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What’s the Best Exercise to Lose Weight? The Answer will Shock you! No, Really it Will.

Updated on May 29, 2011

When it comes to losing weight, we all know that diet and exercise play an equally important role in losing weight.

Yada yada yada.


We all know it, and we know it’s right, but for many people it’s just not possible to structure their life in such a way – or they lack motivation to make the changes necessary.

Cue articles like this, where I dangle the carrot of an easy shortcut, a quick solution – some kind of secret that all those weight loss gurus have been hiding from us all for years, in the hopes of losing weight fast.

Or maybe you do all of the above, and you just want to know what exercise to incorporate more of into your regime to get more bang for your buck.

And all of that is fine. I’m not here to judge. Just give you a surprising answer to the question that brought you here.  

So how do you determine what the single best exercise to lose weight is?

Well, there’s charts and statistics and physiotherapists and physical therapists and sports massage specialists and homeopaths and psychopaths...

All of whom could give you a very scientific, and no doubt accurate answer to the question of what is the best exercise to lose weight.

But i’m not about numbers. Or charts. Or science that much really.

To answer this question my friends, it is to the real world that we will turn...

So, where on earth do they have to take people, and make them fit – really fit – in a short space of time, and what on earth do they make them do the most of? 

The answer? I told you it’d be shocking...

The Foreign Legion.

And the exercise is running.

Like to join the Foreign Legion?

Then go visit the site to find out more. Applying is easier than you think.

Making the grade is harder than you can imagine.

Maybe you thought the foreign legion was only in old black and white movies, trapsing around the sahara on the edges of the old colonial French empire.

You’re not far off the mark. Except now there’s no black and white, and the legion pretty well goes wherever the hell it wants. I’ll take that ivory, thank you ivory coast.

So why the foreign legion – why not some other national army?

Put simply, the legion has a reputation – and an earnt one at that – for producing some of the hardest human beings on the face of the planet. A typical day of training for new recruits consists almost entirely of running. You can expect to run about 20km per day – minimum, I have been told.

Maybe it will all be at once. Maybe spread out over the course of a day. Maybe it’ll be at midday in full uniform carrying a pack with boots that don’t fit through some of the hottest territory on the planet. Maybe you’ll get left behind and no-one will particularly miss you. Maybe you’ll slow everyone down and get beaten half to death by the rest of your squad for being the reason they had to run the 20km twice. You don’t know.

But that’s the point here, really.

If you’re looking for what the single best exercise to lose weight, then realise there are no shortcuts, and realise that the exercise you’re looking for is running. And it’s running so hard that your health – in fact your personal safety in general – comes a long, long way second.

That my friends is the secret of true, next level fitness.

That, or joining the Foreign Legion.

Oh, and here’s that carrot.


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      Johne670 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Chris Maloney 7 years ago

      As a former boot camp instructor I know where you are coming from with the Legion comments! For more fitness tips check out my new eBook Fitness Tips for Desk Jockeys now available at Smashwords. Read a free sample here