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When Alzheimer , Senility , Or Dementia hits your loved one !

Updated on March 17, 2015

This Is Based On a True Story - Living With Alzheimer , Dementia , and Senility .Some facts about the diseases.

This disease affects  the entire family . But when he decided it was time to  say  'Good Bye  , I was told he starved himself and while the disease stole and starved them of the man they once knew
This disease affects the entire family . But when he decided it was time to say 'Good Bye , I was told he starved himself and while the disease stole and starved them of the man they once knew | Source

Introduction - Lets Talk About Alzheimer's , Dementi, And Senility

We've all been forgetful at times, and often joke and say that Alzheimer's is setting in. but the reality of living this is not a joke. The ugly truth is that regardless of our age and mental health, as we age, our risk of dementia increases, and by the age of 85 almost 35-percent of those in your age group with be afflicted with this degenerative disorder that causes gradually and worsening memory loss and mental skills. and motor skills .Its like being 3 years old again in so many ways.

Reports are concluding that senility or other forms of dementia will affect a whopping 200,000 Americans and Canadians before they reach the age of 65.

Any form of Dementias are mind and life altering diseases that not only cripple the individual who has been diagnosed but also cripples the lives of all of those around them. As the devastation sets begins to bring them down.

In this hub I would like to talk about the signs , the treatments , and coping with those who have been so unfortunate as to be afflicted with it.


Common Signs To Watch For

Now a days early diagnoses of these diseases may help the patient and families to understand , cope , even to talk about it before it gets to the stages whereby intelligent communication stops because believe me it will.

Top Ten

1) Memory Loss but its about short term such as what happened last month or even yesterday , yet the ability to remember way back in the past is really easy and this increases. 2) Declining motor skills . such as simple things like cooking, pouring a cup of coffee , using t the stove, this usually comes a few years later into the disease , making solo trips to stores ,

3) Disorientation , whereby simple functioning gets them lost in the process. They may gradually start to forget familiar people, places, facts, what day it is, year it is, or what time of the day it is . They can't understand simple instruction.

4) Behavioral Changes , Can almost to a 360 and behave totally opposite to their normal self Alzheimer’s sufferers commonly become anxious, depressed, and irritable due to confusion and fear. In the later stages, Alzheimer’s sufferers can suffer with paranoia and emotional distress that shows in physical or verbal outbursts, destructive behavior, abusive behavior, delusions, and even hallucinations

5) Paranoia - Some patients will begin to not trust anyone and point accusing fingers at their loved ones or caregivers insinuating theft and etc

6) Disorganization , Some patients will develop difficulty with planning to attend things or find their glasses and things like that they begin to require lots of routine in their lives and you can.t deviate from it as it takes them out of their comfort zone.

7) Agitation may be triggered by a variety of things, for instance environmental factors, frustration over the inability to carry out simple tasks, the inability to communicate clearly, fatigue, or fear as “control” (i.e., driver’s license, home) is suddenly taken away. Those stricken with Alzheimer’s, are usually the first to notice that there’s an issue.

8)Hallucinations or delusional thoughts often become an issue because they can,t grasp the difference from fantasy and reality.

9) Sexual Actions , some patients will begin to show themselves in public and strip and things like that because they don't understand that it is not acceptable .

10) This one scares me the most because I lived through this one with my husband. Some patients if they become aware of the issues will resort to suicide for different reasons .

11) depression usually when they are first diagnosed and they realize the ugly truths that follow this disease, many will get extreme depression setting in, I understand that one.

I talk about these symptoms and signs at greater length throughout this hub

Early onset of DEMENTIA

Signs that should alert you that something is wrong

Over time you will notice little differences. At first I think you will kinda brush it off as a kinda occasional thing that can happen . But gradually those things you at first poo pawed away will become more predominant and will happen more often.

Watch for memory losses , confusion , then their hygiene habits and other things that seem to not be the norm for them. They show many behavior changes and sometimes their personality kinda takes a 360.

Have them checked as soon as they can be , because the earlier its caught the better . treatment and diets and exercise and etc can be started right away and that is for the best.

When simple tasks that they use to do in minutes start to take longer of they can't even do it anymore or do not care to , your warning lights should go off

Exercise and diet and coping with the diseases are all explained later

The 7 Stages of Alzheimer's Disease Through a Caregiver's Eyes

They Need Routine And Mind Stimulation

Routine is very important to these patience . Routine keeps them comfortable in their own worlds. And disrupting anything they have adapted as their thing to do can and probably will cause major upsets for them.

Also introducing other things into their routine is also good and it is important to attempt to keep that routine as flawless as possible. If ya don't it can have bad affects on the patient.

Mind stimulating tasks are also a very good tool to help them keep the clear thinking skills as motivated as long as possible.

Things like crossword puzzles or bingo games at home that you can create using flyers or things that have pictures in duplicate so you can put one set on a cardboard maybe 8" X 8" and use the second set to draw out of a hat kinda thing and they have to find it on their card. Or match colors , so many possibilities that can be explored.

The idea is just to do things like that daily because if you don't they will soon for get how or that they ever even did that.

The focus needs to be on how to assist them or humor them and keep them occupied as long as possible because when that slide starts down the hill it gets impossible to stop it.

So Sad .. Noting Else to Describe It.

I am wondering

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As The Regression Worsens

Every one's heart breaks as they witness their loved ones mind and sole taken over by these unmerciful diseases .

Their very sole is robbed of anything they ever knew and at the very least they become a child all over again

Research shows that the future is bleak and hiding the truth is senseless . You must be prepared for the absolute worst , from them not remembering you and yelling at you and crying and then laughing , It's a major roller coaster ride . You have to stay strong and hang on for the miserable ride,

You Can Only Pray For Their Release

One can only pray for their release into a place where they will be healthy and pain free. You can't wish for them to last for years , It just isn't right nor fair to .

Life isn't fair for some people and unfortunately this group of people are one of them.

Please tell them you love them every chance you get , Cause chances are they will hear you at least once .1

Sucide , Depression , are common with Dementia and Alzheimer

Statistics say approximately 40 % of the patients will attempt to or achieve suicide . The elderly are generally more successful at it then younger adultsl

his website will enlighten you in many aspects of this disease . Please copy and paste this url into your browser

Statistics also say that 50 % of those 40% will starve themselves to death.

The depression usually sets in when the diagnoses happens as then they are lucid enough to understand and know what the issues ahead are for them.

Coconut Oil As an Alzheimer's Treatment - Dr. Mary Newport

Simply Put

Healthy Eating And Exercise

Healthy Eating And Exercise will also help to slow down these diseases . This will also help the depression that unfortunately comes along with these diseases.

Please copy and paste the attached url for more insight into this part of the hub information

Available At Most Pharmacies And Some Grocery Stores



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