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When life betrays you.

Updated on July 24, 2017

Devestated by life

When I think about perfection, I know in my heart of hearts that is an unattainable goal. But I still believe you should always actively pursue greatness, which is the cousin of perfection.

My little family of four, to me was the closes thing to the dictionaries definition of great. It's not always the means of how greatness is attained but as long as it's your end result I feel you're doing something right.

Our family consisted of my handsome husband, who is a text book husband, he's kind, loving, affectionate, he communicates wonderfully. he's a hard worker and a amazing provider. My oldest who I was told for the entire 9 months of my pregnancy was a boy, but ended up being the most beautiful little princess you could ever lay your eyes on. She's a bit shy around strangers but once she knows you is hilarious. She sings like a songbird, musically talented playing the keyboard by ear and a talented poet. Then there's my youngest, since I was fooled into thinking my first was a boy, but got a pretty little doll baby, I prayed hard for a baby boy and was blessed with a rambunctious rough and tumble little boy. He grew up to be mommies sweetest little helper. Everything he put his hands on turned to gold he was excellent at every sport, musically talented like his sister and a loyal friend to everyone he came in contact with.

So far my story is picture perfect right...... So as life goes on, anniversaries and birthdays pass and things get better and better. There of course are a few hiccups during those infamous teenage years but we come out unscathed. Then the inevitable happened. One a Wednesday morning our perfect little lives and lovely family of four is cut down to three.

A drunk driver, at least that's what we're told decided she would leave the casino at 3am and drive the wrong way on a major freeway. My son and three of his friends just happen to be driving on the same freeway at the exact same time....... what are the odds? Three people are killed that day, the drunk driver, and two of the men in the opposite car. One of those young men was my baby, the helpful little boy who always asked " Do you need anything mama" was taken away from us, nobody asked our permission...... We're told he didn't suffer and he went quickly, is that suppose to bring me some sort of peace? and the attorney's said because he went quickly pain and suffering was not an option. But what about my suffering?, my life exists with nothing but pain. How do you live without the person who knew you the best? He always knew when you were sad or in pain and knew just what to say to make you smile. What about my baby girl, who lost her best friend and her big little brother. What about my husband who was grooming his son to take care of the family, and take over his grandfathers family business, the last male decent to hold my husband's last name. What about his legacy that was snatched abruptly by a careless idiot. I have so many question, and no answers to how you can do everything right by everybody's standards and still get a negative result......... I've actually figured out the answer to that one, it's because Life is HARD, plan and simple.


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    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      15 months ago from LOS ANGELES

      It is indeed. I have often wondered how people, who play by the rules of life, often seem to get the worst out of it. Sometimes I even wonder-where is the justice- I read so much about in my precious bible. I guess in the end, you are correct. Life is hard and it definitely is not fair. Sorry, for your loss.


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