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What your cravings really mean

Updated on December 4, 2009

Cravings can make you lose control

Common Chemical Imbalances

In this imperfect world that tries to force us all to be perfect the truth still is, that no 'body' is perfect. For reasons that may be genetic or environmental we all have our weaknesses. But un-controlled craving are more than just a 'weakness', they are our body's way of saying, "I am deficient".

Each cell in your body is a miniature replica of you. It must take in (eat) assimilate (digest) absorb and excrete nutrients. When a chemical imbalance occurs you and your cells are not in sync. Your cells are programmed to look for and absorb certain nutrients each day. When this need is met, hunger is satisfied. If a certain nutritional need is not met, cravings occur.

Let's take for example a strong craving for sugar. You may think, "certainly I eat enough sugar to meet my nutritional needs" but where is your sugar going? Is it being taken in, assimilated, absorbed and excreted from your cells? Or is it simply floating around in your blood stream preventing you from burning fat for fuel? Since the body burns sugar first you may be exercising without burning fat. The proper minerals such as Chromium will help cells absorb and better utilize carbohydrates and sugar. Cravings will disappear.

Below are some common cravings Recommended supplements

Bananas Potassium

Peanut Butter B complex 100

Cheese Calcium/Magnesium

Butter,Mayonnaise,Bacon GLA or Flax Seed Oil Often Vegetarians crave fat because of their low intake of saturated fats.

Nuts B complex and Protein

Eggs - Protein,sulfur,selenium

Salt Sodium/Iodine

Onions (lungs & sinus problems)

Chocolate_ (Caffeine and Sugar)

Chinese Food Sodium, Amino Acids

Tart Fruits Gallbladder/liver problems)

Choose a daily supplement like the one I take a that includes every vitamin and mineral the body needs plus herbs and EFA's.

Vitamin C -If if wasn't for the cheap price and easy availability of Vitamin C, Doctors would be writing prescriptions for in the millions for everything from allergies to cancer Vitamin C is a life saver and a fast collagen builder! But if you suffer from sinus or mucous problems try taking 5000-10000 mg a day in powdered form. (each teaspoon is approx. 5000 mg) 'C' dissolves mucous,flushing it from the body downward towards the colon so if you get diarrhea take less.

B Complex - 'The stress buster' among other things B vitamins protect the nerve 'sheath' which covers your nervous system. So if you feel like someone is on your last nerve, you'd better get started on the B's and prevent a nervous breakdown

GLA /Omega Oils - GLA only available from two sources; Mothers Breast Milk and Omega oils. Deficiency diseases rage from ADD in children (and adults) to alcoholism, skin diseases,arthritis and more. If you eat saturated fat Essential Fatty Acids can help remove it from your body. Flax seed and other omegas must convert to GLA in the body, for some people this doesn't happen so play it safe and take the pure GLA like the one available in our own Hormone Gel Caps. GLA balances the hormones or prostaglandins keeping us both mentally and physically fit.

Protein - Vegetarians may find it difficult to meet the daily needs of Protein without supplementing. The average minimum requirement is about 45g. a day about half an ounce of meat per meal. Vegetarians may also miss out on complete protein which provides the 8 essential amino acids, the building blocks of protein. Amino acids are very important for proper brain function.

Miraculous Minerals

While the body can synthesize some vitamins it cannot manufacture a single mineral!

Calcium Magnesium - Got acid indigestion? constipation? sleepless nights? Leg cramps or nervous tics? Calcium /Magnesium will not only protect you from bone loss (your body pulls calcium to the stomach for relief) Always take Calcium/Magnesium together at a ratio of 2 to 1 respectively. So that rules out the inferior calcium in 'Tums"

Sulfur/MSM - This may be another Vegetarian craving because those who eat meat and fish will get plenty. Sulfur will add a lustrous shine the hair and skin.

Zinc - one of the controlling nutrients for progesterone production. The old wive's tale about oysters being a great aphrodisiac is scientifically correct, since oysters are loaded with zinc. Zinc - Helps you taste your food. If you are dieting and have a problem with appetite just suck on a zinc lozenge before each meal. You'll see the difference. zinc gluconate may constitute an alternative treatment in inflammatory lesions of acne

This may not be politically correct, but lean protein has the greatest single impact on zinc absorption. Lean protein consists of lean meat (top round, not greasy hamburgers), lean pork, chicken and turkey (without the skin), fish, shellfish and eggs. If you are a vegetarian and suffer from PMS, you might want to start eating protein two days before PMS is scheduled to begin and then stop when your period begins.


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