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What your Body language Says about your Health

Updated on March 16, 2013

Actions speak louder than words. It's an overused cliché, but it still rings true up to this day. Most people overlook the power of body language. Some facial expressions can determine if we are suffering from diseases. The way we sit down or the way we stand up can tell if we are deficient of some nutrients. The Dr.Oz show had body language experts on the show. Chris Ulrich and Darria Long Gillespie explained why some of our gestures can wreak havoc on our health.

1. Constant throat clearing- Ulrich mentioned that this signifies stalling. The person may have some allergies and silent reflux. Eating too much spicy food and drinking caffeine can cause hoarseness and cough. What happens is the acids go to the esophagus and go directly to the back of the tongue.

2. Rubbing your eyes- Most people are guilty of this action. Many people do not know that this is due to stress and fatigue. Our eyes dry when we age due to hormonal changes. Some people may have internal auto immune disorder meaning the gland is inflamed and can't secrete tears. People may also be suffering from joint pain. People rub their eyes because it's dry and itchy. Some symptoms include butterfly rasp.

3. Stumble from chair- There are some people who lose their balance while standing up or sitting down. This may be a sign of neurological disorder or some problems with the spinal cord. This means that the inner ear has inflammation. Ulrich mentioned that this disorder can tell that the person is nervous or unprepared.

Body language speaks volumes. Most of the time, when people act in a certain way, body language experts have different interpretations of how we demonstrate certain behaviors.

1. Sitting with legs crossed- Women sit with their legs crossed, but according to Ulrich, this is a sign of submissiveness. A woman is trying to be polite or she is blending with the crowd. This could be a dangerous sitting position because sitting with our legs crossed can compress veins and nerves. It prevents blood flow and can cause blood clot. It even increases blood pressure by seven points. One way to prevent these ailments is to keep feet flat on the ground. Another alternative is Figure four. Most men sit this way. Put your ankle up on your knee. You take more space and territory when we do the figure four.

2. Hunched shoulders- Most people sit in front of the computer for hours. The person may feel shamed and defeated. This position is bad for muscle alignment and can cause neck pain. It may also lead to thoracic outlet syndrome and spinalstinosis. This is due to poor posture caused by obesity. When we sit up straight, it can mean that the person is uptight. Gillespie cautioned viewers not to sit up straight all the time because it can cause pain in muscles in the back. A good alternative would be to put a rolled towel behind the curve of the back. This will relax back muscles.

We have to caution ourselves of the bad habits we commit. Most of these body gestures can lead to serious health conditions. We tend to overlook the signs and symptoms that may occur in our bodies. It is better to be safe than sorry.


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