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Are You Ready To Make A Difference?

Updated on March 12, 2012

Your gift, your talent...

If you knew beyond a doubt that there was something you could do that would make a difference to someone else’s life in a positive way, would you do it?

And if there was absolute knowledge that in changing someone else’s life you would cause a ripple effect that helped others to make a difference in other people’s life in a positive way, would you take the action required?

If you have answered yes to one or both questions the next question is simply…

Then why aren’t you living your fullest life, discovering or rediscovering your dreams and fulfilling your goals?

Inside of you are the tools that can bring the kind of changes mentioned above into reality. Sometimes you might even get close to seeing the effect you can have, like when you comfort a friend or when you give sound advice or maybe when you just love without a second thought of pain. In those moments you touch someone else deeply. You may well be totally oblivious to it but it remains.

So how would it feel to make that kind of impact repeatedly, consciously?

How would it feel for you? How would it feel for the other person/people?

Think about it and conjure up an image of YOU saving someone from their worse day, worse thoughts or worse life experience. What does it look like?

Too many people leave this life with their dreams locked deep within them, buried under the monotony of ‘day to day’ living, never expecting too much and never giving more than required. Their dreams are unused and undiscovered wrapped in fear of failure, complacency and indifference.

Are you willing to do things differently? Are you willing to search out your gift and share it with others?

I ask you to do nothing immediately other than ponder the questions; take them as food for thought. Think about the people in your life who might benefit from your gifts; partner, family, children and friends as well as the wider community. You are as big as you dare to dream… so dream in huge Technicolor screens…


Write down your passions, the things that stir you; the things you long to do but keep putting off or try to bury. These things will provide some insight into what you have to give, your gift.



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    • profile image

      Charlotte 6 years ago

      I'm a working mom and there have been days where I feel that I'm just living day-to-day with nothing to to, no plans to fulfill. It's like I'm doing all these unimportant things but not really going anywhere with my dreams of becoming a professional singer. It may have to with my conflicting desire to tend to my 1 yr old boy that's why I'm putting things on hold. Thank you for this post - it's very inspiring.

    • profile image

      Oscar 6 years ago

      What I did is make a yearly planner, sort of a bucket list - of things I wish to accomplish in this single lifetime. So just for the month of Jnauary, I'm happy to say that I'm inching my way to placing xx's on my bucket list. I've seen so many people live a zombie-like existence with no sense of purpose in life. I don't want to be like them. It's a New Year's resolution I intend to keep.

    • profile image

      Marielle 6 years ago

      I started writing my passions.Little by little, I'm discovering a lot of myself I've never known before. So much to do in a lifetime!! So it's best to concentrate our energies and efforts to causes that are close to our hearts. The unexamined life is not worth living thus said Socrates.

    • perfectperception profile image

      perfectperception 6 years ago from USA

      Perfect! I love inspiration

    • sunkentreasure profile image



      Just one hug

      can touch someone's heart

      Just one smile

      can change someone's day

      Just one flower

      can show you care

      Just one kindness

      can light the way

      Just one compliment

      can bring happiness

      Just one prayer

      can create a miracle

      Your love can make a difference.

      (C) Bernard Levine

    • yvembig profile image

      yvembig 5 years ago from Somerset

      Wonderful words of wisdom...

    • yvembig profile image

      yvembig 5 years ago from Somerset

      Thank you Charlotte. Inspiration is something we all need. When we find it many great things can occur...

    • yvembig profile image

      yvembig 5 years ago from Somerset

      Hope that bucket list is still going strong!

    • yvembig profile image

      yvembig 5 years ago from Somerset

      So true. It is in those things closest to our hearts we are likely to find our passions...

    • yvembig profile image

      yvembig 5 years ago from Somerset

      Thank you!

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