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Wheat Germ & Female Hormones

Updated on March 30, 2012

Many women and young girls struggle with unbalanced hormones. The main reasons women don't get regular periods is not because of the thyroid or the adrenals, but simply, a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Stress can also keep a woman from getting her period, because when a person is overly stressed, the body needs more nutrients to balance itself out.

When the body doesn't get what it need to work properly, it does not work. If you are deficient even in one vitamin or mineral, a lot can happen in your body. For women, the main thing effected is their menstruation cycle. You may be just getting it late or more days spread apart, or missing it for months at a time. When the body struggles to have a period, something is missing.

I have been dealing with this since I first got mine. I would get it for a few months, then not get it for a few months. I was told this is normal in your teens and should regulate itself out when you get a little older. Well, I'm older and its still happening. I have tried thyroid support, B vitamin complexes, Maca root, and more... all of which helped but didn't last. I have come to find only one thing that seems to consistently help me body, that's wheat germ.

Wheat germ is a grain that has little flavor, kind of tastes like oatmeal. It has several vitamins in it, including...

  • Vitamin E - Daily intake of Vitamin E may help heavy menstrual cycles, pain and fatigue associated with PMS.
  • Zinc - A small amount is used up with every period your body has, but if there is not enough zinc in your body, it may lead to late, skipped, or missed periods.
  • Magnesium - Low levels of magnesium are prevalent in women who experience menstrual problems. Intracellular magnesium levels vary with the menstrual cycle, and women with premenstrual syndrome have low levels of this mineral.
  • Folate - Also known as Folic Acid, belongs to a group of vitamins called B-complex. B-complex vitamins support the growth and development of various parts of the body, which includes the brain, hormones, nerves, muscles, nails, skin, hair and blood. One of the most important B vitamins for women is folic acid, vitamin B-9.
  • Phosphorus - Combined with iron helps the body regulate energy, reduce inflammation and pain. This combination may relieve menstrual head aches and cramps.
  • Iron - Is known to help women who have heavy menstrual cycles, as a large amount is lost from the body thru menstruation which may lead to anemia. If you are a heavy bleeder be sure to have a good amount of this in your daily diet.
  • Thiamine - Another B complex vitamin ( B-1) that is needed for hair, skin, nail and other tissue growth. It is also important for digesting sugar. If the body is low in Thiamine, sugar will not be processed properly leading to larger amounts of the hormone insulin in the blood stream, which may lead to Polycystic ovary syndrome - a condition in which there is an imbalance of a woman's female sex hormones.

It usually costs around $4 to $6 dollars for a 12oz jar in store, but can be found cheaper at (Bob's Red Mill costs $2.49 for 16 oz, and is kosher!)
It usually costs around $4 to $6 dollars for a 12oz jar in store, but can be found cheaper at (Bob's Red Mill costs $2.49 for 16 oz, and is kosher!)

I found this helps me when I eat 2 to 4 table spoons daily. I mix it in pudding as a treat. You can sprinkle it over salads, use it for breading meat, on pizza, and many more ways. Wheat germ is known as a wonder food, for simply eating it everyday helps your body in more ways then one. Some people have reported weight loss, higher energy, better sleep, hair growth/nail growth, better skin and yes, REGULAR PERIODS!


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    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 4 years ago

      Spice -

      I always use plain. You can add it to ice cream, salads, chicken dishes, peanut butter and so much more. I use Bobs Red Mill ( ) and that is the only brand I have ever used. I enjoy it.

    • profile image

      spice 4 years ago

      which r wheat germ is better PLAIN OR CURED???? plz do guide me thanks

    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 5 years ago

      Cloverleaffarm - Yeah it probably is. Oh well. I never click on links in comments unless I know who posted it or I know it pertains to my actual hub. Hubpages actually marked yours as spam and here I am 4 months later, reading it. Go figure! lol

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      I'm pretty sure lojo is spam. I got a couple this morning too. If you go to the site, it's a pill for male enhancement.

    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 6 years ago

      Thanks Lojo & no problem! =)

    • profile image

      Lojo 6 years ago

      Good info.Very well written & complied.. Thanks a lot for providing such an amazing & useful hub on this topic..:)


    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 6 years ago

      Thanks for your comment cloverleaffarm! I also do that when I am not in the mood for pudding. I'll make some peanut butter toast and top it off with wheat germ!

    • cloverleaffarm profile image

      Healing Herbalist 6 years ago from The Hamlet of Effingham

      I sprinkle mine on peanut butter! Thanks for all the great information.


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