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What Are the Dangers of Diabetes

Updated on May 17, 2013

What Are The Dangers of Diabetes

Do you have diabetes? We let me tell you from experience that you can make changes and have live better even with diabetes. I do want to explain the dangers so that might be some motivation to change. Both of my parents have diabetes and each chose their own path. My mother decided not to change and died at the age of 63. My father, however, is alive and well because he made several changes. I also have a friend that lost something he can never replace because of diabetes. I will tell their stories and explain dangers of diabetes.

Leading Cause

What do you think the leading cause of diabetes is? Most doctors say Obesity but plain and simply Obesity is the result of unhealthy living. Strangely some people that are obese do not always get diabetes. So the real issue is unhealthy foods and living.

No one starts out with diabetes it is something that happens to you after your body cannot take any more. You may not notice the warning signs at first but once it hits your body may crash and you are in the emergency room.

Recently, this happened to a friend of mine and just one night she blacked out. When she was taken to the hospital the doctor told her she had diabetes. Just before she blacked out, she had a lot of sugary and fatty foods. Clearly some changes needed to happen and fast for her.


Top Three Complications

The top three complications of Diabetes are numbness or tinging in your hands or feet, kidney failure, and losing vision which can lead to blindness. I know about this because my mother had two of the complications, and a friend of mine lost an eye.

My mother did not change her eating habits. She drank pop at every meal and had a dessert two or three times a day. She rarely ate vegetables or fruits and mainly chose greasy fried foods. Her doctor and my father could not get her to change her habits. She was just diagnosed at age 54 and died at 63. By the time her current doctor had got to her, the damage was done. It was a matter of time unless she dramatically changed her food intake and habits. This was not my mother's choice and ate as she pleased. At times she was also depressed and would hint that she did not want to live. Depression is also another known issue with Diabetes.

The year she died, she was in the hospital 6 different times because her pancreas shut down. There was an infection in it. Each time they put an IV on her and after days in the hospital she would get better then go home and eat the same as before. 6 or 8 weeks would pass and then it would happen again. The last time she went in not only did her pancreas shutdown but her kidneys and lungs failed. It was over and after weeks of hoping of a recovery, her body gave up.


There is Still Hope

I do not mean to sadden you but to wake you up about Diabetes. It is silent and deadly. It also can be cured in a sense. Some say that it cannot be cured but the danger can be shrunk to where it is harmless. My father is one that is close according to his doctor.

Strange that I had one parent die and the other learn from the same disease. Well I can say that the message hit home since I it's in my DNA to get it. My father lost over 100 lbs. He has completely changed his eating habits. His blood pressure has gone from constant hypertension to normal. His main changes are listed below.


Work it Out

The other thing that he changed is he went walking for an hour every day. In order to be successful both diet and exercise are essential. The thing is about my father was his determination to change. He knew he wanted to live and he just saw what killer Diabetes is. We all need to make some changes but most of the time we lack the motivation to do so. Thankfully my father took what life lesson that was presented him and made the best of it. I am glad to say that I got the same motivation and lost 60 lbs myself. I don't have diabetes but it is better to make changes now instead of later. I stopped drinking pop and changed my eating habits. I also started working out 3 times a week. Now that's what I call progress.


Blind to Diabetes

After I had just gone through losing my mother, I had a friend lose his left eye. They did try to save it but it had completely crippled his eye. If they didn't take it out it would have spread to his other eye. This didn't have just over night. Ten years before he was told that this could happen to him just after his mother died of diabetes. In 2009 he started having pain in his eye at random. He ignored when it came. Just about three years later he couldn't stand the pain any more and went to a doctor. It was too late. If he had done something when the pain hit, the doctor said maybe if he had changed his habits then he might have been able to save his eye. Ironically though his eyes worked, and he was aware of the disease, he was blind to Diabetes. Now he can see it very clearly and it only took one eye to see it.

You can change. My father is doing it. I am doing it. My one eyed friend is doing it. What will it take for you to change? I can only hope that these stories might be enough to motivate you. If not I wish the disease only takes a piece of you then your whole life.

Thank you for reading my article. I hope it made a positive impact on you. Remember the biggest danger of Diabetes is not doing anything at all.


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