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When Should I Feel My Baby Move?

Updated on November 1, 2014
Feeling baby movement for the first time is exciting!
Feeling baby movement for the first time is exciting! | Source

When is the First Fetal Movement Felt?

Are you pregnant? Congratulations on your little miracle!

You've experienced the joy of the positive pregnancy test, perhaps felt some morning sickness, and noticed your belly is growing. Pregnancy is such an exciting time!

It's understandable that you can't wait to feel your baby move inside of you! Feeling your precious miracle will bring you such joy. It can vary from mom to mom as to when she will feel her baby move.

Ultrasounds allow moms to see the movement on a screen.
Ultrasounds allow moms to see the movement on a screen. | Source

The medical term for feeling your baby move inside of you during pregnancy is called quickening. It can depend on where the placenta is located, the mom's size and weight, and how active the baby is, as to when the mom will feel the baby move.

When I was 16 weeks pregnant with my son, I woke up one morning and I (literally) felt like there was a lump in my stomach. It's a very unique feeling and obviously not easy to describe. But, basically it felt like the was a small rock inside of me.

Then, just a few weeks later, around 18 weeks, I felt him move for the first time. At first, it felt like like a little bubble "popped" inside of me. Some mothers describe it as a "popcorn popping" feeling. It also feels similar to your stomach growling or gas pains. As your baby grows, it will literally feel like something is rolling around inside of you.

As I neared the third trimester, it felt almost as though my baby was playing with his umbilical cord and I could feel it vibrating inside of me. I know that was probably not the case, but that's what it felt like.He would roll, kick and turn, and then I would feel this vibrating sensation inside of me.

Some mothers do not feel their babies move inside of them until they are 20 weeks or later. Some will not feel the first quickening until 24 weeks of pregnancy. Keep in mind, that in some situations, you also might have miscalculated your week of pregnancy by a week or two.

I remember worrying if I didn't feel my baby move for awhile. I would drink something very cold, usually cranberry juice with ice, and literally lay on the bed, put my hands on my stomach and wait to feel the baby move. With my second, I didn't panic as much, but it did concern me if my baby hadn't moved in awhile. In the first weeks after you first feel your baby to move, it is normal to not feel much activity for awhile. The baby is probably moving but you just can't feel him/her. Ask your doctor if you are concerned.

In answering the question, "Why should I feel my baby move?", the best answer is 'It could be as early as 14 weeks, it could be 24 weeks or later." Babies begin to move at around 10 weeks gestation, however they are so tiny you cannot feel it. Please remember that your obstetrician (or ob's nurse) is to be your source of medical information. Always ask your doctor before relying on internet advice. Congratulations! Have a happy and healthy 9 months!


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