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When Irrational Fears take over your Life

Updated on May 23, 2012
Elevators: A sometimes irrational, but very real fear.
Elevators: A sometimes irrational, but very real fear. | Source

You don't want to do this. You swore you'd never put yourself through this again. No one understands, they are all so normal going about their everyday life, no idea of what you are feeling. You can feel your heart beating like crazy through your chest. Your hands are sweaty, legs are wobbly and you feel like the world is spinning. are about to step ELEVATOR!

Does this sound like you? Because it sure sounds like me. Elevators scare me. They have scared me since before I could even care to remember. I have no idea why. Well, that is not entirely true - I know they are quite small and confined. I know they are mechanical, therefore, can break down. I also know that if it did happen to break down while I was in it, the guy on the other end of the rescue phone would be on his lunch break. Just writing this makes me feel icky. I mean, sure it is scary to think it could happen - but to insist on climbing 10 flights of stairs to get to a specialist who I was visiting to examine my twisted hips - now that's irrational.

What is an irrational fear?

An irrational fear is also known as a phobia. It is usually quite common with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) sufferers and is classed as an anxiety disorder. Usually the individual knows that they should not fear this person, place or thing so much. Clowns, anyone? *shudder* ... moving right along ...

Human beings are all born with two natural fears. The fear of falling and fear of loud noises. Every other fear is learned. Most people have a fear about one thing or another. Spiders, snakes, fire - we have these fears because it is human instinct. We fear these things because they are dangerous and could potentially kill us. Plus, spiders are just plain creepy. We fear bad things happening like car accidents or our loved ones dying. Again that is natural, but if you are fearing any of these excessively you may have an underlying anxiety disorder that may need to be discussed with your doctor.

An irrational fear is a fear of something that most other people do not even think to fear. It can also be a normal fear taken to extreme. For example, most people are afraid of heights, but never visiting friends because they live on the 10th floor of their building - that's irrational. And how about a fear others would never think to have? I have a fear of water running from a tap, so slow you can barely hear it, then having it turned on again really hard. I know, weird. These types of fears are a lot more common than people realise; people normally just don't talk about them.

Why do I fear?

Fears are very personal to the fear-er, therefore, they are not so easy to explain. The fear of heights probably comes from the human need to feel "grounded". Same with flying, it is natural for us to feel fear because we are not born with wings. Unusual fears can be from a subconscious childhood memory and is just a small part of the whole event that was witnessed. Some people believe unexplained fear is part of past life regression, the experiences we felt and even how we died, if you believe in that yourself. Again, each fear is personal and there is normally no simple explanation as to why it manifests inside.


Many people have a fear of clowns, possibly starting from childhood.
Many people have a fear of clowns, possibly starting from childhood. | Source

Do I have an Irrational Fear?

Fear can show itself in numerous different forms, but there are ways you will realise that what you are fearing is considered irrational to most people (and most likely, even yourself).

  • Others seem unaffected by what you are fearing. If it is not an obvious fear, the people around you will not realise you are afraid by what you are experiencing, as they themselves are feeling no fear. You will know it is an irrational fear because the person next to you is going about their every day life without a second thought about it. For example, you are on a train, approaching a tunnel. You feel your hands sweat, heart race and panic strike. Others around you are busy texting, reading or talking, presumably unaware of the tunnel until they are inside and unaffected still even then.
  • Avoidance of the situation. Do you need a blood sample taken? Are you doing anything to avoid it, even if this means a possible risk to your health? This is certainly a sign that you have an underlying fear of needles, possibly blood or even a fear of the arm band (or maybe even nurses!!). You will avoid this situation, or others, by any extreme measure you can think of taking.
  • ´╗┐Cold sweats, clammy hands, woozy feeling. As you are approaching this dreaded situation, you will start to feel these warning signs. Your body may go into "fight or flight" mode, normally reserved for a real life emergency situation. I must tell you though that running away from your friends new pot plant, or "Botanophobia", is not a common fight or flight type situation and this phobia may need to be addressed!
  • Performing your own rituals to eliminate the fear. If you suffer with "Dromophobia", which is a fear of crossing the street, you might also perform a ritual before you need to cross that said street. For example, on approaching the street you will start to feel the cold sweats, wobbly legs etc. To calm yourself down you may have taught yourself to tap your leg discreetly 3 times, which will calm you down enough to then cross over the street. This is a symptom of OCD and sufferers have many different types of rituals they perform to calm a situation down in their head.

If you are feeling these symptoms and you feel it is getting out of control, please seek a professional opinion. If your loved ones are expressing their concern about their own fears, please assist them in getting the help they need.

Types of Fears/Phobias

Here are the some of the most common types of fears/phobias the population may experience. You most likely have one of these, or know someone with the fear:

  • ´╗┐Claustrophobia: This is the very common fear of closed and confined spaces. People with this fear will tend to not like riding in elevators, being in a sunbed and may need their doors or windows slightly ajar.
  • Agoraphobia: Is the fear of open spaces and crowds. A person suffering severe Agoraphobia will probably not leave their home for the fear of something happening upon leaving their "safe place".
  • Altophobia: This means having a fear of heights. Again, very common and most people will have even just a slight fear of heights. It becomes irrational however when you will refuse to go to "that meeting" on the 22nd floor. Most people with Altophobia are also afraid of flying.
  • Arachnophobia: Fear of the 8-legged critters, the spider. Most spiders are not too harmful to humans though and can even be an asset to your garden by catching those pesky flying insects. That will not stop most people from getting the spray out on them however.
  • Zoophobia: This is an intense fear of animals. This could have emerged within from a horrible childhood experience with the neighbours' dog or could be a fear you have no idea why is there.
  • Homophobia: A fear of homosexuals. What a silly phobia.

And here is a few of the lesser known fears/phobias out there:

  • Ebulliophobia: This is a fear of bubbles. My son was afraid for a very short time of bath bubbles and would scream when he couldn't wash them off, as if he was being attacked by them.
  • Nomophobia: A fear of being out of mobile phone coverage. This would be an extremely common (but not acknowledged) fear of our times. I know if I am out of coverage I do fret and wonder how it was all done 20 years ago.
  • Gynophobia: A fear of women. Fine then. Get off my hub!
  • Lipophobia: A fear of fats in foods. I do not have this fear. Sometimes I think it would be nice though!
  • Turophobia: The intense fear of cheese. Again, I do not have this one.
  • Caligynephobia: A fear of beautiful women. Please refer to Gynophobia.
  • Porphyrophobia: Fear of the colour purple. The actual colour, not the movie.
  • Chorophobia: Fear of dancing. I know a lot of people who really should have this fear, but to my amusement they do not.

I have the fear...Now what do I do?

If you find yourself gripped by fear every day, you are probably suffering an anxiety disorder that needs to be addressed. Any person, place or thing can become a fear for someone, somewhere. When that fear is disrupting your quality of life it has become irrational. You can see your family doctor and hopefully get a referral to speak to a specialist. There may be an under-lying reason to why you have such an intense fear of free-standing bookshelves. Perhaps one fell on you as a child, or you saw it happen in a movie once. There may not always be an explanation though and it could just be a fear you have always had.

There are many self help books out there about combating your fear head on. Small steps for each fear to eventually overcome it or at least lessen it. There have been many people who have been helped by "Bach Rescue Remedy" for controlling their nerves. I know myself, with my fear of elevators, this is one I do not think will leave me. I make sure now that, where possible, I take the elevator with other people. I will only go in one by myself if it looks fairly new. I try not to let it take over my life because sometimes I really need to get to the 5th floor.

A fear of heights, for example, need not cripple you every time you have to cross a footbridge.

  • If you are with someone, explain your fear and hold their hand as you walk across.
  • Hold onto the railing if this helps, although for some that is just to close to the edge so walking in the middle may be quicker and more efficient.
  • Look up and straight ahead. Resist all urges to look down.
  • Concentrate on your breathing, don't hyperventilate!

In a building, try going up to the first floor and looking out the window. Take every floor up one at a time and take the time to have a look at the view. This may help you. If you also have a fear of elevators this could help that, taking one floor at a time. Visiting Paris? If you really want to go up the Eiffel Tower, maybe just go to the first level; the top may be asking too much. Although some people with a fear prefer being even higher because it almost doesn't seem real. The first level could be more terrifying for them than the top!

Every person has a fear of some type. Some people have an intense fear of heights, flying and falling so they do a skydiving course and overcome their fear. Everyone is different and not every solution will work for everyone. There are many people out there to help with your fear and help you to continue living a happy life. I hope you can find them and, in time, overcome your fears.

Please comment and let us all know your crazy, irrational fear!


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I have a dumb phobia of killers in general. It affects me at night when its dark and im trying to sleep... I saw a video on YouTube that was reviewing creepy pastas and Jeff the killer and another story have been keeping me up since last night and tonight. It's 5am and I can't shake the feeling that someone's gonna kill me brutally. I'm afraid if I close my eyes, I'll hear a whisper from jeff or open my eyes to see something horrifying in my face. It's so stupid because I know it isn't real. I have all my dogs in my room with me and I have other people in the house who are sleeping. I feel alone because no one's up and I feel like whatever I'm thinking that will get me is unstoppable, even against my dogs. I don't know why I watched that dumb video, I knew it would make me scared at night...I can't shake Jeff's face in those pics or that other horrifying face in the video. I have suffered this irrational fear for years. I think it's time for therapy.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Hi There

      I have a fear of faces,I know it sounds

      Weird ,I had a kinda breakdown

      6 months ago and it started to manifest

      Itself after this along with tons of other

      Phobias, it all because I was feeling constant fear through my body for no reason ,which created a platform for

      I suppose anything to be frightening

      I have looked for this as a phobia and have not found anyone with it ,I think

      It is very very rare ?

      I am still feeling fear for no reason

      And my phobias are stopping me from

      Getting out ,Before this happened I was

      A person with not 1 phobia ,I just can't

      Believe it!!!!!

    • profile image

      Cookie Janine 

      4 years ago

      I have a phobia of clowns and this one may sound weird but there's a logical reason. It's a phobia of standing on anything that isn't a floor or a carpet. The fear of standing on things that aren't solid ground.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I am TERRIFIED of large bookcases! I love to read but i cant stand them! I wont allow book cases of any size in my home!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Last week I ate a particular meal and the next day my child was hurt. I am afraid of eating that same meal because something bad might again happen to my child.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I have a huge phobia of flying and heights.i was reading your hub and for no reason i just imagined myself standing on top of a building and just burst into tears, I honestly thought i was going to have a panic attack. I avoid flying as much as I can but when I do have to fly if anyone talks to me on a plane I will start screaming at them, I yelled at an air hostess once. During turbulence I took my seatbelt off and starting hammering the window trying to smash it. I don't understand how people AREN'T afraid of these things because to me they do seem perfectly rational fears?

    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 

      6 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      A very good hub.

      I dont think I have a phobia but I am terrified of the though of being stung by bees and wasps.

      A well laid out hub well done

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I agree with naturalsolutions. "Irrational" fear sucks.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      That irrational fear really sucks, it feels like you were dying again and again. Thanks for the great information, much appreciated ;)

    • Talia J profile imageAUTHOR

      Talia J 

      6 years ago from Australia

      Thank You mythicalstorm273 ! Your phone phobia sounds awful. I know many people who find it hard to call people they don't know. In my job I have to all the time, I used to hate it, now it doesn't bother me so much. I guess it's all about exposure to ones fear...sometimes.

      Thanks for sharing your fears. I am frustrated there is no easy answer as to why we fear such ridiculous things but I guess, with everyone so different it would be impossible to give just one explanation.

      Thank you so much for commenting, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!

      @Beata Stasak thanks for reading and commenting. We sure do, but some have much stranger phobias than others!

    • Beata Stasak profile image

      Beata Stasak 

      6 years ago from Western Australia

      we all have phobias...very useful, thank you for sharing:)

    • mythicalstorm273 profile image


      6 years ago

      Oddly enough just two days ago I found a question in the question section that asked what I was afraid of. I find it really entertaining that you now published this hub (which was amazing by the way!) Phobias and fears fascinate me as do the reasons behind the fear. I am afraid of phones, I am slightly claustrophobic which includes elevators, and I am deathly afraid of Zombies!! The phones fear sucks because I literally can not make a phone call to people I do not know. I have to talk myself into it and make up a script and everything. People I do know I try to avoid talking to as well. It is crazy and dehabilitating. My claustrophobia entertains me because when I was a kid I had this little tiny cupboard like closet and I used to lay blankets and pillows in there and disappear whenever I needed alone time. Still elevators are bad! I will go on them but usually I have to focus on my breathing and I have to be with somebody that I am really comfortable with... otherwise I take the stairs. Heck it is good exercise anyways! As far as zombies... need I say more? Once again... great hub and I really enjoyed it!

    • Talia J profile imageAUTHOR

      Talia J 

      6 years ago from Australia

      omg! The coma one ... I have openly wondered this since I was about 12 years old. My friends back then thought it was a total ego thing of me. I think of how sad I'll be if I woke up and none of my family was awful...if it is a coma I don't want to wake up.

      The falling/flying dream fear is scary. Most people, myself included land and jolt awake. What if our dreams were the reality and what we think is reality is the dream? Whole new subject there. Thanks for your thoughts and your post!

      Never fear posting to me!! :)

    • tsmog profile image

      Tim Mitchell 

      6 years ago from Escondido, CA

      This is an informative and fun hub. I liked the sense or humor used with a delicate touch. Some fears I have , , ,hmmmmmmmm, , , ,(pause) , , ,at times I have a fear of falling asleep. So, now you have me wondering if I have a fear of falling or of sleep. OK, the fear(s) I talk about in therapy often are:

      I am really in a comma (still) and none of this is real (it really gets going in therapy)leading toward issues of trust and on and on and on

      I am really dead (like the movie Jacob's Ladder - spooky)

      This is gon'na sound funny, but I experience fear in my dream life at times. The weirdest is a fear of waking up. Usually when this occurs I am falling or flying and cannot land no matter how hard I try.

      And, right now, I fear posting this -


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