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When Does a Game go too Far?

Updated on March 28, 2015

What is this?

Everybody loves a good game, but sometimes it seems like some people love the game a little to much. Over the years there have been a few unfortunate incidences where someone took the game a little to far, and when I say that I am not just referring to the video games. Some people have been taking there games to far for years, when they really shouldn't. But then sometimes perhaps it was the game that went to far and the player is in fact the victim of this atrocity. I am going to look at a few examples throughout history if anything to create awareness of these most unfortunate happenings.

Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game (RPG) originally designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, and first published in 1974 by Tactical Studies Rules, Inc. (TSR). The game has been published byWizards of the Coast since 1997. It was derived from miniature wargames with a variation of the Chainmail game serving as the initial rule system D&D's publication is widely regarded as the beginning of modern role-playing games and the role-playing game industry.

Be sure to have fun with your fantasy!

Lieth Von Stein

He was probably a very nice man.
He was probably a very nice man.

n 1988, a murder case in Washington, North Carolina involving North Carolina State University students brought Dungeons & Dragons more unfavorable publicity. Chris Pritchardallegedly masterminded the murder of his stepfather, Lieth Von Stein, for his $2 million fortune. Both von Stein and his wife, Bonnie, were bludgeoned and stabbed by masked assailants in their bedroom, leaving the husband mortally wounded and the wife injured.

Chris Pritchard had a long history of mutual antagonism with his stepfather, and state investigators learned over the course of a year that Pritchard had developed some unhealthy associations at NCSU. Pritchard had a history of alcohol and drug use. But the NCSU authorities focused on his role-playing group after a game map depicting the von Stein house turned up as physical evidence. Pritchard's friends, Gerald Neal Henderson and James Upchurch, were implicated in a plot to help Pritchard kill his stepfather. All three young men went to state prison in 1990. Henderson and Pritchard have since been paroled. Upchurch's death sentence was commuted to life in 1992; he is serving his term.

Besides what happened to the man above, I have heard from my mother about some folks she knew that got so worked up while playing this game that they where and sometimes did kill one another for the sakes of the game.


The Title alone says something.
The Title alone says something.

RapeLay is a 3D eroge video game made by Illusion, released on April 21, 2006 in Japan. Compared to Illusion's previous games, the main story is shorter, it features an improved 3D engine, and it is mainly played through mouse control. The game centers on a male character who stalks and rapes a mother and her two daughters. Three years after its initial release, the game garnered international attention and controversy for its content. The game was subsequently banned in Argentina, Malaysia, andThailand for "graphic depictions of glorification of sexual violence", and "sexual content."

I can't understand why one would make a game about rape in the first place, if an erotic game is made it should be a happy occasion or a fantasy instead of something that is a total nightmare that in real life occasions have lead people to commit suicide.

More Murders Then I Care For

It is things like this that make humans look bad.
It is things like this that make humans look bad.

April of 2007, when four young adults were arrested in Hartford, Connecticut, after allegedly murdering 18-year-old Alexandria Clouse-Desmond. Clouse-Desmond was at the apartment of 22-year-old Michael Davis, playing Monopoly with Davis and three other friends - Tiara Dixon, Leslie Caraballo ,and Darzell Weinstein, all age 19. The game got fairly heated, both because Monopoly can be fairly unforgiving and because Caraballo (Davis' girlfriend) was allegedly jealous of the attention Clouse-Desmond was receiving. Then, tragedy struck, and not the kind that can be solved by a bank error in your favor.

According to police, Clouse-Desmond was beaten, kicked, stomped, and strangled, eventually dying from asphyxiation. Once the body was found (in a microwave oven box), all four perpetrators admitted their culpability in the crime and pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter. (Two also pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence after the crime, having tried to make it appear that Clouse-Desmond had been raped.) All four of the suspects and the victim were being treated for mentalhealth issues at the time of the crime.

Murder aside, this is a great game!

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Final Thoughs

I do believe most games are good and do not influence any kind of bad behavior, however I do not see the purpose of a code that enables rape or nudity that some of these people make, the game is no different with or without these things why add them? But I don't want games to be demonized, they can spark an interest in many things including history with Call of Duty or physics in Star Wars, and maybe you would like something in marketing from Monopoly. Although the biggest and most important thing of all is to have fun and games of the power to bring family and friends together for a good time. Now enjoy your games but don't take it so hard when you lose a life or a round in chess, after all it is only a game and the people around you mean more then any game ever could.


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