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What your favorite color may mean

Updated on March 27, 2016
Is this purple?
Is this purple?

You identify many things based on their color. Whether it’s cars passing by, clothes, foods even, color is something we all use to categorize various types of items. The thing is that certain colors have specific effects on us. Have you ever wondered why your favorite color is your favorite? Or why red is always used to indicate danger?

Or if the red you see is the same red other people see as well?

Personally, I have a slightly difficult time in assessing purples. For example, the picture above to me is not purple! I identify it as pink. But I find people labeling it purple. So, I just keep quiet and nod my head in unison with all the crazy purple people. What do you see?

Anyway, let’s categorize some colors and find out what they represent and the effect they have on us.

Red: Red represents passion, anger, violence, love and all these strong emotions. But did you know that it increases your appetite? Red makes you hungrier! No wonder my friends and I always ended up making 'manaeesh' at a particular friends red kitchen. So, the next time you have to paint your kitchen, try to avoid red.

Green: Green is nice to look at. It eases your eyes. When we talk about protecting the environment we talk about ‘Going Green’, simply because nature is green. But also because green indicates safety and growth. When the guy behind you honks at you to go because you’re holding up the line, it’s at a green light. Even though at the time it may annoy you, green indicates security and protection. Placing green plants in a massage room will help calm the setting of the room.

Blue: Sky is probably the first thing people think of when they think blue. It represents spirituality and tranquility. The reason a lot of companies use blue to represent themselves is because it indicates loyalty and productivity. A lot of people find blue settings to help them be more productive. It’s the color I would recommend for an office. It sets a professional tone all the while not being boring like the beiges.
Blue is an appetite killer – since there are not many blue foods in nature - so avoid blues in the kitchen too.

Yellow: The color of sunshine and happiness. Yellow makes you energetic and more cheerful, indicating spontaneity. It tends to get people’s attention and that’s the reason road signs are usually in yellow. When overused, it is found to be tiring after a while. It is also found to have been too overwhelming for people and made babies cry! So, if you love your and your child's sleep, don’t make their room too yellow.

One can argue that these colors don’t really represent these things, we think they do because we have assigned specific connotations to them as a society. However, it can also be said that their meanings stem from the natural effects they had on us. Either way, it is incredible how something so simple as color can have such effects on us. They can motivate us, or calm us. Make us feel secured or alarm us of danger. As Phoebe Buffay once said, "I invite you to count the colors in your bedroom."

What color do you see?

What color is the picture above?

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