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When and where is the best place to nap?

Updated on October 1, 2017
Napping outside!!
Napping outside!!

When and where is the best place to Nap?

Can napping be limitless? Everyone has napped at least once in their life. When people nap they usually take a power nap or a cat nap depending on their schedule. It can be limitless in some aspects if you sleep for extended periods of time during the day. Sometimes people need long naps during the day depending on when their day starts. It depends on who you ask, for example, if you ask a kid in school they would probably say yes I love a nap. If you were to ask them where they think the best place to nap is, they might not be able to give you a concrete answer, not that they don’t know they are just too busy napping to answer. If you are someone who has a cat nap in the middle of the day, when do you have it, do you have it at the same time every day? Most people have to think about it. I know that there are some days, where I don’t nap at all and other days where I do, actually earlier this week I had a nap outside. Naps can be taken in a limitless number of ways, on the couch, outside in your bed in the car, and many other places just think about where you child naps when they are at school it's not in their bed but they can sleep. Napping in the afternoon for fifteen to twenty minutes after lunch rejuvenates the body and helps you get more done through the rest of the day if you give yourself, a little break right after lunch, to let your food digest and let you relax a little bit.

A nap outside what is that? I know what you are thinking, a nap outside what type of nap is that? And is it really a nap? Well, when it is warm out and you want to soak up the sun but you also want to take a nap what do you do? That is the question. For some of you, the answer might be I am going to nap inside because I like to be covered up and I don’t care about soaking up the sun, but for others, they will choose to get on a hammock, a lounge chair or even bring a towel outside to lay on. If you don’t like the sound you can bring a hat outside or your iPod so that you can put your earbuds in to drown out the sound.

Have you ever napped outside? have you ever thought about napping outside, in the afternoon? You are probably thinking "why would I nap outside when I can nap inside"? Napping outside in the summer is a great way to get vitamin D, don’t you think? I think so, I have napped outside a couple times this summer and it has been great. Sure napping is great, for body rejuvenation throughout the day, but when is the best time to nap? I guess the answer to this question depends on the person.

When and where is the best place to Nap?

Do you nap during the day?

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When is the best time of day to nap?

Some people might like to nap in the morning depending on when they wake up. Others might like to nap in the afternoon after lunch, after work or after school. It all depends on, I like to nap when I am finished writing for the day, and most of the time that is in the afternoon. Where are the best place to nap, some people is might say, in bed where else? Others might say on the couch and some might like to nap, in a chair outside in a hammock, on a lounge chair or even on a towel on the ground.

I have napped outside on a towel on the grass and it is wonderful. If you can block out the other sounds. Although the best place to nap is in a bed, wouldn’t you say? Also, the best time to nap is in the afternoon when all your work is almost done and you really need a break. Or at least that is what I think. Again it depends on the person and what they have going throughout the day I guess, depends on when and where they nap.

Napping should not be done in limitlessly because the longer you nap the more tired you feel when you wake up and the point of a nap is to recharge your body does not make you more tired. Even though it can feel limitless when you are napping it really shouldn't be. The question is when you take a nap where is the best place for you to do it? For some, it might be their bed or on the couch, like I mentioned but for others, it might be somewhere else, depending on what they have to do in a day.

Naps are meant to rejuvenate our bodies in order for us to keep going throughout the day. Which means our bodies need to tell our minds to stop moving for a little bit in order to rejuvenate them. If our minds are in limitless motion we will always be tired and not able to relax. Our minds will become overloaded and we will snap at things much easier if we don't take a break and take a nap occasionally. I am not saying all the time but sometimes we do need a nap in order to function throughout the rest of it.

The best time to nap is right after lunch for fifteen to twenty minutes in order to get through the grueling hours of the afternoon before you go home at five pm or later depending on your work schedule. Sometimes the best place to nap is where you are most comfortable or where you are for the time being. For example, sometimes people have to nap in their vehicles because that is where they are at the time and they just need a little shut-eye in order to continue on their journey.

Naps are meant to give you the energy boost you are lacking when coffee can't-do the trick.

The five best naps for all occasions
The five best naps for all occasions

When and Where is the best place to nap?

Where is the best place to nap?

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Why Nap?

Napping is something that people do to give their minds and body a break from the hustle and bustle of the day. If your mind is in continuous motion all the time, and you don't take a little cat nap or power nap when you go to bed at night it is going to be difficult to fall asleep. This is because you never gave your mind a break that it so desperately needed. That is what naps are meant for to give your mind a break so if you feel tired in the afternoon take a little cat nap your body and mind will thank you later in the day when you do actually sleep at night instead of staying up and not understanding why.

Are you napper, if so where is the best place to nap when and for how long? Let's Discuss

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    • louise-barraco profile image

      Louise Barraco 9 months ago from Ontario

      If I am really sleepy I can nap just about anywhere, I have napped outside which is hard with the noise but it does work. My naps have been getting shorter, they used to be three to four hours a day, now they are twenty minutes to a half hour or less.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      I can nap just about anywhere--sitting on the porch, laying my head on a table, stretched out on a sofa which I think is my favorite place. Fifteen to twenty minutes is recommended for a daytime nap. Thanks for sharing your insights.