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Masquerade of Life

Updated on March 17, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long student of the psycho-philosophy of living, and a devoted practitioner of many techniques enhancing personal evolution.

Who Do We Think We Are---at This Moment?
Who Do We Think We Are---at This Moment?

Halloween---a True Celebration of Life

In a sense that this article will try to make at least entertaining, if not slightly educational, Halloween is not a tradition tied to the 31st of October, but our way of life throughout the year. To a different degree everybody is pretending to be something that they are not.

Our very life-roles that support our survival in society are suggesting a constant shifting between our acting out a spouse, a parent, a professional, a driver, a friend, a religious or political follower...and the list doesn't stop here, of course. Each of these roles requires a different mask---and a mask it is, as far as it's covering our true self.

Some time in my teenage years I read this definition of a personality: "A population of interactional complexes"---written by someone who couldn't just say it in a plain English, because then it would sound like an "assortment of masks for a variety of interactions". I'll never understand why science is shunning simplicity so much.

Likewise, you would probably find in some textbooks a fancy version of my humble contention that much of our emotional issues result from a subconscious mix-up of our masks. Subconscious mind is an extremely dynamic place, and it's so easy to see it go confused under some life pressures and start handing us out wrong masks, after they got into some kind of inner collision.

"Not knowing whether we are (emotionally) coming or going" would illustrate that state, and it certainly hurts in all varieties invented by man---whether it's an anxiety, depression, phobia, or psycho-somatic, physical ailment.

In some extreme, our true self can't take that masquerade anymore, so it "cracks the personality" with an emotional burnout better known as "nervous breakdown." Even further down the drain is a schizoid behavior, with masks starting to exchange erratically.

At that point you may see someone acting toward you as a friend in one moment, but in the next one getting a strong urge to hurt your feelings. Indeed, strange is this game of life-size carnival.

With Creative Pretending Even a Small Light of Hope Can Show Us the Way
With Creative Pretending Even a Small Light of Hope Can Show Us the Way

Lack of Consciousness

However, before we get any further into this unfortunate outcomes of our pretending, let us distinguish it from a much healthier pretense which is not only therapeutic, but is also potentially self-evolving.

Namely, there is nothing wrong about re-programming our subconscious "automatic pilot" with a consciously guided positive beneficial behaviors. For example, a loner who got to a point of a healthy realization about a need for some nurturing relationships, maybe a date or some new friends---can't go wrong by pushing herself into such forms of socializing while assuming the role that may generate some desired results.

As we all know, dates and friends won't come to us---we have to take an active role, and no matter how "phony" we may feel in our new roles, we have to play our part.

So, what makes the difference between those first masks and this new one just described? Consciousness, my friends. For, as long as we consciously choose to develop new social skills, our masks are only a useful tool. In that previous negative case, consciousness was polluted with masks about which we did not even know they were different from our true, conscious self.

All trouble of this world starts with a lack of consciousness, which makes some complex interactional systems being out of whack. For example, our judicial system is loaded with cases where a "big social fish" gets away with a proverbial slap on wrist with a bunch of good lawyers---for something that would cost you and me some jail time.

This double standard sneaking under the radar of our much advertised "national democratic values" clearly shows this schizoid mentality of one mask conveniently being replaced by another. And yet, with just another change of the mask we can hear again an earful about those "high values, equal civil rights", and the rest of the crap.

What makes it insane is that due to the coexistence of our own inner assembly of masks we can easily adjust to the changes of the collective masks, "buying" both, a double standard and stories that deny it.

At Times We Can't Recognize Who We Are Really from All Those Masks
At Times We Can't Recognize Who We Are Really from All Those Masks

A Schizoid Paradigm

On the small scale, we, as individuals may be proud of our high sense of morality---not realizing that it is only one of the many masks of those at our disposal. We may be activists and preachers of high moral standards---all until we stop acting like ones. It's almost as if that inner "mask-server picks one for us in a hurry", and before we know it, there we go making total idiots out of ourselves.

It reminds me of that cute rhyme I read somewhere long time ago:

"I thought I had a noble mind

with courtesy and tact,

and no one's more surprised than I

to notice how I act."

Sounds familiar? This lack of awareness, with a pre-arranged protocol of prescribed behaviors is majorly responsible for this colossal global carnival of masks interacting amongst themselves while ignoring the humans behind them.

Like balls on the pool table moving in a predictable order after one gets hit---our masks behave in a predictable order of causality. "What's appropriate" as a response doesn't stem from a logic crowned by objective consciousness, but from a logic of the masks which we proudly call "common sense".

Over a time it spreads like a pandemic into a schizoid paradigm in which it's "perfectly normal" to brag about having saved a child from a fatal disease---but then also brag about a military success--- with so many kids killed in the process. This gets conveniently shrugged as a "collateral damage".

There is no conscious intervention against that kind of logicalness, "it's all fine, it's a part of life". We have corresponding masks to "understand" both---the altruism of saving a kid's life, and a necessity for wars which kill or traumatize kids for life.

Does that make us schizoid? No, those are our masks that are schizoid and "we", true ourselves, are merely buried under them and unknowingly oftentimes identifying with them.

It Feels So Good to Be Just Ourselves
It Feels So Good to Be Just Ourselves

In Some Moments We Get to Exist

As long as we are wearing our pathetic assortment of masks, we don't even exist---only our masks do. When we are dating, we try to impress; when we apply for a job, we try to impress; when we campaign for a leadership, we try to impress.

Then comes that second phase after we got that girl; after we got that job; and after we got to sit on the throne---and now we can replace that mask with one that's catering better to our comfort zone with all of its hidden agenda.

No, we have not unpacked to show our "true colors", it's yet another mask, whereas our true self would cherish and honor our new commitment, not try to look for ways to pamper ourselves as our next priority.

Just look at the stories of the daily news, which are, by the way, a business-oriented pretense of its own kind, as they select only those crappy events which will play on your fears, insecurities, anger, and make you crave to hear more in the next installment--- for your "heightened sense of preparedness".

All those stories are showing this sad parade of clowns whose masks got stuck to their faces like a tattoo. There is no logic of a wisdom in our global stories, only logic of the masks. Here and there we allow our true self to peek out from underneath all that pile of masks. Maybe at a sight of a baby's innocent face; or while playing with our faithful dog; or while facing the majestic sunset over the ocean.

Maybe a walk in the moonlight with that precious someone does it to us, as we manage to peel all pretenses off our face enough for an honest and spontaneous "I love you". Yes, there are those moments when we stop being our name, our social status, our possessions, our duties and ambitions---left only with our warm humanness and intuitive wisdom.

A Selfie to Depict Difference Between Real and Unreal
A Selfie to Depict Difference Between Real and Unreal

Resurrection of Our True Self

There are even times when our chronic stress levels caused by inner conflicts between antagonistic masks would allow us to have a completely restful sleep---like the one we only have when sedated in a hospital.

Do you know that our nightly trip into oblivion doesn't really give us a complete relaxation? Just because you feel "more" refreshed in the morning than you were last night doesn't mean that you were completely unwinding in your sleep.

Indeed, that subconscious gallery of our masks keep popping up in our dreams like some phantoms, maintaining a level of stress to which we got so accustomed that we don't register it anymore as stress.

So, is there anything that we can do about that inner masquerade and its unhealthy drama it plays for us instead of allowing us to lead our life consciously and constructively?

It's all rather simple, and as I am calling it "simple" I am aware how people will tend to reject it right at its face value, not bothering to think deeper about it. Remember the last time when doctor told you: "Just have more rest, drink a lots of fluids---you don't need any medication"? Remember how disappointed you were?

Hey, why do I need doctor to tell me that---you said---he is supposed to give me some magic pill! Likewise, if this situation required an advice, and if I was the one expected to give you one, I would probably "prescribe" something simple like that "walking meditation" called "mindfulness".

It's easy and simple---you just turn your attention inwards and non-judgmentally observe whatever is going on in there. Not trying to fix it, or change it in any way. The less you intervene, the more it will change by itself.

Like Werner Erhard would have said back in seventies: "Let your mind (masks) be, and it will let you be". That separates you-the-observer (consciousness) from your masks, and with a little practice it releases you from the grip of all those masks, while the beauty of the true-you gloriously emerges from those neglected depths.

So, what will happen to your many masks? Well, you will still be using them, with a crucial difference that they will stop using you. Sounds great, doesn't it?

In this article I tried to bring to your attention the fact that our true selves are heavily polluted by masks; and I offered a simple idea that by sole observing those masks we make them take a back seat, allowing our true selves to emerge and take charge. I hope you have found some parts of it that inspired you for your further conscious awakening.


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    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 10 months ago from Canada

      Linda, my friend,

      First of all, allow me to compliment your new photo-look; now you are "more Linda and less a professor"---even though that cute cap doesn't hide from me how much is under it.

      Thank you for your nice words, I am truly glad that you found something interesting in my article. All the best and happy hubbing, my friend.

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 10 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thanks for sharing this excellent analysis, Val. I found myself agreeing with much of what you've written. It makes a lot of sense to me.

    • ValKaras profile image

      Vladimir Karas 10 months ago from Canada

      Alen, my old buddy---Human "ego" as a concept has been so much used and possibly misused, that it got a kind of watered down---so I wanted to give it a new, more adequate definition of a bunch of our survival strategies.

      I attached to each strategy something like a "mask" which alienates us from who we truly are. After a while we get so carried away liking the effectiveness of our masks that we "forget the way back home".

      So the whole paradigm of the world's values becomes based on the pretenses, not on a solid and unchangeable principles of an honest coexistence.

      It's all a bunch of crap---and it's up to us to override those tendencies in ourselves of flip-flop schizoid behavior which is hurting us because in our hearts it doesn't look right.

      And you are right---in a STILLNESS we stop monkeying around and complicating something that's intuitively so simple.

      By the way, it's so good hearing from you again. Be well, my friend.

    • Aliswell profile image

      Aliswell 10 months ago from Iowa


      As always, your explanations of, and steps towards; the realization of our human essence; make an additional, if but small dent, in the armor I wear to protect myself from experiecing the presence of 'self-realization'.

      What amazes me, throughout my perceived experiece of existence; is "Why, and How, in the Holy of all Holiness, can a bunch of "semi-mathematical formulae definable" characters--i.e. "human language composing characters"; become observered, interpreted, and instilled as to One's Mask'?

      Human existence as a function of game playing, has no use in attaining a layer of higher essence than that we perceive to be higher.

      Stillness has that in which we could find that for which we play the game... "It's just so damn noisey in the Coliseum, and man, those gladiators are just so Damn Bad-Ass!"