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Wheelchair Covers

Updated on June 21, 2013
wheelchair waterproof poncho for men, women and children wheelchair users
wheelchair waterproof poncho for men, women and children wheelchair users | Source
wheelchair waterproof short cape and leg cover
wheelchair waterproof short cape and leg cover | Source
Full length wheelchair rain cover 100% waterproof
Full length wheelchair rain cover 100% waterproof | Source

Warm and Waterproof Wheelchair Covers

Able2wear has a large range of wheelchair rain covers to suit every possible notion we can think of as a wheelchair cover.

If someone is looking for a wheelchair cover is it a cover for the cushion of the wheelchair or perhaps a cover for the wheelchair in general. I think in most cases the term relates to a cover for the person who is a wheelchair user, a cover that will keep then dry in rainy weather and warm on cold days.

Let's start with the rain wear selection of covers, which include:

  • Waterproof ponchos
  • Leg covers
  • Waterproof capes
  • Full length covers

A wheelchair waterproof poncho is great for a showery weather as it can be stowed in the side of the wheelchair and put on when needed. There is a cape at the back of the poncho which means that water won't run down the back of the chair and get the cushion wet.

A Waterproof leg covers will keep your legs and feet dry in rainy weather as it is elasticated at the bottom and can easily be secured around the foot rest. The leg cover usually comes up to waist level where the sides of it can be tucked into the side of you to ensure you are kept completely dry.

Short waterproof capes are good for an independent wheelchair user as well as somebody who is cared for. As the cape has a zip at the neck it simply goes over the head and there are no fussy sleeves to worry about.

The full length cape is a good cross between the short cape and the leg cover as it can go on so easily, as it is has no material further than waist level at the back. It fits around the foot rest as the leg cover and pops over the head as the cape.

Warm Waterproof Wheelchair Clothes

The warm waterproof wheelchair covers range provide the complete waterproof element of all of the covers above (as they are all seam sealed) except the have the added warmth of fleece or quilting.

For somebody in a wheelchair it is always good to keep fabrics close to the body in layers as this help to keep the individual warm.

A good wheelchair cut jacket will fit a wheelchair user much better than a regular jacket as the dimension will be correct. The jacket will not be too long and will be wider at the hips to fit somebody who is wearing the jacket when sitting.

To keep the legs warm there are two equally good products available. The first is the cosy toes snug which goes on without the person having to stand or transfer and has a warm fleece lining. The second item are chaps which look like trousers but are actually two warm leg covers which go on one at a time.

If an individual has problems getting a jacket on then a warm cape is ideal. Another version of this is a cape with has a some of the material cut out of the back and is best suited for those who use a moulded chair.

Many wheelchair users simply need a quick and simple warm and waterproof cover to keep them dry and warm for occasions such as short trips or waiting for transport. The cocoon is ideal for this as it is placed directly on top of the person and fastened with straps around the back.

Warm jacket and cosy toes snug
Warm jacket and cosy toes snug | Source
Wheelchair jacket and Chaps (which look like trousers)
Wheelchair jacket and Chaps (which look like trousers) | Source
Warm waterproof cape
Warm waterproof cape | Source
Warm and waterproof cocoon cover for wheelchair users
Warm and waterproof cocoon cover for wheelchair users | Source

Covers For Child Wheelchair Users

The most popular warm and waterproof products for children wheelchair users are:

  • Cosy Toes Snug
  • Back-Opening Jacket
  • Waterproof Coverall
  • Waterproof Poncho
  • Sleeved Coat

The wheelchair cosy toes snug has all of the features of the adult cosy toes but is made to be size appropriate for children. Parents can also customise the snug to incorporate foot straps.

The back-opening jacket is sometimes referred to as a "back to front" jacket. In fact the jacket is in two sections or halves (cut down the middle). Each sleeve of the jacket goes on one at a time and then the back and front of the jacket has velcro so it is very quick to put it on. This is especially helpful for children who find it difficult to put on a regular jacket.

The wheelchair coverall for children is so fast to pop on and keeps your child dry. There are slits at the back of the material which may be put on the pushing handles of the chair if required.

The waterproof poncho is available in lots of bright colours and, like all of the products, is very simple to put on and take off.

The sleeved coat is a good for children who do like their arms to be kept underneath a poncho style of waterproof. As the coat does not have any material at the seat area this allows the child to remain seated when the coat is put on or taken off. It is the perfect sleeved wheelchair cover for children.

Wheelchair waterproofs for Children

Wheelchair cosy toes for children
Wheelchair cosy toes for children | Source
Wheelchair back opening jacket for children
Wheelchair back opening jacket for children | Source
Wheelchair coverall for children
Wheelchair coverall for children | Source
Sleeved wheelchair rain cover for children
Sleeved wheelchair rain cover for children | Source

Wheelchair Waterproof Covers


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