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When You Merely Assume: A Poem

Updated on September 20, 2014

When you merely assume:

You shun reality!

You perpetuate negative and unnecessary stereotypes!

You draw wrong conclusions at every life corner!

You end up having false-positive image of genuine living, people and issues more than necessary!

You lead a shallow and destructive life!

You fail to appreciate the purpose and essence of you and life in general!

You retard the real self within you!

You inflict unnecessary pain on yourself and those around you!

You shut off progress, love, hope and tranquility, making them short lived when they come by!

You take the serious less seriously and the less serious seriously!

You deny yourself the opportunity to explore beyond your comfort boundaries!

You hate when you are supposed to love!

You become less proactive in the face of necessity!

Take time to verify and know, instead!


When you do, that will:

Direct you to all respectable truths!

Help you prove you are merely human!

Empower you to discover the purpose and essence of you and life in general!

Get you appreciating the part of life that is much bigger than you!

Hook you into the spectrum of the real!

Avow you the opportunity to live life in its fullest!

Help you be less apprehensive!

Removes the veil of unintelligent Myopism!

Bring you the ability to trust more and distrust less!

Attract wholesomeness within and without you!

Retain positive energies and drive the negatives away!

Saves you lots of headaches, heart breaks and disappointments!

Equip you with the strength to overcome adversaries much easier!

Give you the open arms to embrace and discern good!

Make you get to a better you, directed by you; for you!

Opens a whole world of relevant unknowns!

Fashion you to become less presumptuous!

Bring balance to your life!


Do well to:

Dwell in knowing and knowing before!

Master its artistry!

Make it part of you!

Let it influence you at all times!

Lay its unusual virtues out, so it can be sustained!


It’s invigorating!

It’s inspiring!

It’s enticing!

It’s engaging!

It’s enlarging!

It’s liberating!

It’s the gate way to true living!

It’s the source of completeness!

It’s the way to relative perfection!

It’s welcoming!

It’s accommodating!


Assume less!

Merely for your sake!


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Interesting Hub. I wrote like this when I was about 18, many years ago. Its promising and shows a shift towards the Light, that inner space where clarity and illumination resides. Lots of psychology here and some philosophy.

      All in all, some useful reflections and aid for the receptive soul. May he guide your hands in all endeavours, here and in daily life.

      Loving thoughts.