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What's life PART I

Updated on August 30, 2014

Life as is!

Have you ever let your mind wonder and ask yourself "what's life?"

It's been given to you; and indeed is the greatest gift ever. without life you will not BE, there will be no experiences, feelings, wisdom, intelligence, expression.

So, life is ALL it is. A spirited you inside your body moving freely on this earth, WOW!

LIFE is quite complex, and I'm not talking about the cells and what forms a body and this is how you know you have a life, it's the being in existence, it's just a miracle!

I will still call LIFE an embodied spirit! An embodied spirit that start this great journey on the planet Earth. - LIFE! - Now, how you live that life is up to you, what you make of it is in your power, how you plan to spend that time given to you - is the greatest decision you have to make.

The view


You hear that expression all the time! I do, I did, and I said to myself: this is just a saying! But, that one day came, out of nowhere, and I found myself saying: "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!" - and I was WOW-ed.

It takes that personal experience or achievement or an emotional matter, an accomplishment that was unexpected, whatever it might be,...and you have an inside impulse to say it out loud! "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!"

I wish everyone will have that opportunity to experiment that in their own, to get to that point in life when you sincerely, from the bottom of your hearth say it, say it out laud, say it more then one time a day, say it to your friends, and to yourself again and again.

Cherish your life while you have it, show respect and that love that's always in your heart to those around you while you have them in your life!,...


The creation of life

Even so our society likes to believe the science took over and is having control of everything, is a MIRACLE.

The happenings of life are amazing!...(oh, well, I am talking about just human beings here...) and sudden.

The body, the spirited body is active, acting, emotional, sensitive, beautiful, wise,,...innovative, interventionist, feisty ...revolutionary,

it's a complex of emotions, wills, that have a great range of doing, wanting from the best intention to the worst that can be, scary behavior as well as an analogy of the most angelic carrying's rather a mess, - before, you, yourself clear off your mind and decide WHAT to do in life, WHERE to take your life to, HOW to reach your goals, WAYS to make success shine in your journey, be pleased and please others, have a fulfilled live with peace, beauty and build a legacy, YOUR OWN LEGACY.

LIFE - EMBRACE IT when you can!

EXPLORE life in details!

It's nothing we will ever have more precious then LIFE, nothing longer then LIFE itself!

celebrate life


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