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How best to see Success. The road to success is leveraging the NOW.

Updated on January 28, 2014

Our misunderstanding of the real truth about success- as the ultimate end result of our dreams and goal accomplishment, I believe, is influenced by the wrong expectations and misguided hope that our culture promotes both in the past and now. Let’s face it, whenever the idea of success comes to our mind, we are often compelled to think, and see it as what we have or want to have in bank or at home. We see ourselves comparing our identity, body or status with others in the same field of work, same age, or same street. Some people even go to the extent of comparing themselves with their family members. In my understanding, if you think about what success truly means, and at the same time, understand what it doesn't mean could tear down walls of competitions and jealous and the frustrations that might result when what you want doesn’t come to you and will also help us to realize that deep down we may not necessary need that which our self-imposed rivals have.


In order to appreciate the vital ingredient of success as it relates to our dreams and goals in life, we need to unlearn some of the conventional ideas while welcoming the reality on what success is all about.

1) Achieving our dreams doesn’t necessary make us successful unless what we did, how we did it, who benefited from it and who we became fit well into the pattern of well-being. This is because what we do, what we are or who we become or want to be has little if no bearing at all to happiness if they are separated and individually seen as components rather than wholeness to success.

2) Nice and sexy body may give us the esteem we desire but doesn’t and cannot reduce our ego which is always insatiable. Identifying ourselves in things that are in body forms are not the road to happiness. This is because, forms are impermanent and the moment we start losing the very identity, our ego gets worried and seek something else, it may resent the lose or fight to gain attention. This could create tension in and outside of people resulting in complain and discontentment. Success means balancing the bodily growth with a spiritual and mental enlightenment.


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3) Success is not in the future but in the now. The light of our dream and its radiance isn’t just in a distant land or destination but shines throughout the path along the journey. Majority of us set goal, be it short term or long term and by so doing, unknowingly projecting their happiness to the future; when we will earning this and that amount of dollars, or when we will be sitting at the sea side and having picnic with our family or when we will attain that which we are desperately seeking for example being address as boss, a writer, an achiever, e.t.c.


Building our dreams mentally is a good practice though but it also has some trade-offs. Such practice might undermine our immediate enjoyment of whatever we are doing of which, the reality is to optimize the enjoyment of our present moment. The later is happiness to its fullest. The great baseball pitcher Nolan Ryan pitched seven no-hitters. In an edited video of his pitches, showing one after another successively, it looks like a continuous replay of the same pitch. He became great because he never deviated from the habits he learned in practice. The same concentration is needed to achieve greatness anywhere. A man can know and understand something and even do it successfully once or twice, but the ability to accomplish the same thing routinely is where true success is found. The greatest of men discipline themselves to practice success-breeding habits.

4) Some people weren't called to “succeed” but to be faithful to a course greater than self. These kinds of people are all around us and you might be one of them for example. We tend to misjudge them by saying they are poor or too kind to be rich. Their duty is to be the light of enlightenment to each generation. As you reflect on this, you can start naming them in history of human journey.


There is a common element in the ability to do a lot with words, create unequal designs of arts and engines with gifted hands, unravel unimaginable intellectual or business models for human progress and of course to see and savor great moment in little things. This element has enable some of us to have access to the universal source of intelligence, identifying, understanding and communicating the tools we all need in order to learn, live well, love, grow and contribute to society. These people like I said pave the way to understand this element and how to be align to it in order to allow the universe to create and recreate through some of us.


5) Success isn’t working hard or doing things smart but working and enjoying whatever it is. How successful we will become has more to do with how effective we can leverage our time and resources to grow and contribute. That means whatever event or time nature offers us; be it good or bad, we possess the ability to maximize our time and fully function well in all contexts.

6) Our dreams and the road to success are intertwined not in the web of series of wishes we often make, but that of active concentration while carrying out our duties. Most authors refer to this idea as focus. The power and potentials of being able to focus to a course has not been fully grasp in our time by many but the evidence of this timeless truth runs across the history of our greatest inventors, investors and innovators alike. Swami Vivekananda summarized it in his golden words “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life - think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.

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7) Success isn't the amount or things we get from others but that which we give to ease other’s burden and move them to right path in life. A very interesting and yet not well understood paradox of our time is “there is more happiness in giving than receiving.” This timeless principle is one of a kind. It should speak to our hearts daily to motivate us to share our resources. Each moment we give gratitude, helping hands, things or our time to others, we are living on this truth and surely it pays-off in thousand folds; emotionally and spiritually.


8) Our dream to successful life isn't just to seek for riches and good life here and there but to seek for a dimension whose gate has been opened. It’s been more than two thousand years, unfortunately majority of us haven’t realized that the source of life visited humanity on earth to show the way to that which man is blindly seeking. Jesus by the reason of his live, death and resurrection, open the door to a kingdom man was designed to rein. He warns “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness then every other thing will be added unto you.” Living in His kingdom goes beyond believes to detaching ourselves from all sorts of material things that even until now has proven to be impermanent. This mode of living not only frees you from being a slave to things but also enable you to see them has means and not ends.



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