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What's the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Updated on November 12, 2017

1) Drink water!

You've probably heard about this tip thousands of times, but the truth is, drinking water is one of the best diet secrets that you will need to make your diet successful and very effective. the trick is, drink two glasses of water before every meal, this way your stomach will partly fill up with water and you will only need what's needed. it will make you feel full.

Now,this doesn't mean that water is going to give you any kind of nutrient and that you will be able to not eat just because you drank water and you are full. Water is the only 0 calorie drink that exists, which means, it doesn't really gives any kind of important nutrient to your body besides keeping you hydrated. It's only function this time is to keep you full and make you eat less.

2) Know what NOT to eat!

This is probably the more crucial tip for losing weight, since probably 90% of the people that induce themselves into diets don't know how to do, but that's okay, We're here to tell you which are the type of food you should ban from your diet.

Sugar, Carbohydrates and fruits with high sugar levels should be banned from your diet immediately!.

Just for a while of course, your body needs sugar as well as carbohydrates, that's why on this diet is recommended to constantly drink along with your meals either strawberry juice or blackberry juice, this will help your body find those nutrients that are missing and continue losing weight being on a healthy track.

3) Set a goal!

Also a really important tip. It is important for you to know what is the weight that you are expecting to have and how many pounds you should lose. Make sure you weight yourself before you start dieting and keep track of your weight loss weekly.

We recommend you to weight yourself every week on the same day to keep a constant track on your progress, and don't feel bad if some weeks you lose less weight as the others! not every week is the same and the body is not constantly losing the same weight everyday. You are not a machine.

4) Know when to have your cheat days!

We all know how boring it is to follow the same diet over and over for months without having a single taste of our favorites foods, if our favorites foods are the kind of foods that we have banned from our diets.

Keeping your diet on track you can always set one cheat day every time you lose an specific amount of weight (For example: for every time you lose 15 pounds, you can have a piece of your favorite dessert, piece of cake!) then you will have the motivation to lose those pounds and have that chance to eat your favorite food for an entire day.

Don't forget it is necessary that you control yourself on those days!

5) Exercise!

Very important!

We cannot have a successful diet if we don't combine it with exercise. at least an hour of exercise everyday will help us burn those extra calories and help us lose weight faster. Every 1200 calories burned is one kilo less In our bodies. So don't forget, Diet and exercise! you will see results as fast as possible.

6) Motivate yourself!

If you seem stuck and for some reason you can't lose weight for a period of time even when you are doing your diet, don't feel bad! as we said before, it is totally normal, just focus on doing a better job for the next week and create a list of all the things you will be able to do once you get on your Ideal weight, then you'll have a great motivation to do your best everyday and feel good about yourself.

7) Don't give up!

We know how difficult it is for everyone to start on a diet and stop eating so many of the foods that you usually included in your previous diets. But we need to make sacrifices to get the results we want, so don't get low for not eating that delicious ice cream you always wanted to try, there will always be a next time! and don't forget, it is just food, one way or another you will see it again.

By following your diet correctly you will be slowly building up the body you have always wanted and also building the possibility of eating whatever meal we want and not feel bad about it!. the more constant you are the better the results will be for you.

Diets don't work if the person who is doing it doesn't apply to it and follows it rules completely, with hard work, patience and discipline, you will get the body you've always wanted and love yourself no matter what.


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