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Dealing with Post-Pregnancy Weight

Updated on April 9, 2013

Pregnancy as a gift, not an excuse to remain overweight

Pregnancy is truly on of nature's greatest gifts to a woman. It allows one that special privilege to nurture a precious life inside the womb for nine months. Pregnancy also involves weight gain, and this is normal.

Sadly, some tend to make pregnancy as another excuse for not getting back to previous healthy weight even a few years post-pregnancy, while others tend to blame childbirth and all that goes with it for 'wreaking' havoc on their previously perfect bodies. This should never be the case. Pregnancy and childbirth is one of the most wonderful experiences in life and for most it may leave a permanent mark or lasting aftereffects such as stretch marks, saggy bellies and breasts, and even depression, but it is no denying that these should be considered as battle scars that no woman should be ashamed of. While added weight during pregnancy is normal, it is still possible to lose the extra weight without adding stress to the new mother.

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Post-pregnancy weight

The weight part on the other hand is a totally different thing. During pregnancy a woman needs to eat more than the regular meal because she is now caring and providing for the needs of two. The added weight also works as a cushion or padding to protect the baby in the womb. It is normal to put on added weight during pregnancy and even after a few months from childbirth. This is where most women get into weight trouble, because it appears that pregnancy transforms most into a voracious eater and it is so hard to control one's appetite. There is a downside to adding more weight than the usual because one would end up having a bigger baby thus more difficult childbirth or that would require a C-section. Another is that the woman would have difficulty going back to her normal weight.

Post-pregnancy period is a difficult time because the new mother faces a new responsibility and challenge for this wonderful bundle of joy that totally depends on her for survival. She also has to contend with the new changes in her body brought about by the pregnancy and it can be a trying period for anyone not able to accept this developments. Due to this new demands, some would turn to food for comfort. As a result, the new mother puts on more weight and if this goes on for a couple of years, there will come a time that her weight becomes a health problem if nothing is done about it.

It is therefore very important that even during pregnancy, a woman must be aware what weight is normal for her and she should be well-advised not to put on more than is necessary. Her diet should be regulated such that she will be eating more of foods carrying the right vitamins and nutrients needed by her baby and her changing body. Staying away from processed foods and those laden with saturated fats and sugars will not only help her maintain a healthy weight but also works wonders for her developing baby. Pregnancy should not be an excuse eat more. While adding weight is helpful, too much will not be good both for the expectant mom and her baby.

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Pregnancy should not be an easy excuse to put on more weight than necessary. Proper awareness and planning can help a great deal in avoiding falling into the trap and be regretful later on. A new mother should be responsible enough to consume what only her body and baby needs, but no more than that. Now, if it really won't matter to you to carry those extra pounds, there won't be much of a problem. However, if you know and quite conscious about your health and weight post-pregnancy then it would be wise to carry out a plan even during the pregnancy not to put that much weight. It would also help to start a fitness program when it is already safe to do so after a careful consultation with your health provider. The earlier you do something about post-pregnancy weight, the better. 

Finally, attitude helps in getting you into your pre-pregnancy body. Having that workable plan to stay in shape and making time for it despite the thousand and one responsibility of a new mom, would help you get there in no time. While many complain about their post-pregnancy weight state, only a few actually do something to achieve a healthy lifestyle or ideal weight. So stop making excuses, cease the complaints about post-pregnancy weight, know what is good for your body and take action because only you can do something about your health. One cannot blame anyone or something as special as your pregnancy for all that added weight.

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