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What's a Good Test Booster for Bodybuilding

Updated on March 21, 2014

Test Boosters and Bodybuilding

Natural testosterone supplements have now become part of the norm in the fitness world. No longer do guys have to be born a bodybuilder in order to body build. Rather, there are natural supplements that stimulate muscle building testosterone levels in men who can't reach normal levels on their own.

What Makes a Test Booster Good

Natural test boosters are much more complex than just one ingredient to stimulate more testosterone. Instead, a good test booster needs to function in rhythm with your body, maximizing all that it does. The best test boosters on the market all contain 3 important aspects that are critical to success. If you come across a test booster without them, or with only one or two ingredients... RUN!

Good Test Booster Must: DHT control

Too much dht can be a nasty thing in a man. Too much dht can affect hair growth and prostate health; negatively. However, good test boosters anticipate the changes that are going to occur in your body and adjust. When looking for your next test booster, it must have a DHT control of some sort. Implementing this will both prevent negative effects of dht and prolong the beneficial effects of raised testosterone.

Good Test Booster Must: Estrogen Modulator

Bodybuilding rule of thumb, keep your estrogen levels in check. You ever notice those guys in the gym that just always look pudgy no matter how hard they work? They aren't exactly fat, but they are not solid like they should be. Those men, have high levels of estrogen. Without controlling and reducing your estrogen levels, you will never have hard dense muscle. With that being said, an estrogen modulator within your test booster can both reduce your estrogen levels and make sure that they do not spike.

Test Booster Must: Multi-Ingredient Test Stimulation

Again, stimulating test is best done on a full spectrum approach. Why? Consider this, there are several key components necessary in the process of testosterone production. You can have everything you need except for one co-enzyme, and guess what, there will be no test production. Therefor, if your going to be purchasing a test booster, it better have all bases covered to deliver you the results you are ready to work for.

Frequently Asked: Is P6 a good test booster?

Cellucor P6 extreme test booster is one of the most popular test boosters at GNC stores. But, is it as awesome as they say? Lets consider a few things first.. Whenever you go into a GNC, you are walking onto a salesman's turf. Them keeping their job relies on their performance, which isn't based on how much they help you, or how happy they make you. Instead, its how much money they make you spend. Therefor, by selling P6 extreme, they are guaranteeing a high sales ranking (while also making 15 dollars commission). So is P6 Extreme a good test booster? Its okay, but nowhere near $120 good. Not one bit. My advice, check out the top 10 test boosters list; P6 doesn't even make the list.

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    • profile image

      Kyle R. 

      4 years ago

      I take a test booster typically twice a year. Good way to cut down while building mass for the summer time and also good for motivating the winter bulk.

    • SagaSphere profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      We're more than happy to have a discussion about any t-boosters you have tried! feel free to leave a comment!


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