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Wheatgrass Benefits: The Proven Wonderfood

Updated on March 28, 2013

Wheatgrass is quickly becoming one of the most popular superfoods in health food markets today. Sold in its grassy form, wheatgrass is often in juicers in order to create a powerful and healthy juice full of antioxidents, vitamins, and enzymes.

Wheatgrass - The Miracle Superfood

Chlorophyll - Your Body Craves It

Wheatgrass is, in reality, a very unique and different form of what. The active nutrient, giving wheatgrass most of its potency, is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has long been known to have a variety of health benefits. It’s essential to the life of just about any plant and when wheatgrass is juiced this essential nutrient makes up more than 60% of the juice itself. So what are some of the benefits of drinking wheatgrass for its chlorophyll and nutrient contents?

The Nutrients Contained within Wheatgrass

Aside from chlorophyll, wheatgrass is jam packed with dozens of incredible vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Wheatgrass can be considered a whole meal, containing almost everything the body needs to function. Wheatgrass contains more than 30 different enzymes, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, cobalt, protein, zinc, iron, sulphur, and even iron. It’s also an amazing natural source of vitamins, including B complex vitamins and vitamin A.

Wheatgrass is Cleansing

The lymphatic system is responsible for supporting your immune system by carrying toxins out of your body. Unfortunately, the lymphatic system needs support from the rest of the body in order to function properly and wheatgrass juice is just the answer. Drinking wheatgrass juice supports the lymphatic system, helps your body to drain excess mucous from the body, and helps draw the toxins in your cells and fatty tissues into the blood stream so that they can be removed from the body properly.

Wheatgrass Builds Your Blood

Oddly enough, the chlorophyll molecule contained within wheatgrass is very similar in structure to the human hemin molecule. Hemin is the protein that is used to form hemoglobin in the bloodstream and because the two molecules are so similar, the chlorophyll from the wheatgrass juice will actually help to build your red blood cells. In turn, your blood pressure may decrease and your ability to rebuild healthy cells and tissues on a regular basis will be enhanced.

Wheatgrass and Your Weight

There are more than 100 healthy minerals in the soil and wheatgrass miraculously absorbs more than 90 of them, processing them and storing them in the form of vitamins. Drinking just one ounce of wheatgrass juice every day is equivalent to eating more than two pounds of your favorite, healthy fruits and vegetables. Your energized body will absorb so much nutrition you’ll eventually stop craving the sugars and simple starches that can ruin any good diet. Athletes love wheatgrass because it gives them a quick boost of energy, usually within 20 minutes of ingestion. You’ll find wheatgrass is a great addition to any regular diet – whether you’re trying to lose or maintain your weight.

Additional Wheatgrass Benefits

Wheatgrass has a myriad of other health benefits and uses as well, including the following:

  • Wheatgrass has been used in alternative cancer therapies because of its ability to help the body replenish its red blood cells, aiding in oxygenation.  
  • Wheatgrass helps athletes build higher levels of stamina because the increased oxygenation in the body helps to counterbalance the effects of smog, pollution, and carbon monoxide in the environment.
  • Wheatgrass is believed to be able to purify organs, dissolving scars in the lungs and boosting the levels of enzymes throughout the body.
  • The amino acids found in wheatgrass are believed to be able to repair tissue cells and aid in the formation of blood clots.
  • Wheatgrass can be used on the outside of the body as a skin cleanser, as a scalp treatment, to treat blocked sinuses, to heal bruises, and as a bath additive aimed at increasing circulation.

Adding Wheatgrass Juice to Your Diet

Wheatgrass can be purchased in the form of a pill or liquid extract but the best and healthiest way of adding wheatgrass to your diet is to purchase the grass and juice it yourself. In order to get the freshest wheatgrass juice possible you’ll need a specialized wheatgrass juicer, like the Miracle Manual Wheatgrass Juicer.

Adding wheatgrass juice to your diet will have amazing benefits when it comes to your overall health, stamina, and level of energy. Give it a try to find out for yourself.


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    • hubby7 profile image

      hubby7 5 years ago from Chicago

      Nice info onWheatgrass. I just started using it. Well researched and written.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 7 years ago from the short journey

      Good info! I've tried growing wheatgrass several times but can't seem to make it do well. Looking forward to checking out your other hubs.