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When You're Incapacitated ,Nothing Can You Do

Updated on November 27, 2011

When You're Incapacitated,Nothing Can You Do

When you're  incapacitated and flat on your back,

It seems to you  that the time goes so very slow.

Then you turn to Jesus the sickness and despair,

For there's no better place on earth for you to go.

There's nothing you can do but lie and meditate.

So many thoughts keep flowing through your mind.

But if you 'll try to keep your mind upon The Lord,

You'll  know that's the best solace you can find!

He's brought you through trials ,He'll keep you now

As flat on your back ,incapacitated,you may  lie.

Just be assured that if your time has come to go,

Jesus will be with you  and your soul will never die.

If you are truly His Child  ,then He is your Father .

Death on earth can only  mean that you'll really go

To be with Our Lord somewhere in the Hereafter.

That's the best and only thing that we need to know !

Ready or not you know when  it's time for you to go

You leave, there's nothing on earth that can hold you.

Heaven or Hell, on earth for which  did you prepare?

No time to change later when life on  earth is through!


Sometimes we don't give much thought to our 

final destination when we leave this old earth.

Often it takes  a tragedy to make you realize

that you are not prepared for death. Why  do

we wait sometimes until we are ready to die 

to turn to God? We are taking such a chance

of missing  Heaven.Hell is a terrible place to be !


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