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Whats in a Dream?

Updated on August 8, 2010

Dream Catchers


There are several different types of dreams, in fact there are ten types of dreams.

  • Daydreams - often looked over as fleeting or wondering thoughts. When you daydream you are accessing the right side of your brain, this is the creative and feminine side of your personality. You are recalling vivid images or experiences from the past or from the future and you are allowing your imagination to run wild.
  • Lucid dreams - are controllable dreams, you are able to control the direction the dream takes. In lucid dreams you are more self confident. During a lucid dream your brain activity is the same as it's waking state.
  • Nightmares - Are the most remembered due to there frightening and emotional content. The images of nightmares can stay with you for most of the day. Nightmares can serve as a warning of a situation you need to take care of, something that is troubling you, or an illness or accident. Discussing and analyzing your nightmare can help lead to some problem, conflict, or personal difficulty.
  • Recurring Dreams - the messages in recurring dreams can be so important and powerful and its recurrence forces you to deal with the issue. A recurring dream can come as often as days apart, weeks even months.
  • Healing dreams - contain messages to the dreamer about their health. A good example is asthma and migraine suffers have certain types of dreams before an attack. This type of dream can tell you when something is not quite right with you body.
  • Prophetic dreams - these dreams seem to foretell the future. Your dreaming mind notices bits and pieces of information your waking mind overlooks. In a dream state you know what coming before you waking mind knows.
  • Signal dreams - The problem solving decision making dream state.
  • Epic dreams - are so vivid, so huge you cannot ignore them! You will remember the details of this type of dream for years. This type of dream can feel like a life changing experience.


Dreaming about Colors

  •  Beige can represent your neutral or unbiased position or even just the basics in its barest form
  • Black represents danger, mystery, darkness,hate, malice, and the unknown. Or maybe you just don't have enough excitement in your life.
  • Blue represents peace, tranquility, truth, wisdom, loyalty and openness. You may have great optimism or clarity of mind.
  • Gold represents richness, refinement, and enhancement of your surroundings.
  • Green represents good health, growth, fertility, vitality, peace and serenity. Green symbolises your desire to be independent and desire to gain recognition. Money and jealousy can also be related to this color.
  • Purple represents love, devotion, kindness and compassion.
  • Red represents power, vigor, aggression, courage and passion. Red is also the color of danger, shame, and sexual impulses and urges.
  • White represents innocence, purity, cleanliness, and new beginnings or a fresh outlook on life.

These are only a few of the colors in the spectrum, the colors I found most interesting and could relate to my own dreams. 

Dream Themes

It is very possible to dream in themes. Themes may consists of Animals, birds, body parts, bugs, characters, colors, feelings, food, house, numbers, places, and best of all sex.

When dreaming in a sex theme it could consists of adultery, abstinence, aids, bisexual, breasts, castration, Chasity belt, condoms, contraceptives, cross dressing,erotica, fetishes, hermaphrodite, herpes, impotence,infidelity, kiss, love,naked,pregnant, pregnancy test, prostitute,sexuality, sperm,vasectomy, venereal disease, virgin, and wife swapping. (this list came from my personal dream book) An example to dream that you are naked denotes your fear of being found out or exposed for your activities and your misjudgment.

As you can tell by the previous list it may not necessarily be what you think, when someone tells you they had a sex dream.

Dreams Of My Own

 I really don't remember my dreams anymore. There are some I do remember from when I was much younger. I used to have two different recurring dreams about getting married. One was as I walked down the isle my gown and head dress turned black. The other was I could not find a photographer or camera anywhere and for some reason I stopped the wedding because of it.

Another dream I remember from being in grade school was; Everyone was being sent home because of weather as I crossed the field between the school and home I was chased a scooped up by giants. Is that weird or what?

Are there dreams that you have had that you would like to know the meaning? I believe we all had them. I only wish that if I dream now that I could remember some of them even if for only a few moments after I wake in the morning. Its healthy to dream and everyone does. Studies show that when deprived of the dream state of sleep you will be more irritable and unable to rationally deal with the normal everyday anxieties of life.


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