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What's the BEST cure for diarrhea (OTHER THAN NOT EATING)?

Updated on April 2, 2009

Peppermint Tea Strikes Again!

Peppermint tea (mentha piperita) is a great tummy tamer, but it is also a surefire diarrhea remedy. Just make a strong cup, use just peppermint and water, maybe a little sugar (not honey) and sip it slowly. This stuff works better than kaopectate, rice, jello and bananas. And it tastes good, too.


Mentha Piperita - Peppermint
Mentha Piperita - Peppermint


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    • profile image

      anon 2 years ago

      why are you all illiterate?

    • profile image

      Irene 3 years ago

      After 3 weeks diarrhea Today I'm going to try peppermint to see what's going to happen. finger crust.

    • profile image

      pandora jewelry 6 years ago

      very nice idea thanks

    • profile image

      Valerie Lynn 8 years ago

      Mint is great for the ailing, or happy, tummy. As to the unfortunate condition of diarrhea, the subject of your inquiry here, I must add a comment.  Stressful, inconvenient, and unwanted as it may be, intermittent bouts of diarrhea have a purpose, as do most non-pathological, though perhaps unwelcomed, routines of the body. 

      Think of diarrhea as the body's bouncer, a purging of the disruptive occupants of The Great Temple.  Taking Pepto, or its equvilaent, can prematurely stop this grueling belly blast, erstwhile prolonging the unwelcomed stay of those very trouble makers creating the disturbance. 

      Chronic bouts are of course a different subject and so we shall leave them in that category for now. 

      The intermittent, non-routine, efforts of the body to cleanse itself of unwanted, unhealthy intruders is important to tolerate if occuring within the normal range of occasional, or, if you perhaps have been "mixing" with the wrong late night crowd, and the body would like a break from just too much fun. 

      Mint tea, whatever your tummy temperament is always a winner, though please, nix the sugar.  Added to tea for the ailing bowel is a recipe for increased or prolonged upset, resulting from increased mucous production to the more serious problem of creating bowel adhesions with chronic overuse.

      Anyway, if you are unwell, I'd leave sugar out of the mix, even if you otherwise the fan of sweet tea. Additionally, avoid all dairy and acidic foods, raw or cooked.  Chew a piece of raw ginger, and look up a number of other natural healers your distressed tummy will find soothing.  Easily digested foods are a must, try clear warm liquids - cold causes more cramping, including iced water - and ease into more solid, though simple fare as you feel better. 

      Hope this is helpful and that you've feeling better way prior to this post.