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What's This Natural Toothpaste Replacement Product All About Then?

Updated on April 4, 2011

A number of people who were too exhausted (?*!!*?!!) to click on the link to check out my favourite toothpaste replacement product, have asked me to post a quick Hub to tell them all about it!

Can you believe that?

Well . . . I'll give you a brief overview - but I'm not going to buy it for you, and I'm certainly not coming round to clean your teeth for you!

There are some things you just have to do yourself!

I discovered OraMD a while back when I was suffering from Bad Breath (now fortunately a thing of the past). I was also starting to develop sore gums in the early stages of Gum Disease.

OraMD is a completely natural product that contains a blend of pure Peppermint Oils among its list of ingredients. You'll find more information on the OraMD website (see link above).

The OraMD formula completely destroys the bacteria in your mouth. And being oil based - it works it's way into the gaps and crevices. Not only that - being oil based - it can't easilybe washed away and goes on protecting your mouth, while killing the damaging bacteria, throughout the day and night.

Here's What Other People Say
Anyway - that's enough from me - here are a few unsolicited letters [complete with spelling errors] from OraMD users who seemed surprised and delighted by their experience with the product.

Philp J Zamora / San Francisco
"I'm a general manager for a painting contractor in San Francisco and a professional musician. You might even have my CD called "Blues Landing" by the Albatross band ( So I'm around lots of people as you can imagine and my breath has to be in tip top shape. OraMD has been a life safer in this department because I suffered from constant gingivitis. I SAY "SUFFERED" PAST TENSE SINCE I STARTED USING THIS PRODUCT! I was very surprised and was a skeptic even though I also own an herbal company called Zampet Products ( and do know some of the benefits of herbal remedies for pets. Thank you OraMD...."

Darryl T / San Diego, CA
"Please send me 2 more bottles of OraMD. I have been using OraMD for the past month and after less than two weeks, my formerly red gums returned to a healthy pink and my mouth tastes fresher. I have tried other products but none have worked as quickly and effectively as OraMD. Thank you for introducing this to me."

Vicki Lacefield
"I have gingivitis and extremely sensitive teeth. My gums had dark red streaks running from the bottom of the gums up to my teeth and my gums hurt almost all the time. Since I've been using OraMD®, the red streaks are gone, my gums don't hurt or bleed anymore. They just feel sooooo much better. When I ran out, I thought I would just try using paste again for a little while to see what happened. Well, that was a mistake. After a week my gums were hurting, the red streaks started coming back and my entire mouth felt ucky...I love this product."

"Hello. There is no doubt that using OraMD has made my whole mouth feel
cleaner and better, but the improvement in the condition of my gums is
incredible!!! I am amazed at how my gums look now.
Thank you for the OraMD, which I will continue to use."

How Many More Testimonials Do You Want?!!

If you want to see many OraMD customer testimonials from people who have successfully used OraMD to stop and reverse damage (and bad breath) caused by gum disease follow this link > > > OraMD Testimonials

Makes interesting reading.

Keep Smiling.


By following the links below - you can read more about gum disease and bad breath:

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3) If you ignore swollen gums, this can lead to some surprisingly serious medical conditions. Read this article to discover more > > > "Don't Ignore Gum Swellings"


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