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Wheatgrass Health Benefits

Updated on August 18, 2009

So what is wheatgrass anyway? It is actually the early version of the common wheat plant. Usually it is dried and in powder form or can be compacted into a tablet but in its freshly juiced form it provides incredible nutrition. It is also credited with all kinds of curative properties.

Wheatgrass grows fast and has a high content of simple sugars, with 90 minerals and 19 amino acids. Reported to contain more iron than spinach and more protein than you will find in eggs; fish; meat or beans, it is truly a super food. Provided it is harvested at the precise correct time, wheatgrass is a source of beta carotene, all the B Vitamins and C,E, H and K.

Wheatgrass may actually be home grown. The variety that is grown outdoors, which has the most health giving properties, is obviously the best but the home grown plants can still give a great boost of energy and help to get rid of low grade infections.

The detoxification qualities found in wheatgrass are amazing, through providing a high level of fibre, chlorophyll and iron. The pure liquidized version of wheatgrass has been used to treat minor skin abrasions and has been found to be a soothing balm for sunburn, an effective mouthwash for people who suffer with bad breath and a great diuretic.

Wheatgrass may be purchased in speciality health stores in tablet form or in powder but the most efficient and most beneficial way to consume wheatgrass is in the freshest possible way – juicing the freshly cut plant.

A 30ml dose of daily wheatgrass will benefit a person of average health by sustaining a regular bowel movement and cleansing the body by getting rid of toxins. However, if you introduce wheatgrass too quickly, it will have you running to the washroom all day, so start with a small dose and build up to 30ml.

Wheatgrass can give a terrific boost of energy, which makes it popular with those who like to train early in the morning before breakfast. Taken on an empty stomach, a 30ml shot will provide a zing that is hard to resist! The energy burst is likely due to the high level of simple sugars and carbohydrates present in the plant but whatever the reason, the effect is spectacular!

Wheatgrass is said to have healing properties and has been claimed to promote liver purification; restore blood sugar levels and even function as an appetite suppressant for those who are trying to reduce their weight by eliminating feelings of hunger. The list of unpleasant ailments associated with persistent ill health may all benefit from a regular dose of wheatgrass, including infections, skin diseases, leg ulcers, impetigo, vaginal infection and constipation. This incredible wonder plant may be juiced and ingested regularly to improve health and fitness but must be juiced properly to get its maximum benefit.

So Here Comes the Good Part: How Do You Juice It?

Green Star Juicer

If you are using an electric juicer, it should be of the cold press type that runs at very low speed, between 80 and 200 RPM. That way the juice does not heat and does not over oxidize, causing nutrients to break down.

Do not try to use a centrifugal juicer which runs at a high speed. Juicing wheatgrass on high speed is a complete waste of time because the grinding effect will tangle the fibres of the wheatgrass and you will end up with a delightful wheatgrass tennis ball! Invest in a good quality cold press masticating juicer and congratulate yourself that you have saved all that money on paying for expensive wheatgrass in a juice bar.

If you have managed to source a quantity of growing wheatgrass, you need to cut it close to the soil and transfer it to a bowl. Feed the grass into the juicer feeder. You should end up with a dark green liquid. The pulp may be re-fed into the juicer and you should end up with a small quantity of wonderful wheatgrass juice. When you have around 30ml (1 ounce), you have a useable quantity.

You can cultivate what is left of the tray of wheatgrass again. However, some claim that the second growth of the plant is not as beneficial and in fact the wheatgrass will not grow to its full height the second time around. It seems to reach a couple of inches growth and then stop.

You need to drink the juice immediately as if stored it will lose its beneficial properties and the whole enterprise will have been a waste of time. Also remember you cannot keep it for more than half a day; 12 hours maximum as it will go bad. There is no point in drinking it after about an hour anyway as the nutrients it contains will have broken down. The drink tastes a little grassy, as you would expect, but 30ml (1 ounce) is actually very little – the size of a shot glass.

You can use this wonderful liquid for more than just drinking. People who suffer badly with dandruff or even the more serious scalp psoriasis apply it to the scalp to reduce itching and inflammation and it has even been used as an enema liquid and used as a vaginal douche.

If you have a sunburn, run a tepid bath and make several ‘bouquet garnis’ of wheatgrass pulp by tightly wrapping them in muslin and dropping them into the bathwater. Soak in it for an hour and enjoy the sensation of having the burn leave the skin.

Some Tips About Wheatgrass

  1. If it tastes really sweet – it has been picked too early.
  2. If it is cut too late - it will taste bitter.
  3. If you feel sick, you have reached your limit – don’t drink any more that day.
  4. Wheatgrass can be mixed with other juice to make it more palatable but its nutrients are easier to digest alone. Drink it straight for best results.
  5. Wheatgrass can actually be eaten but as the grass presents a digestive problem, it is better in juice form.
  6. You should drink your wheatgrass juice on an empty stomach so that your digestive system is not concerned with digesting other substances and you will get the best possible result. Half an hour later, you can eat a normal meal.
  7. The nutrients in wheatgrass juice will be completely absorbed in 20 minutes.
  8. Wheatgrass is claimed to have restorative quality for impotence (I bet that got your attention!) It has been used by farmers to rectify impotence in valuable animals such as bulls and stud horses.
  9. Wheatgrass may be consumed without difficulty by those with a wheat allergy as it is gluten free.

How to Get the Best Out of Your Wheatgrass Juice

The secret to benefiting from a diet that includes wheatgrass juice is, as always, based on the efficiency of preparation. The only way to get good juice is to get a good juicer that extracts every drop of juice from the pulp. This can only be achieved with a good quality cold press masticating juicer, not with a centrifugal juicer that knots and twines the fibres. Remember to wash the juicer straight away after use, by the way; otherwise it takes ages to clean.

Drink it as soon as possible; within half an hour is good. Never attempt to drink it after 12 hours as it will make you very ill – it will have rotted!

Regulate the dosage until you find the right level for you. Listen to your body and take note of the signs – if you feel ill, do not drink more that day but also do not panic and stop drinking it altogether; it is merely your body telling you it has had enough for now.

Where Do You Get the Wheatgrass?

You can actually buy wheatgrass in compressed form or in tablets and tubs, through suppliers such as your local health food store. You can also grow wheatgrass yourself at home. If you are lucky enough to have a large garden it may be grown in a vegetable patch or you can get a wheatgrass growing kit to grow it indoors all the year round. Growing at home is actually quite easy. It can save time and money!

Can Wheatgrass Help You?

For people who enjoy a high level of good health to start with, including wheatgrass in the diet will likely not produce any dramatic effect but will certainly help to ward off infections and contribute generally to a healthy environment.

Those who have been naughty enough to neglect their health and are now commencing a new regime of diet and exercise, wheatgrass juicing can be a radical and life changing experience. Taken as part of a low fat and low sugar, high energy diet, it can turn around even the most neglected, tired and frail metabolism.

Start with investing in the proper kind of equipment. A cold-press masticating juicer is definitely your best option. Depending on your budget, you will still need to decide between single gear and twin gear. The twin gear juicers will get more juice out of your wheatgrass, but they are also more expensive than single gears. However, no matter which you choose, so long as it's cold-press masticating, you've made a great choice!

Want a recommendation? Going for twin gear? I definitely say either a Green Star Juicer or a Samson Green Power Kempo. Single gear? Omega 8006 or Samson 9001 are both great options! Visit our store and find out which one is best for you.

Source your wheatgrass. Keep a written record of the changes you will see occurring on a daily basis: take control of your health and resolve to improve your diet with wheatgrass juice.

Need Help Choosing the Right Juicer?


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      How is the nutrients and taste affected on the 2nd round of a tray after it has been cut once?

    • profile image

      Wen design Bristol 

      8 years ago

      Have just started growing wheat grass. Had our first shot this morning - feel sick, but will persevere!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for the great information. can you tell me what if any benefits frozen wheatgrass cubes have? thanks

    • RTalloni profile image


      8 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for this well-written good reminder!

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      This is a really great hub... Thank for the tips!


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