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What's the meaning of life and time today?

Updated on October 29, 2014

“Keep in touch”: we heard and we said this sentence so many times in our life, that almost we don’t mind so much of the meaning anymore.

Most of the times it’s just a polite way to say goodbye or something we say just because we think it’s better to say, or because it becames normal and automatic. Like "How are you?".

How many times we really keep in touch? How many time we are really interested to the answer of the simple question "How are you"?

How many times we really want to mean the real meaning of what we say?

We all are living a busy chaotic life, full of problems to solve, worries, things to do and to care, obligations, tasks, responsibilities: about job, family, studies, house, money, children and so on.

Sometimes it seems that we don’t find time to stop a moment this machine so crazy.

Instead walking, we run in the morning to go to work and when we come back in the evening: we don’t notice a particular shape of the clouds, a different blue in the sky when it’s sunny, how the wind moves the trees, all the colours of the leafs falling in autumn, the strange rhythm of the rain, a full moon in the night, a magic sky full of stars, an amazing sunrise or sunset, we don't mind anymore if we see little squirrels playing together in the park, a cute smile of a child, a beautiful cat passing there, a lonely hungry mendicant sleeping on the ground or an artist of the street singing or playing an emotional song.

In the tube or in the bus we still thinking of our self, reading, sleeping or using mobile phones and social networks, without never search a eye contact with people there, without talking with someone face to face and discover how many things we have in common or a different interesting point of view, and we don’t notice how wonderful is the colour of the eyes of a stranger or the beautiful smile of the person in front of us, we don’t notice that the person sitting next to us is crying and crying a lot without any of the crowd cares or sees that, and we don’t notice the sweetness in a mother embracing her child, the love in the eyes of a young couple, and the kindness of a lady helping a old ill man to get off.

When we are back home after a stressful day, sometimes we are also too tired to spend time with our partner, playing with our children, listen a friend that is in a difficult moment, calling our family, going to visit our grandparents still alive, made some cuttle to our dog, talking with our flatmates, praying and thanks God, doing creative things like painting music or writing to follow our passions, or “keep in touch” with all the people we said we will keep in touch.

But life is too short to waste moments and it’s so sad without people, because people make the difference in your life.

The most important present that you can give to a person that you really love is nothing precious or that costs lot of money. It’s TIME.

Time to spend with them.

Because it’s not true that we don’t have time in our life: sometimes is just an excuse for don’t do something, because it’s so easy say that we don’t have time when we are too tired and stressed, when we don’t mind too much of something or when we are just too lazy or not in a good mood. But if you really care of someone, if you really want, you will find TIME for them and even if you are tired, stressed, grumpy for something, you will thanks this time later. Because these little moments, these little things, they can give you happyness put all together. They are the real important things of your life, the things that really let you go on, thanks to be alive and let think that life is beautiful, even is so difficult.

Because time will never back again.

Because people can’t never back again.

Find little time for who loves us and for who we loves, find time for people in general, for see the real beauty of the world as God had created and to follow our dreams. Like this, we will not lose the real meaning of life.

© 2014 Simo


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