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What to eat during menstruation periods?

Updated on November 16, 2011

what to eat during menstruation periods?

During menstruation you are going to lose blood, especially for one has many menstruations, every time loses the main components of blood: plasma protein, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium. So during 1 to 5 days after menstruation, you should supplement protein, carbohydrates and things that enrich the blood. Pick food with cosmetic and nourishing effect. For example, milk, eggs, pigeon eggs, quail’s eggs, beef, mutton and pig’s feet, Gorgon fruit, spinach, longan pulp, carrot apple, litchi and cherry.

During menstruation period what you should eat? This is probably everyone wants to know. Here’s the simple conclusion. We should all care for our body, should know what to eat and refrain from eating something which is bad. During menstruation, the level of immunity descends and anxiety arises. Some people have poor appetitie, back aching and often feel tiresome symptoms.

During menstruation, eating mutton, chicken, red dates, tofu, apple, coix seed, milk, red sugar and longan are also nourishing. When feeling poor appetitie or back aching, it is good to choose some nourishing, appetizing, easy to digest food, for example, dates, noodles, coix seed porriage. For nutrient balance, eating fresh vegetables and fruit at the same time is good. The food should be mainly fresh, tasty and easy to absorb food, which does few damages to nutrition.

what to eat during menstruation periods?
what to eat during menstruation periods?

Special attention for food during menstruation:

Do not eat cold food, eat it warm. Medical experts holds that hot is good for blood to circulate. Eating cold food is not good for digestion and hurts Yang energy. If blood circulation is not good enough, it causes less menstruation blood and even dysmenorrhea. Even in hot summer, it is not good to have cool food. The warm food is good during menstruation, laminaria, apple, dates, sorgo, mutton are good. Pear, water chestnut, ling, wax gourd, cabbage mustard, hemp seed are not good choices.

Do not eat sour or spicy and stimulative food: women during menstruation feels tiresome, poor digestion, poor appetite. So on the food choice, you should pay attention to light and easy to absorb food. Refrain from eating sour and stimulative food like maythorn, vinegar, pepper, mustard and black pepper.

Prevent shortage of iron, pay attention to absorbing both meat and vegetables.
Iron is the elements can not lose in our body. During menstruation, due to losing a lot of iron, supplementing iron seems very important. Fish, lean meat, animal livers and blood contains rich iron, it is easy to be absorbed by human body, but the iron contains in soybean and spinach is hard to be absorbed. So pay attention to the matching of meat and vegetables.


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