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The Health Benefits of Making and Drinking Your Own Wheatgrass Juice

Updated on June 3, 2011

Wheatgrass Juices

About Wheatgrass Juice

As a child growing up in the Adirondack Mountains, I worked hard and played hard.  After a hard day's work in the wheatgrass fields, my mother would pour me a cold glass of wheatgrass juice.  Mmm, the fond memories of wheatgrass juice I have.  And the health benefits of this miracle juice!  I am now a 6'2" muscular hulk of a man, and very healthy to boot.  I attribute this health and stamina to wheatgrass juice.  Check out my other arcticle for more information about the specific health benefits of wheatgrass juice.

Where to Buy Wheatgrass Juice

There are many opportunities available to purchase wheatgrass juice.  Some organic food stores, such as Whole Foods will stock wheatgrass juice on their shelves!  If such a Mecca of wheatgrass is not available to you, however, than I suggest you look online for your wheatgrass juice shopping. 

Shopping for Wheatgrass Juice Online

A quick Google search led me to DynamicGreens, a company devoted to delivering wheatgrass juice freshly and quickly overnight!  MMM MMM GOOD.  Just thinking of all this wheatgrass juice makes my mouth water!!  It is quite expensive however, buying wheatgrass juice by the fluid ounce that is!

Growing Your Own Wheatgrass for Wheatgrass Juice!

If you do not wish to buy prejuiced wheatgrass, then don't worry!! You can safely and easily grow your own wheatgrass!!! Purchase some organic wheatgrass seeds, and follow the instructions on the packaging!

Generally you need to do the following when growing wheatgrass for juice:

  1. Sprout the seeds in water for 8-12 hours.
  2. Mix top soil and peat moss, half and half is good, in a seed tray then implant the wheatgrass seeds. You will need about an inch of soil total.
  3. Keep the tray in indirect sunlight for about a week, and water the wheatgrass seeds necessary.
  4. When the wheatgrass sprouts are about an inch tall, you can add seaweed supplement if you wish. I learned this tip from a sailor I met at a wheatgrass juice bar.
  5. When the grass is six to seven inches tall it is time for some harvesting and wheatgrass juicing!!
  6. Enjoy the health benefits wheatgrass juice provides!

Using A Wheatgrass Juicer for Making Your Own Wheatgrass Juice

  1. Feed your freshly cut wheatgrass into the wheatgrass juice machine's hopper. Make sure to wash away the dirt first! Dirty wheatgrass juice is the worst!
  2. Crank the lever if it's crank operated, or press the button if it's electric!
  3. Throw away the wheatgrass pulp, and enjoy your juice!

How to Make Wheatgrass Juice Taste Better

Even though I happen to love wheatgrass juice, some whinier folks complain that it tastes like lawn mower clippings.  WELL WOOPDEEDOO.  If you are worried more about the taste of wheatgrass juice, than the health benefits then I guess I can help you out.

Make a Wheatgrass Juice Smoothie

Alright, the easiest way to make wheatgrass juice taste better is to add it to a smoothie.  Just get your blender out and add some smoothie mix.  Add some fresh fruit (whichever is your favorite) and then toss in the wheatgrass juice!  The fruit juice should mask some of the wheatgrass taste and make the whole experience more enjoyable for you.


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