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When Bruxism Surgery Will Be Needed?

Updated on February 11, 2010

Why Is Bruxism Surgery Needed?

 Bruxism is a condition that causes teeth grinding.  Some people only do it throughout the night when they are sleeping it while others will do day and night.  Some people do not even realize they have bruxism until someone like their spouse or a friend tells them because they notice them grinding their teeth in their sleep.  Bruxism can result in chipped and missing teeth, infection of the teeth and gums, sore jaw and neck muscles and more.

 Of course anyone with bruxism wants to know what they can do to deal with their problem and find relief as soon as possible.  Because stress and anxiety are known as being the main culprits of this condition, the first step should be to try and reduce the levels of stress and anxiety.   A bit of stress is normal for anyone but once it gets to a certain level it is dangerous and can result not only in bruxism but other health conditions as well.  Bruxism surgery is rarely needed but in the most serious cases of bruxism.

 Bruxism surgery is an option for treatment but doctors only like to consider surgery as a last resort.  In every case of bruxism doctors strive to work with that patient and help them to find relief of their condition without having to go through with surgery.  Besides reducing stress levels doctors will often suggest their patients wear a mouth guard when they go to sleep at night.  This way they can at least protect their teeth and prevent any chipping or other dental damage over the course of the night.

 Introducing relaxation exercises such as yoga and meditation are also important and help to keep stress levels down.  Massage can help a lot in people with bruxism, to loosen and limber the neck, jaw and shoulder muscles.  Drinking water and eating a nutritious diet is also important.  People with bruxism should also make sure that they get massaged on a regular basis as well.

 Getting a face and neck rub before going to bed at night can really help.  Hopefully you have a nice partner or friend who is willing to do this for you.  It is important that people try all other methods to see how well they work before even considering surgery.  This way they stand the least chance of having to deal with any risks as a result of surgery.


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