs lol the of course had the thing on my finger to check my heart rate and oxygen level and a blood pressure cuff on my arm and then the next thing i knew i was out! they still have to give you shots to numb it but i didn't feel anything thank God i was so worried that i would i had some people tell me i would and some tell me i wouldn't feel a thing of course i had to have some one go with me to drive me after wards because of everything. i was talking as soon as i woke up they were all laughing at me cause i sounded retarded lol but i was talking she reminded me to try not to talk because i had stiches and that talking could make it more sore and stuff so i of course shut up lol anyway i had all 4 wisdom teeth removed i couldn't eat or drink anything at least 4 hours before surgery. after wards only cold foods because your numb so they tell you that because you cant feel anything so they don't want you to burn yourself. I was out of surgery i think the clock said something ater 4 but that was also giving me time to wake up and stuff i just remember him giving me something in my iv and i said im finsihed he said yes i was like oh my god i didn't feel anything oh yeah!!! then i asked him what he was doing he said reversing the effect i guess of the meeds and gas and i was like no leave that in there lol they were all laughing there ass off at me anyway i was still numb and about 6 or so that evening my mom had got me some mashed potatos from kfc omg they were so good but i felt like a baby i could barly swallow i could hardly open my mouth so potatos was all over my lips and trying to lick them off didn't work so well cause i couldn't feel them lol i tried my best anyway i got it down and wanted more so she got me some more i ate them then took my pain meds he gave me percicets 5 mg he gave me 15 of them and wanted me to take them every 3 hours and of course take the first one asap before all the numbness wore off anyway i slept a lot on the way home and not long after o tool my first pill i was out again but taking them i only slept like 1 to 2 hours and was awake again it was painfull im not gonna lie yes the pills helped but it still hurt i still could barley open my mouth to eat my husband made me some mashed potatos of course checked and made shure they weren't hot and the next day my numbness wore off i really wanted those pain pills then lol anyway i ran out before the weekend was up hell i only had 15 and was told to take every three hours. i have two kids at home as i metioned before so they were like mommy why wont you talk to me lol i tried to explain they are 4 and 6 i have been talking bascially the whole time just little at a time i didn't want to over do so basically talking when i had to or when my husband didn't understand my hand language i also had real bad headaches for some reason so i called and got something for that and he gave me some hydrocodone for pain since i was out make sure you take something to help you go to the bathroom cause all those pain pills will constipate you lol. all i have ate since my sergury which friday will be a week is yougert, mashed potatos, 1 bowel of otalmeal,apple sauce babyfood ( peaches) and some special k protein drinks and thats it i have been so hungry but yet still unable to eat oh yeah i did eat some brocoli one night but thats it i probably ate 2 or 3 days worth of food for in almost a weeks time this part has sucked bad. I mostly drank tea, water , chocolate milk, grape jucice apple juice. make sure you swich out our mouth with luke warm water everytime you eat or smoke yes i smoke and i have been the whole time i just inhale while trying to keep my mouth closed as much as possible while trying to get that nicotine and i haven't had a problem with a dry socket or anything i just swhiched everytime after i smoked i also brush my teeth and just try not to brush at the very back and then i use that surenge thing they give you and squirt the holes out to make sure theres no food in them which there shouldn't be since i have barley are anything lol and then i added a little water to my mouth wash and swished really good. if anyone has anymore questions feel free to email me at .I would recommend what they would call being put to sleep i went to dr kirk williams in charlotte nc so if your around there i highly recommend him and tell him ashley sent ya lol anyway thanks for reading all this i know its a lot but i hope it helped some people. like i said was scared to death but it wasn't shit!! its just after ward was the problem lol anyway he said i should be able to eat regular food in a week and well tomorrow is a week and i don't see that happending so hopfully it will soon cause a grilled chicken salad sounds sooooo goood right now lol!!oh yeah before i for get keep ice packs and put them on each jaw for a while that helped to and then after 48 hours you can use heat and trust me the cold packs felt good on there!!

    • profile image

      Random 7 years ago

      I just had my wisdom tooth taking out yesterday at 8:30 in the morning.. I only had one on my top left and i was wondering when i can eat normal/warm food

    • profile image

      soinia zamora 7 years ago

      thank you soo much for these helpful tips i am so happy that i can eat at least something... God Bless You.......

    • profile image

      shelby 7 years ago

      I just got all 4 teeth out that were very impacted. apparently the procedure only lasted 20 minutes, I don't remember after the procedure but I remember after the novocain and first vicodin wore off I was in an extreme amount of pain. I didn't bleed much and I haven't really eaten all day, its now 9pm and ive finally been able to eat some jello and a milkshake.

    • profile image

      rico 7 years ago

      i had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted at the same time under local was the most pain i ever felt ...never want to go thru it again....its now 13 days since it happened ...bottom two were impacted they were cutting and drilling them out the top 2 came out just fine...i hated eating soft foods so tired of it ...a man needs to eat eat his meals through out the day said i can eat solids and just keep the sites clean after eating at all times and using a syring for about a month just stay away from nuts popcorn hard munchies tacos for about a month and you be fine ......lots of protien and vitamin c

    • profile image

      sara 7 years ago

      had all four of my wisdom teeth removed on friday (nov. 26, 2010) I have one question... how long do I have to wait before going back to a normal eating diet of the good stuff like chicken, burgers, stuff ike that?

    • profile image

      nazreena 7 years ago

      if you wish to have fruits you can puree the fruits

    • profile image

      nazreena 7 years ago

      if you wish to have fruits you can puree the fruits

    • profile image

      Jessica 7 years ago

      I disagree with the author. You can too drink carbonated beverages (coke, pepsi, dr. pepper, sprite, etc) while recovering. It won't hurt anything and doesn't get rid of the clot. I just had all four of my wisdom teeth removed about ten days ago and I'm already eating some solids. As long as I flush the food out of the sockets with the syringe, I'm good. I didn't get dry socket at all (phew), and I actually thank God that I got rid of those wisdom teeth; they caused crowding problems (I wanted braces before and now I need them), clenching and grinding, and mild jaw problems but now that I got them removed, it's like all that weight has been lifted and I no longer have those problems.

      Note to anyone who wants/needs to get braces: If you haven't had your wisdom teeth removed yet, do it. Or you might regret it in the long run.

    • profile image

      ah 7 years ago

      Had mine pulled 2 days ago. Tope right came out ok...took him about 45 min to wiggle it loose, the bottom right busted off at the root & he had to take a lot of bone out with it... top left one shattered when he put the clamp on... good times. So I got the open hole on the top right, which seems to be giving me the most pain, the other two are tolerable, they have stitches, tho the one side I need to trim one of the lines, its too long & I keep biting on it. Been drinking Ensure, tried meatloaf & mashed potatoes tonight, but couldn't chew it. Just had to moosh it against the roof of my mouth. The corner of my mouth if cut open, which is really irritating, and my chin is still numb, and I have been stuffed up in my nose since the surgery as well.... I went back to work the next day, and aside from my co-workers not being able to understand me, it went well, I think. The worst part was waking up the morning after, with the pain I had almost forgot about & the nausea. Oh yes, the nausea. I guess it's kinda normal because of how much blood you swallow while you're sleeping. A very unpleasant experience, I tell you!

    • profile image

      tt 7 years ago

      Had mines pulled today ..numbers 1 and 16 WISDOM a top. Dentist were GREAT..left side felt nothing, right side was stubborn , small root piece wanted to stay in there, each side had part of the root to be pulled out. After that, from the oral surgeon..I popped another ibuprofen then drove to the pharmacy to get vicodin. I WAS JUST NUMBED AND NEVER FELT ANYTHING AFTER ALL THE NUMBING TOOK EFFECT. RIGHT SIDE AS A SMALL BIT OF PAIN, NOTHING TO WRITE HOME ABOUT. HOPEFULLY WILL BE EATING THANKSGIVING. JUST DO NOT USE A STRAW AND DO NOT EAT SPICY FOODS.

    • profile image

      Diamond 7 years ago

      I had twelve teeth removed..all in the back of my mouth! I'm doing pretty well, just eating soups, yogurts, ensures and last night I had a hot dog..LOL So far so good. THANK YOU JESUS!!

    • profile image

      Jaimie 7 years ago

      Had mine removed 5 days ago, in a lot of pain. I had a reaction to antibiotics and was therefore spewing for 2 days and am so sick of soft mushy food i just want a normal meal. So over this!!!!


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